The Red Butterfly

2016-Nov-10, 07:51
Shortly after noon, I went into Arlyn's bedroom to get a few things to take with me. I was preparing to drive about three miles out into the country, to Woodhaven Road. I stood and gazed around her room for a few minutes; it was full of Arlyn, but it seemed so empty. I picked up a folder with some of the poems she had written. Her words. Her thoughts. Her feelings. I held it under my arm securely while I searched for something else. A Cabbage Patch doll, the dress she was christened in, a blue ribbon she had won for baking a sponge cake when she was ten years old. They were all things that meant something to Arlyn, but I left them alone. In moving my hands across the top of her dresser, I knocked over a small picture frame. I stood it upright; it held a photo of Arlyn with bright red hair and a happy grin. She was three years old when I had made the Raggedy Ann costume using a mop for a wig. She had flopped around the house for days practicing a Raggedy Ann walk. I smiled at the memory and picked it up to take with me. This was all I needed.


2012-Oct-8, 02:07

Along with the development of CATV Network Bidirectional Transformation will directly drives the digital content market warming and HD industry expansion prompted HD content into the fast track of development, the content of the digital television market has been showing explosive growth.

Copyright protection of digital content providers, as protection image video and audio or other data from being illegally copied and used as a means, dab8d28ck in the industry has got extensive attention.

Copyright protection technology in content selection, domestic operators often use CA encryption mode. According to DVBCN reporter understanding, with interactive business increasing, CA encryption does not provide complete protection function. CA protection range is from the carrier web front end to a set-top terminal, but not on a set-top box after copy the contents of effective protection and transmission.

Therefore, must demand a practical solution to digital multimedia copyright protection technology and solutions -- DRM digital copyright protection technology, to solve the current problems faced.

According to introduction, the DRM hardware in the set-top box, digital television content either from the front end to the terminal transmission, or in different transfer between terminals, content providers can carry on the effective protection. Through the DRM, content providers to user privileges specifications, such as copy, copy number of the equipment, may also be provided for users to purchase content is in a wired network or Internet application in application.

And the radio and television industry, operators need a flexible and effective control and achieve safe use of copyright protection mechanism, it must accord with the radio and television industry and the actual demand to realize the file, real-time flow of different types of multimedia management, but also to meet the safety requirements for radio and television content providers, realize the tube can be controlled.

Because digital TV transmission form particularity, for Radio & TV DRM system required not only to encryption program content to ensure the transmission security, but also needs through fine-grained authorization management to control the use of the program, after integration of the tube can be controlled from a transmission control extends to a terminal program control.

Operator's magic weapon - CA

In recent years, with China's cable TV digitization work of the rapid development of digital cable TV industry, China has become the focus of attention of all parties, China cable network operators are faced by technology oriented to service oriented transformation, Chinese cable digital television content providers how to protect the content, how to build a good business model has become the digital cable after the integral CATV operators faced main problems to solve these problems, and CA is one of the necessary conditions of.

Although CA standards from 1996 June promulgation and implementation, by the manufacturer to the operator, are widely used, but the CA standard core system front end structure, synchronization mechanisms, encryption technology has not developed until after 2002, while the Chinese cable TV from the beginning of 2002 is the fastest development of digital television stage, network conditions and the change of the market quickly, to 2012, the traditional CA structure system has been unable to meet the current needs of Chinese network operators, China market smart card CA, Download CA melee situation.

required or property

2012-Sep-20, 01:30

Lighting is found in homes, offices, public buildings, public parks and gardens; even garages dab6d25ck , sheds and patios require lighting. Hence, a myriad of lighting providers are available to offer all kinds of lighting to consumers for lighting up the required ****e or property.

LED lighting

Today, with the progressive technology, a brand new light technology has emerged in the market. The latest technology has brought on LED light which uses light emitting diode technology in light. This type of light is found to offer more advantages than the traditional types of light. Hence, many consumers are switching to LED light.

More and more light companies are also switching to promote LED light as more consumers turn to LED light today.

Company responsibilities

There are many companies in the market. Many of these carry a lot of options to cater to the needs of the consumers. A LED company must be committed in delivering the best of services and products to their customers who are varied and have different needs.

Any company that deals with LED must be well versed with the technology as they may need to educate the consumers in their choices. Such companies must be reliable and responsive in all customer services. There must be a fast response to any queries on needs whether it is a walk in enquiry, phone call or online enquiry.

Avenues of purchase

Any consumer who wants LED today would want fast and efficient service from the LED company. The firm usually has an office and showroom that is strategically located for the convenient accessibility of the consumer. LED residential lighting is designed to be safer for the home as there is no lead, mercury or any type of hazardous materials included.

Aside from having a showroom or office to handle enquiries and sales, LED firms today also have a business website. These companies have embraced technology to benefit their business by being available online as there are a growing number of consumers who prefer to buy from online than to visit physical stores.

LED products can be viewed on the website of any LED company that wants to be ahead of the compe***ion in this industry. The attractive web pages entice web visitors to the site to consider purchasing the alluring LED products. Online LED can be easily executed with the progressive technology today that makes the online transaction safe. Delivery of the LED products is efficient with reasonable shipping charges.

Promotional gift giving

2012-Sep-11, 03:00

Promotional gift giving is a perfect way to say thank you to those who have helped you grow your company into a thriving success. The simple act of letting your employees know they are appreciated goes a long way in building long-lasting employer/employee relationships. It is also a valuable tool in maintaining valuable goodwill between you and your clients.

What better time of year to show that appreciation than the upcoming holiday season? Promotional crystal and gl*** gifts are extremely popular for several reasons. A crystal dish or clock engraved with your company logo not only makes an elegant display on someone's desk, but over the years continues to advertise your company's good name and build your brand.

Imagine the delight on your employees' faces at the annual company Christmas party when you present each of them with lovely engraved wine gl***es, engraved coasters, or any of the other fine crystal promotional items available as a token of your appreciation. Every time those gifts are taken out and used, they are a reminder that you and your company place a high value on business relations.

Christmas isn't the only time of year to consider purchasing and giving promotional gift items to your business contacts. Special company events such as a grand opening, employee retirement party, even a charity fundraiser you may be hosting is an excellent opportunity to show your benevolence by giving beautiful crystal or gl*** promotional gifts with your company logo attached.

Did you know that promotional crystal gifts can be ordered in any size quan***y? You can buy just one and have it specially engraved for that number one employee who is retiring this year or by the hundreds to give as Christmas or year-end gifts to all the people on your company gifting list.

Xenon flash lamp

2012-Sep-3, 01:33

LED light up is the use of LED led to an object to be shot for lighting, LED lights due to low energy consumption and high brightness is generally used in camera mobile phone or digital camera, used to light up time light. Because light-emitting diode luminance is far lower than the true strobe, so can only play the role of " light ". Now some mobile phone has been the use of the same and camera flash, such as Sony Ericsson K790c, is to use xenon flash, performance is better than the LED light up well, but not like LED often bright as a flashlight to use.

Xenon flash lamp principle: Xenon flash, also called high intensity gas discharge lamp. Xenon flash lamp by xenon lamp, ballast and transformer insulation wires, using special xenon gas in the high voltage state firing discharge. Its working principle is that, through the camera's contact to trigger, via a transformer, in an instant of 12V power to 20000 volts above the high pressure pulse voltage, start the xenon bulb dab5d58ck in xenon arc generated in 6000K--10000K color temperature, strong light, color is white with purple blue diamond. When you press the shutter, the shutter back to CPU a signal, at the same time, the CPU synchronization to the transistor outputs a control signal to trigger the circuit, flash. Then, the transistor is conducted, so that the trigger capacitor discharge, the primary of the transformer produces a pulse current, the current to the secondary of the transformer produces nearly 4000V high voltage, excitation flash internal hernia ionization and conduction. To make the capacitor stored energy instantaneously through flash tube discharge into light, a flash.

Early flash life is very short, some magnesium tube will flash once. According to industry standards, at that time called million, real life should be far not reached the million. Now the flash, after technical reformation, life should be increased.

The principle of LED flash: LED and not by atomic internal electronic jump to light, but by the voltage applied to the ends of the p-n junction PN junction LED, itself to form a level, then the electron in this energy level jump and produced photon emitting. The LED qualified under rated power life should be reached in about 100000 hours. If the mobile phone in the design when the LED drive current exceeds a rated current to use words, LED life will be greatly shortened to thousands or even hundreds of hours.

lesser aesthetic floodlighting

2012-Aug-27, 08:00

Floodlights need to meet two very specific architectural requirements: they need to perform well in terms of area lighting requirements as well as being aesthetically in keeping with the function of the area. dab5d56ck To illustrate: a marine loading dock would have a lesser aesthetic floodlighting requirement than a stadium or public roadway.

Ground level LED floodlights are often to light-up landscaping and architectural features. Such highlighting helps bring focus to specific structural details because light instinctively attract a viewers attention. It helps to avoid trying to highlight too many architectural elements at once because this creates the visual dissonance and destroys the "dramatic" appeal of focused lighting.

When choosing lighting for buildings it is important to be aware that under lighting the base and upper levels of a structure while focusing lighting on a mid-section of it can create a "floating" effect which is rarely visually appealing. A good rule of thumb would be to use smaller washes of lighting for the entire structure and to couple this with stronger LED floodlighting to emphasis desired feature or features.

Whether you are lighting a retail park, a parking lot or a small office complex you will want to maximise the amount of "usable" light (i.e.: light that falls on structures and pathways) and minimise light that spills into unused areas such as reflection to the sky or light ****tered onto neighbouring areas. It is also useful to note that a high percentage of reflected light is reflected upwards. This can be exacerbated when up lighting a feature. It is best to avoid up lighting when the physical material that a structure is built on has a highly reflective surface.

Curved reflectors in an LED floodlight will result in a conical beam of light which is useful for targeted lighting. Rectangular reflectors form a more ****tered bean and are often used to light up larger areas such as parking lots or sports fields. Also worth noting for such large areas: The costs of installing and maintaining secure lighting in large areas will be of primary concern because they are typically more expensive. Additional portions such as louvres and visors will also affect the shape of the beam.

For parking areas and roadways LED floodlights will usually be set atop high poles and it is best to choose energy efficient, strong ****tered luminaries to maximise ****ing between the units. Fewer poles incur lower installation and maintenance costs and the selected wattage (250 watt or less) will directly influence maintenance costs.

It is recommended to select a lighting supplier that can advise and substantiate the appropriate units for each individual lighting purpose.

Standard Version

2012-Aug-20, 08:00

Windows VISTA Compatible; neXt Tech(TM), for copying your latest movies; Copy Special Features (Movie Trailers, Commentary, etc.); Copy episodic movies;dab5d55ck Excellent Compression;
Supports all Dual Layer/Single Layer Disc and Burners; Free software updates; BONUS: DVD neXt COPY Virtual Drive ($29 Value)

Professional Version

All Standard Features +; Copy movies to your iPod; Copy movies to your PSP; Copy movies to your Zune; Remove region limitations; BONUS: DVD neXt COPY Virtual Drive ($29 Value);
BONUS: DVD neXt COPY XPress included ($49.99 Value)

1 Click DVD Copy

Windows Vista Compatible; CPRx(TM) technology for backing up new DVDs.; Burn Title and Bonus Menus; Episodic Support; Copy a movie on one disc; Supports Dual Layer media.; Free software updates for a year; Free technical support

Professional Version

All Standard Features + ;One click preset for each type of copy; Preview the movie, extras and menus; Include or exclude movie and menus based on preview; Select individual audio, video, and sub***les streams; Control video compression

DVD Wizard Pro

Game copy backup of PS2 and XBOX; VCR Tape to DVD Backup; Copy CSS Encrypted (copy protected DVDs); Copy Scratched Disks; Easy to Use; Low Price

DVD Cloner V

Vista Compatible; SmartAnalyser(TM) - Copy any Movie with ease; Backs up Blu-ray and HD movies ; Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy; Episodic Support; Backup Protected Discs

Clone DVD (XStudios)

Vista Compatible; Copy DVD movies for your iPod, iPhone and PSP; Multiple copy modes; Supports Dual Layer Media; Backup CSS protected discs

Clone DVD (SlySoft)

Vista Compatible; Copy Bonus Material; Supports Dual Layer Media; Episodic Support; NTSC & PAL Output

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heeLED from original systems

2012-Aug-14, 08:20

There is a wide range of reasons why more gardeners are switching to LED from original systems. Growers love the longer life span, the elimination of having to buy accessories, dab5d63ck the low heat emissions, as well as the energy conservation.

For business greenhouse growers, changing to LED light products has some pretty major benefits. LED lights can be used as the main source for lighting your plants, or even as just backdrop lighting. Some gardeners are using LED lights sporadically in conjunction with their standard lighting. Bigger crops and lower costs are two of the benefits professionals are seeing with LED's. LED bulbs only use 35-50% of the power that an HID bulb system does. This can be a major savings even for non- professionals.

Usually, you will see that with HID grow lights, you have to spend a lot of money on cooling systems. With LED grow lights, you receive the best in low heat emissions along with systems with built-in cooling systems. These fixtures will not burn your leaves or leave you with severe crop loss. Your cooling prices will go way down, saving you more operating costs in the end. With LED lighting, your crops will never suffer from dehydration. This will keep your water spending down as well. You may begin to see that your indoor garden is more affordable than keeping an outdoor garden.

You will be able to conserve energy expenses as well as decrease the carbon footprint when using LED grow lights. Many growers hear about LED lights and their efficiency. This efficiency is giving growers a major decrease in their normal electricity costs. After installing LED's, you will never waste any light that is given off. Other lighting products are usually only about 35% efficient.

With standard lighting, you will end up wasting energy as heat, and in locations where there is nothing growing. What makes LED different is that the light created falls within the spectra of PAR, making flowers use the light created exactly for photosynthesis. This is simple information which makes changing to LED make perfect sense.

professional environment

2012-Aug-6, 08:21

There are two cabinets which are common when in a professional environment, vertical and lateral. Which ever style is used should contribute to easy access as well as information placed in alphabetical order. Time is money and you don't want to waste potential income looking for that very important information for that very important customer.

The vertical cabinets are the most popular. They are ****e saving and there are many cabinets to choose from as well as many designs. You can even dress them up. Plain steel cabinets have been known to be accessorized with numerous magnets to hang up important notes. Decorative magnets with numerous sayings also grace many steel cabinets. Steel cabinets have a tendency to bring out a person's personality.

Vertical office cabinets are deeper and can store more things. Obviously that can be money saving, especially if you are just starting out in a new business trade and are very budget conscious when purchasing office equipment. Files stored are usually hung from front to back.

There are vertical office cabinets that are built to look like dressers. Depending on your office decor will determine whether wood or steel is used.

Lateral office cabinets usually are seen in office cubicles and double as work tables or desk tops, even enlarging already existing work areas. Essential files are stored in them which minimize surface clutter seen by the public in general.

Files and do***ents stored in lateral office cabinets are usually done side by side. This enables sitting in a chair and searching for that needed information. Especially is this helpful if multi-tasking is part of your job description; you can talk on the phone, and simultaneously search through your office cabinet for do***ents pertaining to the conversation.

Your budget will determine if steel or wood will be used in your office environment. Whether you use vertical or lateral office cabinets depends on the ****e needed and how many employees will be involved. Customer ratio is also a determining factor as the more customers you have, the more office cabinets will be needed.

LED lighting enterprises

2012-Jul-23, 09:17

The first Zhanjiang LED lighting enterprises
Bihaiyinsha network ( Graphic / Wang Bo edit / Wen and Luo Faming ) in 2012May formally promulgated" Guangdong Province Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products plan", the program proposed3 years public lighting LED lighting, took the lead in the public lighting field, dab4d60ck namely road, public places, government organs, state-owned enterprises and ins***utions units such as finance or state-owned capital investment in the construction of lighting engineering, lighting products to promote the application of LED. The plan for the industry development infuse s***ch cardiac, will accelerate the rapid development of LED industry.
Lamp picture
Muni****l CPPCC Vice Chairman, Ou Xianwei of director of bureau of city science and technology to the company research
Huang Han of director of bureau of city by a letter to the company research
Xiashan district governor Yang Rouyan to the company research
Foreign visitors
Recently, the author learns the first local enterprises Hua Ming photoelectric technology limited company to enter the LED market, the enterprises will be held in August put into operation two opening ceremony. This is Zhanjiang's first set research and development, production, sales, service integration in the professional LED lighting factory, its birth will be in Zhanjiang in five years " rise" writing a vigorous movement!
Samsung mounter
Zhanjiang city by the letter bureau director Huang attaches great importance to the enterprise's production schedule, this year 6, July, city letter by the Bureau, muni****l science and Technology Bureau of Xiashan District of Zhanjiang, the leader such as cooperative ins***utions has been to Hua Ming photoelectric technology limited of Hong Kong Industrial Park plant -- Inspection work.
Production line
Xiashan District Yang Chang pointed out, Zhanjiang Hua Ming photoelectric technology limited company in Zhanjiang as the first LED lighting manufacturer, we will support the local enterprises in Zhanjiang, the development of independent brands in Zhanjiang, to promote the popularization and application of LED, response to national policy, and actively build energy saving and environmentally friendly society.
Zhanjiang International Convention and exhibition center case
Not only has advanced hardware equipment and high-end professional and technical, persist in fine, humanized management, cogent do to people, this is a very good example of. Zhanjiang needs more humane management of enterprises, the only way to retain talent, for the bigger and stronger Zhanjiang industrial economy this "cake" to make greater contributions to.
The company chairman Xue Huaqiang puts forward, the company's operating philosophy is" to create value for customers, save energy for society", and actively explore foreign markets, pay close attention to internal management, to ensure product quality, market-oriented, grab seize opportunity, build ", Mingzhan star" brand, let the green lighting enter thousands of households. All products have been CE, TUV and industry environmental standards ROHS certification, and strive to open up to Western Europe, North America, Middle East, Dubai and other high-end customers in the main overseas market.
Zhanjiang three a square case
Reportedly, Zhanjiang Hua Ming photoelectric technology limited company first phase already invested 1ten million yuan, covers an area of 16 acres, more than 100 employees, of which the production line technicians and engineers of about 50 people, marketing center for more than 30 people, engineer10 people. The company's production center has1 automatic production line, automatic processing line 1, Nissan3000-5000product. Company's main products for the lights, cast light lamps, landscape lights and LED lighting, LED lighting, home furnishing business are all the products the company has obtained CE, TUV and industry environmental standards ROHS certification.
Zhanjiang Hua Ming photoelectric technology limited to refine on production technology, strict control of product quality, to become the western region of benchmarking enterprises, Zhanjiang City, a number of large government Lianghua projects were chosen by China Mingzhan Star lighting products, such as the Zhanjiang landmark three sails wide field, International Convention and Exhibition Center, Wukawa Kengo Eran lighting engineering, procuratorate the building, traffic building, the Port Building, the customs house and other government office buildings.
In August of this year, China Mingzhan star LED lighting officially entered the two phase of production stage, is expected in 2013will plant scale enlarges one times again, and more development of two production lines, improve factory production mechanization degree, the annual output value increased by 50%, annual sales will exceed 200000000.

Camera usage

2012-Jul-16, 06:47

1shooting, the camera will take it. In the portrait photography, buildings, camera lens cannot p*** back, dab4d59ck down or tilt camera

, or make the shot object small or big small under the large, or make the scenery to deviate from the horizon level, make the scene reel right and left feeling.

2shooting, the camera will take a firm. Otherwise it would be a double or blurred image. Hold to press the shutter not too hard, especially in 1/30seconds following the more attention should be paid to ****le. Like the firing trigger, first gently press the first spring, seize opportunity timely according to the second spring. 1/15seconds following a better three tripod, or the camera on fixtures.

3 using the self-timer, gently poking. Before pressing the shutter before, not hard back in situ, otherwise easy to damage the self-timer spring and gear.

4in the use of curtain, a small camera, with special attention to the protection of curtains, not his fingers touch, especially not to let something sharp break.

5camera lens is not long time staring at the sun, to prevent light leakage. Especially the curtain shutter camera, because the sun light focusing effect, easy to burn out.

6set the shutter speed, not in the adjacent two stage speed of the intermediate. Camera speed disk for each scale, there is a vesicle or small groove, must be appropriated in place, can be normal operation, in two stage speed between, not only cannot get accurate speed, and is easy to damage the shutter. The aperture of the series, can be referred to in the two aperture coefficient.

7 in using a small camera, preferably to form on the first film after the transfer speed of the plate habits, there is a small camera in the film former is not speed.

8use the camera shutter and a self-timer, must check device is relaxed, because the structure of the core parts of spring, spring tension of long time, easy elastic weakening effect, shutter speed accuracy.

In short, the use of many types of camera, camera method is not the same. The use of the camera, to view camera models, specifications, the use of lens method. The new camera has a manual, want to be read carefully, familiar with the performance of components and method of operation.

No specification with clear, we must ask, do not force at. In the photo, also check the camera attachment with full yet, even the film reel such small pieces are considerate, slight negligence will influence the smooth photography.

MeiZanChen etc milk powder excluding vanillin

2012-Jul-11, 12:02

MeiZanChen etc milk powder excluding vanillin

MeiZanChen, abbott laboratories', wyeth, dab4d58ck foreign brand milk powder contain may not add vanilla flavor? Recently, media reports said, promotion of hunan province of hunan province credit construction entrusted brand reputation research center of several foreign brand baby formula milk powder (stage) inspections and found some stage, the foreign brands in infant formula milk powder illegal added prohibited by the state vanillin. The test report a stone arise layer waves, the report by several websites.

Yesterday, reporters made contact related milk powder enterprise, they quickly denies this, and the research background and related ins***utions is questioned. "A phase of milk powder wyeth not added vanilla flavor or other essence"reishi, wyeth nutrition official response said they always strictly abide by Chinese and international related to baby formula of milk powder related standards, for the detection of the specific conditions of the does not understand, and the results of inspection process also have objection, willing to cooperate with the investigation of the relevant departments

"Is our fault detection results basically do not contain vanillin." Yesterday afternoon, in hunan agricultural university nutrition and food safety testing center, the school food ins***ute of science and technology XuShuJi says the test report errors exist, and the relevant enterprise apologize for it. 10 when last night, the reporter received the test center will make the test of the conditions that description says "this batch sample testing if the results are invalid."

The ministry of commerce and industry said in changsha city, which has organized further investigation, if these foreign brand milk powder in really do contain violate comp***es additives, industry and Commerce Department will take the necessary action.

The quality of the infant milk powder is healthy, is of vital importance, neize225dw the parents are concerned about, have citizens who called for relevant state inspection center can, in the near future to carry on the examination, give authority conclusion.

accurately choose preparatory university

2012-Jul-4, 08:35

Study abroad how to accurately choose preparatory university

Children read the high nanning Mr. Zhang, at several an education fair after, to study abroad intermediary recommended some college preparation courses more interested in. He said, the home going to send children abroad for study abroad, comparison of tangled is, there is no need to let children read a year of preparatory college, "read the preparatory, more time to spend a year; don't read, again afraid the children can't adapt university study abroad."

Study abroad experts, preparatory university is the commonwealth (mainly British and Australian) in order to solve the country's education system to international students of a bridge course, usually for a year, two parts: part of it is language, part of it is the international education foundation course.

The less than undergraduate course setting, and some of the course is mainly aimed at the international students for the country's education ways and methods to open, such as learning skills training, and thesis writing, subject speech, etc. Some rich experience of preparatory college education international students in teacher, often can have pointed to some teaching and coaching.

From actual experience running a preparatory, parti****te in the preparatory courses, can be in language and academic ability realize good transition, set up the successful bachelor degree of confidence,
Experts think, preparatory university course is the academic curriculum and the difference between pure language learning English training course. College preparation courses in addition to include English course outside, still covers the such as mathematics, computer, business, science courses. Usually read into pre-university course is a language admission standards for English a weaker foundation, no to prep students of language in the preparatory course before study, need to join the preparatory language bridging programme, and then into the preparatory university study.

Cl***ification cohesion a wide choice

Some parents and students in the choice of foreign preparatory university, often have some concerns, the preparatory university will not rigged. To this, the study abroad experts MengXueMei said, China's foreign ministry of education online often mentioned supervision preparatory university "very complex", this is due to different countries and schools to open preparatory cl***es often exist because of differences, however, this is a rules can be found.

Experts say, preparatory university generally divided into two kinds: one kind is one by one, for example Australia eight of the preparatory school, often by our own open or of some famous study group with joint open, into the college prep students in the majority can enter local college undergraduate course course study, the preparatory is generally located in the university campus, and university teaching facilities and resources sharing, the student admission is safer; Another kind of preparatory college is more than a pair, that is, into the preparatory university students, the future direction of the general is to parti****te in the test, the test through after another, after application procedures,

Apply for many universities, which university is where to go to college. For example being widely recognized by the GAC international college preparatory courses, this course is the only global in formal the curriculum includes American university entrance examination ACT's international course, ACT scores the United States including eight ivies, including the university of all American colleges for undergraduate admission standards accepted, at the same time, the result was GAC by the United States, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and other major English countries more than 110 famous universities, professional diversity, colleges and universities choice is widely.

Intestinal disease in high summer

2012-Jun-26, 07:58

In the summer of intestinal disease, how to prevent? Please go to the Department of internal medicine of Beijing Geriatric Hospital digestive chief physician Fu Wanfa and Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital Department of Pediatrics director Tian Lili to teach you how to do.
Respondents expert:
Fu Wanfa, director of the Department of internal medicine Beijing Geriatric Hospital doctors;
Da Riri, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University professor of pediatrics.
Department of internal medicine Beijing Geriatric Hospital digestive director Fu Wanfa said, the human body is about 1.25~ 1.5 kilograms of bacteria, most in the intestines, there are about four hundred or five hundred species, maintain a dynamic balance. At the same time, also has a small number of people within the gut will carry intestinal virus. Once the balance, various problems will follow close on succession.
Summer intestinal diseases high, the expert reminds, relative to the last common eat a bad stomach, dab4d55ck intestinal disease in recent years has been the new pattern.
Take medicine to eat out of enteritis
Summer dinner many opportunities. And Fu Wanfa said, because of the large number of drinking, or certain medications, such as salicylic acid sodium, ammonium chloride, which will directly stimulate the gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa, causing acute gastroenteritis, called" chemical induced acute gastric ( intestinal inflammation, diarrhea )" will be inevitable.
Many people with diarrhea using antibiotics, which may further impair intestinal. Because intestinal bacteria of many types, for a certain cl*** of anti-inflammatory drugs, some bacteria may be very sensitive, some bacteria may not be sensitive. If anti-inflammatory drugs will be beneficial bacteria to kill harmful bacteria, so more, will appear in flora, also it is easy to have loose bowels.
Seafood and fruit to eat with caution
Food now encouraged to eat more fruit, summer is a good season to eat seafood. Many people in the seafood meal to eat fruit, the diarrhea, some people thought it was eating seafood is not clean. Fu Wanfa said, in fact is the fruit into the gastrointestinal tract after digestion, causing seafood indigestion and diarrhea, so many people.
Seafood is rich in protein and calcium, as they contain tannic acid fruits, such as grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, persimmon equivalent to food, will reduce the nutritive value of protein synthesis, but also new non-digestible substances, to stimulate the stomach, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other.
A hot one cold to be careful
Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital Department of Pediatrics director Tian Lili says, summer temperatures are high, food deteriorating corruption, such as accidentally eat bad food, toxins in the gastrointestinal tract stimulation of gastric mucosa, causing gastrointestinal abnormalities, is usually said bacterial enteritis, also called" food poisoning".
Summer gut are afraid of low temperature food. You know, even the air conditioning cold, will stimulate intestinal contractions, accelerate the peristalsis, leading to digestive system dysfunction, forming watery stool diarrhea. A variety of beverage is best placed in room temperature for half an hour after a few drink slowly.

have characteristics of

2012-Jun-11, 08:27

Electrostatic damage to electronic products which have characteristics of
Concealed body can not be directly perceived static unless the electrostatic discharge occurs, dab4d52ck but the occurrence of electrostatic discharge body may not be able to have electric shock feeling, this is because the perception of body electrostatic discharge voltage of 2-3KV, so electrostatic is concealed.
The potential of some electronic components from electrostatic damage after the performance was not significantly reduced, but the number of ***ulative discharge will give the device caused injuries and the formation of hidden trouble. Therefore, the damage on the device of electrostatic potential.
Random generation of static but also random. The damage is random.
Complexity of electrostatic discharge damage failure ****ysis for electronic products, fine, fine, fine structure characteristics and time-consuming, expensive, difficult, demanding and often requires the use of scanning electron microscopy and other high precision instruments. Even so, some electrostatic damage phenomenon also difficult with other causes of injury to be distinguished, makes one mistake electrostatic damage failure as other failure.
This on the electrostatic discharge damage is not fully understanding before, often attributed to early failure or the unknown failure, thus unwittingly obscures the true cause of failure. So the static electricity on the electronic device damage ****ysis of complexity.
How to control the electrostatic discharge from the previous ****ysis, the static electricity is due to objects in contact isolation, not even touching induction way, you can say: at any time, any place can produce static electricity. To completely eliminate static electricity is almost impossible, but you can take some measures to control the electrostatic damage.
How to control the human body electrostatic ( static protection of human ) body is the most prevalent electrostatic hazards. For the electrostatic, the human body is a conductor, so can take grounding measures on human body.
The use of anti-static floor / anti-static shoes / Socks ( electrostatic from foot guide to earth ) through the foot wear antistatic floor, mats, carpets, personnel wear antistatic footwear, forming a combined grounding.
Antistatic wrist strap and ground ( static from the guide to the earth ) by hand is used to discharge the body of electrostatic. It consists of static elastic snap spring flexes, activities. Protective resistor and plug or chuck. Elastic inner antistatic yarn knitting, the common knitting yarn.
Anti-static shoes and wristband use human security issue only from the static point of view, the total resistance to ground of the smaller the better, but the minimum value by the security constraints, the body must have a certain value of the resistance to ground, so that in the event of metal equipment or device and the power supply short circuit under the conditions resistance to flow through the human body limits the current operation. Minimum value should not be less than105 Ω, a maximum of not more than 109ohms.

Chinese enterprises how to save?

2012-May-28, 09:44

Fierce disputes behind,dab4c51ck capacity huge Chinese photovoltaic industry, is facing severe challenges.
According to the introduction, in 2012 the global PV industry demand for the25 gigawatts ( GW ), the global production capacity reached 80Duojiwa ( GW ), in which 70% of the production capacity in china.
Deng Yongkang introduces, in recent years in Europe and America and other countries in the photovoltaic industry capacity expansion without China quickly, but in research and development, product characteristics there is a lot of innovation, product performance is also generally higher. While the domestic photovoltaic enterprises compe***ive advantage degree depends on low labor cost and cheap price, it is easy to some countries for dumping the pretext.
In this regard, ogkewe25dwe the consultant research director Zhang Yanlin said, in opposition to the United States trade sanctions at the same time, China should also improve its industrial development policy, by raising the technical ability to change the situation of heteronomy.
Both promote the technical level to reduce costs, or to open up the domestic market, if there is no regulations and policies of the powerful promotion, solar photovoltaic industry is very difficult to have rapidder development. Such as Japan, the United States and Europe and other countries, have encouraged the photovoltaic power generation Internet preferential policies.
For example, the investment to build a solar power generation facilities, users can access network conditions, the amount of power can own use can also sell power to enjoy price subsidy. In contrast, our policy support aspect remains blank. China has not implemented" price law", related PV project approval, subsidies are very strict, serious shortage of domestic market demand.
Although our country in 2006 the implementation of the" renewable energy law", but as a result of this Law" feed-in tariff" for the concept, framework of policies, thus far, the electricity sector have not formally accepted the photovoltaic power generation Internet, home already built demonstrative project is still under the pilot project network.
Expert proposal, specific policy can refer to foreign mature experience, such as to meet the requirements of the application of the photoelectric structure gives allowance, to partially compensate for optoelectronic applications for initial input; photovoltaic power generation for the preferential prices give full acquisition, the photovoltaic cell production enterprises to tax and credit support and so on.

LED lighting was to promote

2012-May-21, 09:53

LED lighting was to promote financial subsidies
LED lighting lamps and energy-saving lamps and welcome the good news, according to the Central People's government website message, Premier Wen Jiabao May 16th chaired a State Council executive meeting, discuss through" dcb4a51kk national basic public service system" Five-Year " planning", to promote research to determine LED lighting and other energy-saving electrical appliances product consumption policies and measures. We will carry out the " energy-saving emission reduction action of the whole people", promote conservation, green, low carbon consumption concept.
LED lighting lamps and energy-saving lamps and welcome the good news, according to the Central People's government website message, Premier Wen Jiabao May 16th chaired a State Council executive meeting, discuss through" national basic public service system" Five-Year " planning", to promote research to determine LED lighting and other energy-saving electrical appliances product consumption policies and measures.
According to the Ministry of science and technology recently issued the" semiconductor lighting technology development" Twelfth Five " plan (Draft )", which proposes to 2015 to achieve LED lighting for more than 80% of the chip is homebred change, its industry dimensions to achieve 500000000000 Yuan, LED lighting industry is booming.
The conference studied to promote energy-saving products such as home appliances consumption policies and measures, decided to arrange finance allowance26500000000 yuan, start the promotion with energy saving standard air conditioning, TV, freezer, washing machine and water heater, promote a tentative year; arrangements 2200000000 yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamp and LED lighting; arrangements 6000000000 yuan to support the promotion of 1.6 liters and the following displacement vehicle; arrangements 1600000000 yuan to support the promotion of efficient motor.
The conference points out, enlarge the energy-saving products consumption can both steady growth, expanding domestic demand, and can promote the structure adjustment, energy saving and emission reduction, various places, each department concerned to take seriously, cogent implement various policy measures. To promote a significant energy saving technology industrialization demonstration project. Accelerate efficient energy-saving products production equipment upgrade. Implementation of energy efficiency" leader" system, to achieve" leader" energy efficiency index of super efficient sets higher standards of subsidies. Two strictly can judge system. New projects using fan, water pump, air compressor, motor, air-conditioning, lighting to achieve 1 national energy efficiency standards, product energy efficiency indicators included in file of invite public bidding of equipment procurement and contract. Three to improve the energy efficiency of the access threshold. To speed up the revision of key energy efficiency product standard, aggrandizement standard Daobi mechanism and lead action. Four must strengthen the supervision and inspection. On the existence of cheating behavior of complement to promote business and sales enterprise, cancel its promotion qualification, double deduction corresponding subsidy funds, for the responsible person of the enterprise liability. In accordance with the law against energy deficiency behavior. We will carry out the " energy-saving emission reduction action of the whole people", promote conservation, green, low carbon consumption concept.

pregnancy feeding

2012-May-9, 09:02

How to prepare for pregnancy feeding
When the baby was born, mother 's milk for neonatal growth and development to provide all the necessary nutrients, with the baby and requires changing the composition. Thus  milk is the best nutrition of newborn. Beijing Marie Hospital experts point out that, ******-fed infant development more healthy. So how to feeding during pregnancy to prepare in advance?
One, pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy. Maternal malnutrition can cause poor intrauterine fetal growth, can also affect the postpartum milk secretion. Throughout pregnancy and lactation requires adequate nutrition, eat more rich in protein, vitamin and mineral food category, for postpartum lactation to prepare.
Two, pregnant women should pay attention to th care. Breast  is normal or not will have a direct impact on postpartum lactation. In the third trimester to preparations, such as cleaning the  with Lanolin oil mage Nipple Nipples, increased flexibility; from outside to inside to gently mage the, to dredge  tube; the use of broadband, cotton bra supporting , can prevent ptosis. Flat  crater, pregnant women, should be under the guidance of a doctor, using the correct tools for correction of
Three, regular antenatal examination, discover problems promptly corrected, ensure the gestation period health and smooth delivery, postpartum milk secretion is mother to sufficient premise.
Four, learn about feeding knowledge, obtain the family especially husband's consensus and support, confidence, determination, t****eding was easier.

love of children

2012-May-1, 08:55

Write to each eager to get part of the love of children

This diary addressed to those who because of love, happiness and sad and corruption of the children, addressed to those who suffered from love torture, suffering the lonely child, writing to those who desire to get marriage broke up the children love not, below is I really want to say to you of words, also addressed to those who play with the feelings of the child, and I hope to do you have a little help...

1, if you are already married or are in love, so I wish you a happy, if you love or the marriage does not make you happy, so please think of the reason, first think about their reason, think again if the other party have factors exist? Want to good later I suggest that you should be nice to talk to find each other, and of course what you talk about is between, but I still don't want to take your shelves or is the character to about the matter, because love, because marriage is need harmonious need understanding to work hard to business, after all that is a matter of a lifetime! Wish you success yo!

2. If you have to love the heart or are suffering from the pain of the children break up brokenhearted, if you are to want to get marriage or want don't break up of the love child, so I want to tell you is:

(1) actually break up now has been very insipid things, you need to learn lessons from, summarizing the experience, of course you have to note is that time break up really is the other party fault? If is the other party of wrong, so excuse me ta fault really can't make up for? If really can't make up for, so please forget ta, because ta not worth you love, not worthy of you for ta sad sorry!

(2) if you're going to accept a relationship of words, so I hope you to consider good the next thing to decide... Can you guarantee that you really love each other or can you guarantee that the other party is really love you? You really want to talk to each other together again? Can you guarantee that their love or guarantee each other's love is really? Can you guarantee that your family or your partner's family will agree with you? Reality agree? The present economic agree? Can you guarantee that you can give to each other for a lifetime of happiness or is someone can give you a lifetime of happiness? You have the ability to let the other party or the other side has a lifetime of happiness that the ability to let you happiness for a lifetime?

Note: do not easily to conclusions, must not easily accept the love, don't be a fool that rhetoric, must want to remember, love, not so simple, even if again simple happiness, also want to have great ability to just go... Women, those who what if the other party didn't car didn't room have no money without many creative ability, only a love you of heart, the man will you love? You will get together with him for a lifetime? How many people would say, indeed that's moving, but how many people really want to? Would you like to talk to a man for life, do you believe I don't believe that if you can get married life with that kind people a few years, so congratulations you, you are a fool, you parents also is a fool... The children, wake up! Now the community is the reality te... (no matter how? Will their or he did have a pocket card! This sentence is for man's), man, if you love her, then know how to do it?

3. If you love is widely and lonely lonely and corruption of the children, so please you to remember a words: ask yourself why you would be like this now, because their own reasons, or because the other reason, from beginning to end think well, I can only tell you: people who hurt you never worthy for your ta do any harm to their own, more not worth you sad sad tears, you have to do now is revenge, how to get revenge? Don't mess think oh, revenge, are living better than ta good, living happy and happy than ta ta ta you know not to live better! But to tell you the truth, not sad sad is fooling around. After all, the heart of everybody meat long, and for those who play with feelings of the people, the heart of the ta unable with ours, not a level! The heart of the heart not ta! Child, don't be sad, think about their mom and dad, the world abandon you, at least they won't, have they accompany you, you said right, seriously, you should really be better for parents, they, not easy, really! Don't say the world has no love, I can be sure that there is great love, there really is!

4, if you are a play with emotions or you are around such, so I want to say is: don't use the rhetoric of you like big to deceive the lies of innocent children, don't use the mask you pull nausea smile to deceive the kindness of the person! You don't use the hypocrisy and not bosom kind action to defraud the heart is full of love, the red blood of the person, because (I love you) the three words, you don't deserve said, not forever! Playing with the feelings of the evil people, please you p*** those poor thing!!!! The ta is innocent.

Hypertensive Disease formula

2012-Apr-23, 08:06

Natural wild fungus. Wild fungi on Hypertensive Disease formula
The best fried pot or c***erole, enamel pot ( intact ), do not use iron pot.
Applicable to the crowd: hypertension disease
Suitable varieties: wild spotted brown fungus wild Ganoderma
The daily dosage: spotted brown fungus20 grams. Its10 grams,10 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza.
Take time: 3months a course
Methods: Shuijianbi
The matters needing attention and taking method:
1best fried pot or c***erole, enamel pot ( intact ), do not use iron pot.
2fried with warm water soak two hours, water more than goods 3-6cm. Head fried should boil and then fried20-25 minutes.. two. Three fry boil and then fried10-15 minutes. Cook with small fire ( for Tang Feihou ). Three times solution of every3-4twice before1 hours each time.150-200ml. May be made several days, cold postposition freezer, clothing and a quan***y of heated water can take.

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