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How to don't do a moonlight clan
In the Chinese eye, the person of very difficult comprehension abroad why so frightened unemployed, in fact this because state of the nation and economic environment of two countries are different to result in.Wait a flourishing nation in the Euro-American day, the wages standard, welfare treatment of national e****lishment is all higher, and the whole country all about unifies standard and wants ~only a citizen in the work, basically can promise it lead up opposite ****ility lenient life, need not worry have no money flower;In China, seek a work very easy, but wages treatment level but is thousand differ ten thousand do not, calculate you went to work, can feed oneself or a problem, the worker doesn't once said a ****le lenient life, may eat rice all difficult.So the foreign person is afraid unemployed, China is afraid that the wages is low, opposite and talk, foreign person want ~only favour, basically rich use, but in China even if favour, also uncertain rich use, "busy for nothing" is a lot of characteristics of moonlight clans.

Not they don't make great effort, also not they have no ability, is society reality to make these moonlight clans sunk into "busy for nothing" appearance, this isn't the living appearance of health.Want to change social reality to isn't a so easy affair, but attain a change oneself still probably of, the moonlight clan should get away from "busy for nothing" appearance and fight for"strip nude" soon and once learned a designing saving money life and head for the life of finance health and finance freedom soon.

Want saving money, so the first need to know his/her own income source and expenditure direction, just can be better to open more sources of income and reduce e so and complete wealthy of initial ac***ulation.The "busy for nothing" moonlight clan uncertain income is super low, even the possible income isn't bad, just spend money don't program, had and then spend, the flower finished to earn again, so money unconsciously disappeared, oneself became one clan: moonlight.Occasionally also want saving money, but don't know what start, how save money?Only clearly know to ownly make money an expensive detail direction, just may find out the way of saving money.P*** the way of recording the Zhang, can be very clear of understand own way that money p***es in and out, as to it's carry on summary, then do an income to extend the method that cuts with expenditure, can attain the target of saving money.Money reduced, will complete the initial backlog of personal wealth.

Want saving money, study some practical saving money experience, commence to also have much of a necessity from the detail, want to hold to be well on the great economic problem, but consume a detail also not can the gist.At moonlight one clan in, real cause the persons who can not save money few because of adding to place a big religion a consumer goods,on the contrary those money be slowly consumed something to drop in the consumption behavior in various commonness.With have a meal one matter for example, if a person doesn't cook a meal and descend restaurant or buy fast food every day, an expenditure of month at least 1200 dollars is or so;Another person then cooks a meal and takes rice, so possible needs 600 dollars to fix, both differ about 1 times, coming down a total margin can be up to 7200 dollars for a year.In addition, it is various economic activities to also have the utilities, transportation fee, shopping and recreational etc., adopt a different at***ude and then will appear an as different as chalk and cheese cir***stance and start from the detail is also the inevitable choice of saving money.

Want saving money, must have the programming and target of saving money, there is just a confidence insisting with the motive bottom like this to, not for the sake of saving money but saving money, but for living and future but save money.If just for saving money but saving money, so very easily lose keep on of motive, only drive in the long-term target under, save money just of great value, then can last long.For example say, draw up money that invest a plan or place an industry target, then will reduce gradually of throw in these life items according to the programming in the middle go, so can gradually come out economy of low even ground of, make the economic foundation more and more hard.To understandly know save money isn't a purpose, save money path just, for the sake of hereafter lead the path of better life.Have the length period combine of saving money programming and target, so save money activity and then will become aggressive and enrich, nature also is more easily accepted by oneself and others.

Taking leave is busy for nothing, no longer moonlight, lead economy lenient of rich the day is the great majority person's wish.For the sake of realization rich of happy life, have to once learn saving money first of thrifty life, then can gradually transfer like this, head for a wealthy life.

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