LED spectral power


The LED spectral power distribution measuring method
Led spectral power distribution measurement, the purpose is to master the LED spectral properties and color, in addition to the measured LED photometric value is corrected.

In the measurement of LED spectral power distribution, should pay attention to the following points, one is the standard spectral irradiance comparison because the standard lamp spectrum radiation intensity is much better than LED, in order to avoid this problem, the best in the standard lamp with a neutral density filter, so that its spectral radiation strength close to LED.

The LED spectral width is very narrow, in order to accurately depict the LED spectral profile, preferably using a narrow band of wavelengths the width of the monochromator is measured, as well as 1nm wavelength interval.

Press type calculation of the spectral power distribution of the E t LED.
Es Et lambda = lambda It lambda Is lambda

Type I is a standard light at a wavelength of I response; E is the standard lamp spectral power distribution; I LED at the wavelength lambda of response.
LED color coordinate formula:
X = Et lambda x lambda D lambda
Y = Et lambda YD lambda
Z = Et lambda YD lambda
Color coordinate:
X = X / ( X+Y+Z )
Y = Y / ( X+Y+Z )

Can also be calculated LED dominant wavelength and color purity.
Light emitting diode and normal diode by PN structure, also has a one-way conductivity. It is widely used in various electronic circuits, electrical appliances, instrumentation equipment, as a power supply indication or level indicator.

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