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The road of "the Huo radicle thin film great king" of positive Tai solar energy(a)
Mr. Yang Li You has got into thin film realm in the BP solar energy company since 1985, and guide companies to carry on a development in the not- crystal Huo realm."Once you drilled an inside, " Mr. Yang jokes about, "you became addicted."Our interviews is located on the headquarters of Hangzhou to carry on in the positive Tai company, in the whole interview period, the graduate from American Luo space Si university of chief executive officer and chief the executive officer mentions for many times his time in old landlord, and the earlier period passing him experiences to explain not- crystal Huo technique and solar energy industry 89 from it the development in the last century up to now in early days, gain of substantial development.
"At that time macroscopic environment and compared now is extremely different" there is no"solar energy industry foundation, all affairs are that we depended on oneself to grope for of", Mr. Yang recalled a way like this.BP independent development and equipments team once at very long a period of time inside complete depend on depend on oneself, a little knows this industry and designed tool and manufacturing craft, and with equipments the manufacturer cooperated own principle conversion for have function equipments and the production line in initial stage.
Mr. Yang who conducts one of the light with fast- developing China Fu business enterprises has already drawn up to develop the positive Tai solar energy company to the ambitious plan of Ji tile above production scale in several years in the future together with its team.Support that Be received benefit to positive Tai group(Chint Group) this wealth atmosphere thick parent company, Mr. Yang means to the writer, the solar energy company that establishes for dissatisfied five years just at or will in the near future increase crystal Huo and establish to knot a not- crystal Huo productivity in four factory areas in China, these four factory areas are located on Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wen Zhou and wine spring respectively.
Mr. Yang meant, as minority of lights Fu one of the business enterpriseses that several houses declare to continue to increase crystal Huo and not- crystal Huo production line, positive Tai solar energy plan will it 2/3 yield put in producing crystal Huo, while the 1/3s of rest put in producing thin film.Factory area in Hangzhou in 2011 second quarter degree the thin film light Fu production line that added a 50 MWs, made up existingly the 30 MW factory productivity supplied by Rui Kang company in Europe.On top of that, Mr. Yang said, being located on another production line of 100-150 MWs of company headquarters will at the end of the year formally last horse, and Be located on lake front to spend a holiday village with south several hours, constructing of Wen Zhou's factory area work of car distance will also formally finish construction in September, and will complete all gearings of production equipmentses by December.
Various plan of company will increase several thin film productivities of 100,000,000,000,000 tiles for oneself and make the thin film total productivity of company attained a 730 MWs at 2012 year agos, 200 among those MWs in the future from Be located on the freshman of wine spring in city in the northwest of China to produce a base.The crystal Huo product productivity of positive Tai solar energy will in the year inside raise to a 800 MWs, among them, majority of productivities come from factory area in its Shanghai, and will carry out a total amount to produce a plan for expanding of 1200 MWs in 2012.Every consider, the positive Tai solar energy hopes it the total productivity can increase to a near 2 GWs in 2012, so that he/she continues and carries out extending of companies and plans in subsequent year and obtain the achievement of another milestone type."We hope and carry out the productivity of the 2.5 GWs in 2013."Like this does this chief executive officer say.
These Chinese factory once being finished, the company plans to start to construct a head an offshore production line-Be located on crystal Huo thin film of the high automation of the United States factory.Mr. Yang still means:"We believe that the American market will become extremely important."Also think to place factory in very important with the terminal market nearer location.(The this kind of retail production strategy equally decides in the company at from positive Tai all 1 GW solar energy power stations and other sweet Su government item neighborhoods had an important function while constructing the wine spring module factory).
At fling off some ability shortage or have no foreground of technique after, because of being like the business enterprises, such as Pus and positive Tai...etc. in summer and continuously breaking effort of enterprising equipments craft Rui Kang in supplier Europe etc., crystal Huo thin film light the Fu realm will appear recovery appearance in the near future.For peaceful spend a financial crisis, and reply with application the material(Applied Materials) company cooperate the influence brought for failing SunFab, the company experienced several the hardest years under condition, this company that makes Mr. Yang as to associately initiate one of the persons received the stipulation of productivity currently, can not only with lend it single production line satisfy market as to it's the efficiency is in the establishing of above 9% microlite battery plank huge need.
"We can not produce an enough battery plank."Mr. Yang said that" we are aring placed in a very difficult territory ground currently:We how may let customer disappointment?The company can answer a triple at the order of yield.Should say, if we give wes many words of pressures, the company should be able to rob to all related orders.But because we have no enough of productivity, we didn't participate in the competition of each order."
Mr. Yang still confirmation way, the business of company the great majority comes from a south second all countries market, like India, Thai etc., included five scales that come from that region of this years among them considerable order."We will particularly put at large customer body up, and the military advance different market, especially to newly arisen market like this in India, actively extending brand popularity and raising bank can discount sex.The company discovers through a fulfillment, carries out the way of target most effectively is pass to cooperate with these popular companies, they can really help us.The company only carried on a small scaled cooperation currently, with utmost make use of various advantage."
Positive Tai solar energy at the public praise in the crystal Huo realm with positive Tai group of from have margin ability, the efficient battery plank of the efficiently low cost to combine together, became an of Mr. Yang in of and its Huo the radicle thin film make the companies have the main factor that compete the real strenght together."One of the advantage had by my company BE, we have already had the crystal Huo productivity with 500 MWs, therefore we own many faithful customers of products who conduct thin film in the meantime."Mr. Yang emphasizes a way, " so far, we have never had any customer to only do thin film business, this says being a good matter for us."
Averted from what majority of companies chooses to construct first the single knot not- crystal Huo integral whole turns a production line, then is just wanting to establish the universal strategy of designing the transformation, the positive Tai solar energy choice will ask for help of the help of its equipments cooperation colleague Rui Kang(Oerlikon) company in Europe, directly development establish a structure technique."The efficiency has never really once been in fashion in the thin film of above 6%, in addition to extremely expensive in the much crystal Huo price of in a time."Mr. Yang means a way, and emphasize that what he used is the in general use technical term of the brief name of "Huo radicle thin film"."Because I know thin film industry at very before long time develop all the difficulties, and its efficiency is lower, therefore I believe that finally other business enterprises won't have a very strong competition ability."
"Directly developed to establish a structure technique when we decided at the efficiency for 8-9% at that time(2008)."Mr. Yang continues way, " we at next quite a few all lead very difficultly inside the quarter degree, but we finally got through a financial crisis, now, I think, if the thin film technique wants to compete with crystal Huo product, its conversion rate has to be about 10%, and the cost structure wants to divide the following in 75 United States.If a company can not attain these, will be placed in an opposite and weaker position."
"My company postponed extending of thin film business in past two years.We didn't very radically develop business, the reason was pretty much simple, is that we can not do so.But we carried on many technique developments in the meantime, we created to have the team of real strenght very much."
"After passing by around two yearses of development, I think that the company will make breakthrough progress this year, therefore we can step over I think of have the technique watershed of the thin film of real competition real strenght, namely 75 beautiful cents' cost and 10% conversion rateses.In this aspect, we carried on a cooperation with Rui Kang company in Europe and made great effort to raise the efficiency of the related technique, 11% conversion rates still have hope can reach of, but for again high conversion rate I am personal to haven't had a hard conclusion."
The positive Tai solar energy has already produced at the its head on-line start a bore path area efficiency with the cost in each tile 95-98 beautiful cents the 110-135 W battery knothole in above 9% production, in the meantime, the positive Tai solar energy is applieding new craft to it is located on the second production of production line of Hangzhou in.Mr. Yang confirms that after successful rightness of related techniques develop to be inside the tool carry on trying circulate in single chamber room, 10% production craft"have already hoped related attestation procedure completion in the middle of the year after carry out production".
This boss also indicates to obtain the key point of the this kind improvement is what, even for express is which aspect of technique breakthrough, "because I once speaking of these informations, all people all knew.Very interesting BE, is establishing structure technique realm, include 20 in multiple layers fold structure etc., is in the past all carried on a research to this by many personnels, but is applied it produces to the reality in the middle, still belong to a first time."
Production line early productivity in Hangzhou and opening lead etc. the data pretty much make the person marvel.The chart that Mr. Yang provides suggests that that production line since last June the yield always maintains in above 98-99% of productivity, and with lend the existing productivity with 30 MWs, maintain the production line opening rate after last October at 94%.
"We the month reply January of carry on production by the extremely pleased person's productivity level, not only only more than 90%, but almost approached 100%."Mr. Yang jubilantly means that" I think that some inside and basic factors relate to the whole production process, but also relate to stability and other factors of equipments in the meantime.In the BP solar energy, we once made great effort for two years and only came to a 80% rate of productions, so your apprehensibility I am again how excited now."
Mr. Yang thinks that pass to raise battery knothole an efficiency and improve a production line to swallow to vomit quantity-these two realms are positive Tai solar energy and Rui Kang company in Europes of independence and consociation development point-this production line with 30 MWs can carry out larger productivity exportation."Passed to obtain 10% efficiencies and as to it's the implementation of his productivity exaltation measure, we can raise the productivity of production line at least 10%.Now, we still come short of a sum settle the productivity output quantity and only have 28 MWs.But, all good enough in all measure after, we will carry out the 30 MWs above productivity to output quantity."

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