structure of motorcycle


A, the cl***ification of motorcycle
To the cl***ification of motorcycle, there is different cl***ification method in the dissimilarity nation.The international standard(ISO3833-1977) presses speed and weight to is divided into 2 types: motorcycle:Two use motorcycle and motorcycle.The cl***ification method of our country motorcycle on the whole has 2 kinds:1 kind is to press the row quan***y and tallest is soon divided into easy and convenient motorcycle and motorcycle while designing.Easy and convenient motorcycle motor work capacity not more than 50 milliliters, the tallest design soon be no bigger than 50 kilometers.The motorcycle points a motor work the capacity is more than 50 milliliters, the high design soon more than 50 kilometers 2 or three motorcycles.Another a we are to press felloe amount and position, being divided into a two cars, side the three-wheeled cart and positive three-wheeled cart is 3 types.

Generally and customarily press use, structure and motor pattern and work capacity more to categorize.Such as only inside its homework city, the means of transportation tool of short distance, then choose soon not over 50 kilometers of, the structure tightly packed cleverly made miniature motorcycle or easy and convenient motorcycle.The demand usually goes back and forth an of city country, ability 2 people ride, and proper choice motor work capacity is 125~250 milliliters of common motorcycles.If the road driving has worse condition and request to made good time or make a general contest to use and then chooses a cross-country motorcycle.

Two, motorcycle of basic cons***ute
Motorcycle from motor, spread to move system, run about system and change direction, make to move system and electricity appearance equipments five parts to cons***ute.Total structure and each parts name of motorcycle.

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