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The community free examination quality in the jewelry City calculates the artistic skill that direct examination shows
Yesterday morning, the city quality calculated a direct examination to reside Wei Heng community in Ho-jen meeting, the Ren Heng thing industry administrative office cooperation, develop "come close people's livelihood and serve crowd" to e****lish crowd satisfied the community activity that gr***-roots station enters, free help residents examine gold jewelry etc. comes close crowd's life of tool thing.(last diagram originally report reporter, Wu Chang, endow with to shoot)According to the statistics, the city quality calculates a direct examination in the activity totally examined jewelry for several little area residents 92, the gl***es are 20, the blood pressure accounts 15 sets.

The reporter sees, carry on on the scene of consult, examination all with crowd living the vitally related people's livelihood calculate, quality safety etc. contents, include jewelry jade, gl***es and blood pressure to account, examining of food, clothing, indoor air, and home appliances...etc. and consult.Among them, attraction number the most is that the jewelry jade is free to examine.Have more than 20s the little area residents to take own jewelry jewelry to come an examination, the most person took more than ten decoration."All generally examine jewelry true or false and category.For example, the jade divides A goods, B goods and C goods, the A goods mean purely natural of, the B goods have already noted gum, the C goods note gum to add to dye;The jade divides and categories, such as farmland jade and Xiu jade...etc.."Gold jewelry room director level Lee the part is busy to examine, part universal jewelry jade knowledge also remind residents, " you have to buy valuable jewelry to buy in the region, can examine in time;Buy jadeite to buy in Guangdong, because jadeite 90%s all processes in Guangdong ……"to the jewelry that examines a leave, they still don't forget to explain and convince residents" like good, need not care value too much."

In addition to jewelry jade, some residents examined still on the scene the gl***es number of degrees, blood pressure accounts, and the clothing quality marks whether accurate.Calculate to the electric appliances quality, food safety and water meter what etc. need a large equipments to examine, some residents carried on to consult, also a residents reserve there and then, please examine a personnel to come home the inside examination air quality.

According to understanding, the bead quality in sea City calculates the city quality technical director bureau that direct examination belongs to, is a national legal quality to calculate a direct examination organization and three square candor examination organization, own each kind of advanced examination instrument equipments, examine jewelry jade more than 70,000 pieces annually, gl***es about 300, the blood pressure accounts about 1300.

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