Rhythm of the beat


End of the year-end, but also ready to meet the year's most festive, most happy day. Will be kicked off the new year, we have a long age, whether you mind a number of mature, it is no longer lonely?

When a small number of family reasons or because of social factors, creating a lot of people withdrawn introverted, sensitive, su****ious, alienation, do not want to interact with others, for others and the collective apathy, irritability, impulsive anger, cynicism, do not listen to education; as if there is anxiety and depression symptoms. People are creatures of social property, a person who can not live. When individuals leave the group for too long, the human will to a means of punishing individuals, this means called loneliness. This I fully understood, into the community then, to know the character flaws of his own life has serious implications, I urgently want to change themselves, but fortunately bones have a sense of justice, a faithful and unyielding m**** integrity, character in the life of the grinding practice has been close to perfect. Each season, things are constantly changing, everyone is constantly changing, the mind is like the growth rings constantly!

Perhaps the heart of loneliness is a state of mind. Melancholy love and **** that it? Primary Afflictions read! There was a time diary was blank, amnesia is not the owner, because she did not want to put down some time, because of fear of open diary will be full of pain memories. Melancholy body love and Foreign Affairs, life is only breathing room! In fact, many times in the past is impossible to think, lost the thick diary, lost a small yellow photographs, forgotten once saved a lot of things, lost the memory of withered! Forgotten let it forget it! Perhaps some things will remain at the bottom of life, the traces of deep and shallow, gently brushed careful, we have no longer feel pain.

Life is such love for a long time, has become a habit; **** for a long time, has become a burden! Pain for a long time, has become a scar! There is no p***ion of love, from hot to dull, of course, may well be a good! Perhaps this is what we have been pursuing the eternal! Although we do not know, this is not a dull or so people will be fascinated? At least the heart will no longer lonely! So let us keep only the eternal love, not to ****, not to make their own pain. Heart, will always be in its original location, with its stubborn way, speed, dedicated to dancing!

Perhaps, each behind a busy, sorrow will be numerous hidden, as the Love-like pattern, recall, is countless missed. Behind the smile, how many bitter tears in the swirling memories chapter, who is the gentle who freeze to eternity, into the heart that one never devoid of traces. She opened the youth of the script, that we play that role, had the most pure feeling, the wind left in the period of time in death, so that those who are already lonely watering does not exist, if out of a quiet river orchids, with your feet wandering.

Years we finally could not stay the pace, was when, dressing table and a small cosmetic bag has not lost something - eye cream, shallow wrinkles to help you hide too many memories, we can change that, do not let rapid deepening wrinkles, do not let the face becomes heavy. Lonely soul the best way is to make their own mature a little. Nature known as the fate of the human soul, in the embrace of nature, the mind can be calm and ****le, harmonious and happy. Leisure walk in the park, jogging or cycling, can drive away all the stuffiness; re-inject new life force. Heart is no longer lonely, you will find a healthy and happy mood is wonderful!

Two loving without doubt, Bliss Regret pleasure less, do not write the word love does not write poetry, to worry about tomorrow tomorrow worry! Let the love-**** rushing past lives Melancholy mote no longer lonely hearts over it, let it return to the original rhythm of the beat!

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