Murals of life


In five months, hanging on the wall is you just full half year old photographs, it reflects the parents wish you healthy growth of desire.

At the age of 3, hung on the wall is" ABC"," one that p***es by" big read maps, it placed Wangzichenglong parents Yin Qing.

At the age of 10, hung on the wall is your first" " three good "student" certificate of merit, it represents your life a bright start.

At the age of 15, hung on the wall is the countdown card, one is day by day, it represents the first turning point in life more, you need to do next life choice.

At the age of 20, hung on the wall is your idol image, it shows that you have to enter a full of youthful vitality, period, now you rebel, be good at creating.

At the age of 30, hung on the wall is your baby cute pictures, your baby cute pictures, it means you have a family and have a happy life.

At the age of 40, hung on the wall is your next five years the company's development plan, it is you put your heart into the au****ious sign cause, result, career will be on the upgrade.

50 years of hanging on the wall is a map of the world at this time, the cause may be less important, you want to travel around the world, have a look the outside world, to learn some foreign culture.

At the age of 60, hung on the wall is your writing calligraphy calligraphy and painting, it let you know how to let go, know how to enjoy life.

At the age of 70, hung on the wall is a three generation of your photo, the whole family is happy and harmonious, joy.

At the age of 80, hung on the wall you Tai Chi posture, it proves that you are still old but vigorous, healthy.

At the age of 90, hung on the wall is a huge is "thinking ", you think this life doing, summarizes the values of life.

At the age of 100, hung on the wall is a black and white photo you, it expresses your children in your endless love.

Mural life, life lies in fresco.

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