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Press the color of handout to suggest, can all is divided into a monochrome printing to print 2 types with many colors.

The monochrome printing is more unlimited than black 1 kind, any shows to print all of the line by a color BE.Many color printings(Poly Color Printing) again cent increase a color method(Casing Method), set color method(Register Method) and reply a color method(Multi-color Method)3 type.

The one who increase color method , in the double line scope in the monochrome picture, joins another color and make to increase it clear in meaning fresh gorgeous, read by benefit also.The printing of general kid lit, much adoption it;Set color method, each color independence, with each other not layer after layer, as well have no his color to make scope edge line, one by one in order the set Be printed to drive print material top but become.General lines form, the printing of merchandise wrapping paper, and geography...etc., much adoption it.

Many color printings only add a color mixture method(Additive Color Mixing Process) according to the color and make the natural colorful manuscript resolved to divides a color version for primary color, again make use of pigment to lose color to mix legality(Subtractive Color Mixing Process), make the primary color version been reprinted to same is printed material up, then because of primary color layer after layer area it how much dissimilarity, and must finish the natural colorful handout of Xiao manuscript also.All colorful handouts, in addition to for count very few it increases color method and set color method but, all belong to reply a color method print.

Handout use
Because of printing business of the category is different, the use is as well different.If the books and periodicals print, news printing, adverti*****t printing, Chao coupon printing, map printing, stationery & printing, special printing etc..

The book magazine prints and adopted letterpress formely.The recent years much changes to use offset printing.

The news printing to the utmost rotated a machine printing with the relief printing plate formely, because of it rapid and printed to have great capacity also.Adapting to a color demand is near and change to rotate a machine printing with flat plate or photogravure.

Adverti*****t printing, contain colorful picture, pictorial magazine, and poster...etc. at inside, the big part adopts offset printing, occasionally as well useful relief printing plate, cave version or bore version printing

Chao coupon and other negotiable security printing, regard intaglio printing as principle, as well the beard is ***isted with the relief printing plate and the flat plate, but to the utmost it is whole achievement.

The map prints then with take a picture flat plate for feat.Because its territory is big, accuracy Gao, many color set, print quan***y little, and manuscript again many for the monochrome is also.

Stationery & printing, such as envelope, letter paper, invitation and name card, debt volume and homework book originally etc., have to the cost is cheap and a great deal of printing, as a result quality compare time, past much take letterpress as to have the initiative consideration.

Packing printing, small such as each kind of alkali sugar beet Shu food, candy, biscuit, sweetmeat, big such as each packing is used of the tile stare blankly cardboard box and room to decorate to set out to use of wallpaper etc., all many print by photogravure.Special printing, such as bottle bottle, very hot gold, float convex and soft tube, the electronics, electric circuit and mark stick, ticket, foil.&l t;/p>

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