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Hello, yesterday received heart blue letter, know your recent mood is very low. Listen to her, maybe your boyfriend Liu Sheng play with your feelings. Clean, at the beginning I have told you, this year, bother to bring the boys too much, not too believe that they speak sugared words, also don't be too hasty in the tender trap. A man may be the virtue, the easier it is to get more not to cherish. We are girls, only to lose it knows the heart regret not overlapped, why women always get. Well maybe one celebrity said, in the emotional aspects, a woman is only a part of the man, and man is all we have. " Meng" in had said, man. I say, probably, female in the Xi, not to say also, but why we always so silly, a generation followed the old story?

Jie, I really don't want to hurt you. You do not want to hurt, we are a good sister, right? Do you still remember the last time you wrote to me? You said you met Liu Sheng for the first time in the school library, was his elegant demeanor and the speech attracted talk rapidly. You are fall in love at first sight, his sense of humor and temperament immediately captivated by you -- my poor little kit. Less than a week, came out in you and Liu Sheng go for a walk it, I don't believe his ears, which have such lightning speed? But soon the rumors were confirmed, you both fall in love, and cafeteria are in pairs. It is blue blue letter, I still can't believe that, I proud little pea**** how to be an easy job to become the feelings of the prisoner? However, I still wish you from the heart, I wish you love can be happy.

Clean, do you remember your heart, and I was in high school 's appointment? You said before I have graduated from university refused to talk about her boyfriend, you want to be a superwoman. I also make fun of said: "this is not possible, then you may enter university in less than a month to let some boys and unrequited love." Heart orchid also said:" Mei Jie, perhaps less than a month, your letter will be in drawers". You are charming said: "you are too exaggerated, not that I'm charm". Mei Jie, as your situation is our unfortunate words. When you are intoxicated in Rose 's first love,I do not want to fight you, only good to view. You can't find amu*****t when the occasion arises. Someone says, the face of love between men and women are not equal, in his eyes, a woman is only a part, but the man is actually we love life. Jie, the last letter you said your fears, you say, October 1st night you see Laurence's" lady Chatterley" video, then go to eat supper drink several bottles of red wine. To this day, your life is the first excitement, what you give to him. You say you have a sense of guilt, but it's too late, he is your only love the ocean a straw, you can catch him.

Oh, my poor Jie, you are really a drowning lamb, why don't see. I don't want to be in your wound and a salt, just hope you can heal wounds, wish you an early out of the shadow of the disappointment.

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