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The boon Zhi river bank semi-conductor declares on July 21 that the Kang good group incorporated company, China leads of the television establishes one of the manufacturers in Shenzhen and has already chosen that the boon Zhi river bank TI Huo tuner solution, its emulation and number television receive a machine.Group 1 manufacturer of the Kang good television at China uses the design that the tuner of TI Huo and a television receive a machine solution to bring a large-scale market.

TI hybrid Huo tuner solution and traditional of the CAN tuner designs, its usage is up to 150 modules, among them many is in the process of making in need to move to align of one Be important to break.Compare under, the characteristics of the TDA18273 single chip Huo tuner solution is a high integration degree and adopt to flap to concuss machine, IF selectivity and breadth take to increase a benefit control, and get rid of outward the demand of department component, such as low Zao voice enlarger(LNA), surface voice wave(SAW) filter and Ba Lun.The TDA18273 Huo tuner solution, pass the amount of decrease outer circle component, can be advantageous to higher system of the super thin flat panel television of design in a little tiny shape credibility.In addition, the TI is a boon Zhi zero blemish projects of the river bank make the manufacturer able to simplify product assemble and supply chain to manage production.

The Kang good group incorporated company vice- director, Guo Bin, in the new technique graduate school says:"The traditional television tuner has already come to an a mature stage in the size and the price, can hardly make a further technique progress.For overcoming this problem, we are more continuously looking for system cost of having the attraction, highly integrated solution.Huo tuner's integrating function and passage filter of tuner is one building piece like thises, the NXP Huo tuner technique is to help we design a product to satisfy and over the current market demands."

The boon Zhi river bank semi-conductor picks up a people in big China television and the multimedia product market marketing director general, Wu Guo Hui, say:"Because Huo tuner will in all applied procedures with replace traditional MOPLL tuner, the boon Zhi river bank TI the high integration of the address, the low achievement consumes with super thin television configuring continuously growth of global need.Design in the process that the Huo tuner of boon Zhi river bank speeds, save production cost and lift a high performance.They still keep in many spaces of tuner systems, and reduce an energy need, "NXP semi-conductor company and the cooperation of the Kang good is a good starting point, this will encourage more traditional emulations and number television manufacturer adoption Huo tuner, and raise the technique progress of the whole profession."

As many solutions of standards that emulation and number of an overlay standard in the world receive, the boon Zhi river bank TDA18273 still provided the function and vivid of outstanding all-directions more traditional CAN tuner.The TI Huo tuner solution allows the function of tuner and directly chase main plank of, but tradition of CAN tuner mold piece the compulsive pack.Total but speech, the applied procedure of Huo tuner needs only 1/3 of the sizes of CAN tuners, at a many tuners of little tiny footprint apply of possibility

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