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Japan and Philippines south china sea the problem negotiates that the analytical draws up to cooperate interactive
How should to China is in East China Sea and south china sea sovereignty assertion in the waters become this to negotiate of a main subject.At south china sea and under the situation complex circumstance in East China Sea, day thin two countrieses hold a government like this to negotiate and cause compare the toll-gate note.The analytical personage thinks that day thin two countrieses just has diagram to each China ocean rights in negotiating and expects to pass and cooperate interaction and resists China to seek maximizing of its self interest.

According to Japanese medium report way, day thin two countrieses didn't cover up this time purpose for negotiating.The south sand islands sovereignty problem of China and Philippines exists controversy, and south china sea for Japan and speech is also an important sea passage, on the problem of East China Sea, in day two countries because of problem in Diaoyu Island also rub continuously.For should strengthen to China to East China Sea and south china sea the sovereignty claim of waters, day thin two countrieses will periodically hold a government, negotiates, coordination activity, push forward a cooperation,and ensure Japan at south china sea freedom of navigation and boats and ships of waters are safe.In addition, both parties return and then hold hands should to the pirate problem of Ma Liu Jia's straits and Somalia waters reach unanimously.Day thin two countrieses all gave to this time negotiating higher value, the Japanese parties goes out duty province, defends province, sea representative director's attendance of the public security hall etc. section, Philippines then sent the relevant officials of its ocean supervisor's section-coast guard to take part in to negotiate.

Japan in recent years to south china sea concern in the waters greatly increase and again and again make moves south china sea business.Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force July once cooperated two countries in the United States and Australia in the neighborhood of Brunei south china sea the waters held a first time to unite military training, in China and south china sea neighborhood in the waters is some nation because the territorial waters problem appeared the circumstance of point of dispute under, Three Kingdoms this undertaking was thought is obvious for leading long to make China, formed to snuff out to China military operation and the public opinion of ring of encirclement.

The day thin of two countries has extensive political economic contact and cooperation, personnel's contacts is multifarious.Now, Japan has already exceeded a Chinese mainland and becomes the biggest exit in Philippines object country and import object country, according to statistics bureau in Philippines nation announce of 2010 oversea all countries directly invest a statistics to suggest to Philippines, Japanese rightness thin directly the specific weight that investment has for 29.8%, far far above other nation.Economic aspect closely such, 2 of political interaction also very close, Philippines president radicle promise three a life times visit an in date in the August secret, once at summited a thin anti- government to bear arms for the very first time under the mediating of Japanese government of tallest leader, Japanese to thin political influences be showed from this one spot.Another according to the statistics of the Japanese parties concerned, currently Filipino of work and life at Japan already more than 22 myriad peoples.The day thin of two countries doesn't have pending point of disputes, such as territory and historical problem...etc., under this kind of background, both parties strengthened contact and association to seem to be smooth many.

Hold this time first time pair the department bureau chief class concerning ocean in Asia safety to negotiate to day thin two countrieses, the analysis personage thinks and says for Japan, it schemes three, one is strengthen further and the cooperation and comity of of Philippines, then consolidation and enhance with the relation of of ASEAN, extension it is in the right to speak in the Southeast Asian business;Two is pass and participate south china sea business and lead long and make and resist China and increase the counter that it negotiates to China at the problem top in Diaoyu Island, and at the international social construction is to inhibitting of China public opinion situation;Three is because of same at territory point of dispute problem up, Japan's tough attitude to Korea and Russia feels helpless, is also that the influence pressure of the military activity of multifarious and big dimensions in the waters that is subjected to Russia in the open sea is abrupt to increase recently, so hope in East China Sea and south china sea the problem ascend to have results to ease its local political pressure.But for Philippines but speech, it is often gone back and forth to China and Japan and of the United States etc. nation make use of of all countries the controversy and antinomy of existence, effort is used as oneself the counter that the everyone fights for and creates the value that oneself is made use of to seek a maximizing of self interest.At south china sea problem up, the Mainland assertion passes the friendly consultation of of two countries to settle dispute, objection south china sea the problem internationalize, but Philippines then lay claim to tell to international maritime law law court, turn the problem's complication and extension.This time day thin 2 south china sea the problem launch a government negotiate, its purpose be for making the problem complicated further.

The analytical personage widespreadly thinks that south china sea problem and problem the most important backstage in East China Sea's pushing a hand is the United States, from now on these two problems will how evolve, all is as inseparable as the position of the United States.The United States can at quiet treat the peace in China rising, can in the international business a little less arrogant, a little more friendly, all pass wear these problem of end solution

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