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Gorgeous UI with aesthetic lock screen desktop version 3 released a new snack
Such as anecdotal, snacks team latest masterpiece dessert desktop version 3 in the recently released.It is not hard to see through the version number of the latest version of the snack table from the previous 2.3.3 linear jump to version 3, upgrading the strength big beyond everyone's imagination, the product itself is able to bring about a qualitative leap more let a person expect.

It is reported, the latest upgrade desserts desktop 3 revised version of almost all of the UI design, interface layout with the overall change, gorgeous fashion without losing the smooth operation of pleasure. The new revised version of the file open animation and effects of the drawer; adjustment of overall layout; desktop add personalized selection operation; a redesigned clock plugin adds stylish atmosphere, the whole interface technology sense, a number of adjustment brought snacks desktop ****ility convenient operation based on the gorgeous turn.

In addition, desktop joined the new lock screen function, this is the snack desktop for the first time officially joined the default screen lock function. It is enabled to lock state information about calls and text messages, and with snacks prior to the introduction of the iPhone lock screen between the switch, when necessary, can also be clear double lock screen.

Snack a desktop version of the update brought new widgets available, in addition to the new GPS and Bluetooth key switch, the design of the new weather clock more material. The new clock provides s skin, regardless of clock flip effect or weather changes backplane design are still fresh. At the same time, snacks team new design of the digital clock in this updated version of formal appearance, in addition to Retro Clock cl***ic optional, style luxury expensive Gold Gemstone skin design could be Glengarry Glen Ross repeng. In short, more small surprise this time snack desktop 3 coming aspect full, whether it is UI design, or functions of the operation are brought not little promotion.

It is understood, in addition to the new snack snacks team desktop, other applications has been upgraded, including snacks power joined the health charge management, and snacks mail list changed absolutely can bring you surprise. After the upgrade of the snack mail list the new UI will let you fall in love with one eye, easy and quick operation will keep you hooked, interested friends may wish to download as soon as possible to try, believe that either the snack table or dessert power-saving and mail list will not disappoint you.

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