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More and more high level

Manufacturer for pursuing higher gross profit rate, the appliance product is whole to get stripe to the high level.Take LCD TV as an example, take LED as to carry on the back the LCD TV of light source to have a ratio to year by year raise, and 3 D the function almost become the standard allocation of high level LCD TV.

The white gives or gets an electric shock a product to also start to be large-scale entering hair to the high level for these several years, each main manufacturer was still in use the high level product appropriation brand.Take refrigerator as an example, the card Sa of the sea Er emperor, beautiful of emperor Luo and beautiful Ling Athena etc. the high level refrigerator all is French(European) design in the folio door, capacity can over 500 rise, and refrigerate room and refrigeration room to adopt the independent breeze cold circulatory system respectively, avoid two rooms of string flavor.

Refrigerator external appearance art the design, high heat preservation material and intelligence turns touch etc. to also consumedly promote the high level content of product.Certainly, the price of high level refrigerator isn't thin, all generally more than 10,000 dollars, the consumer should purchase according to own actual cir***stance and absolutely not to and blindly climb a ratio.

Roller washer comparison's promoting is one of the sign that the washer high level turns.The in fact pure ad valorem ****e sees, at present roller washer already not whole is a high level, the wave round washer also has best.The big capacity is another sign that the washer high level turns, sea Er, three star etc.s all released more than 13 kilograms big capacity washers.In addition, the dry cleaning integral whole machine also starts getting into wealthy family in the city, the air wealthy family in the damper southern city might as well a try.The high level washers of sale all wash a ratio clearly by Gao on the market currently, anti-virus, stanza water economize on energy etc. mark said, the consumer could make reference to, but also not ability all of a brains believe.

Become repeatedly in addition the technique beginning is doing laundry an usage on board.The consumer who has an economic power might as well taste fresh, lead off to try out once and become repeatedly a washer, the sea Er, cygnet, and Siemens...etc. all have related product sale.

The high level of air condition product turns a main embodiment at with become repeatedly air condition universality for main characteristic, become repeatedly the technique is on the air condition product of the application is the most exhaustive.If the pure consideration of consumer economizes on energy effect, the writer suggests that purchase becomes repeatedly a product.

The kitchen power station companies all shouted this year the high level turns of slogan, to range hood, the approbation for having greatly lines up amount of breeze, the someone the persistence row amount of breeze is as equilibrium as noise.In fact the reporter thinks, all of these are manufacturer's concepts to stir-fries to make and suggest while purchasing, consumer insists the product that buys big brand, don't talk about hero by costliness, is suitable for oneself to go.

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