The city without you


You leave, leave the city, leaving me alone. A city, a person.
In the most helpless, I met you. For you, I don't know why always different from others. Friends said: you are not a casual person ah, this how to a stranger that enthusiasm? I have nothing to say, perhaps your cheerful. Thank you, in my most vulnerable time, give me strength. I never said, you never know how important you are to me.
You ask me why I love you? I don't know. I really don't know, I can so easily like a person, even if is pure love.
Every day the most happy time is and you together, if not speak, you will be happy, will you? The first noon without you, I afraid panic, is it right? What did I do wrong? Or are you leaving?
You said I remember, do you remember? Perhaps only between friend's joke, I was seriously. You said you like me, I am happy, when I mentioned to you, you are very surprised, you said? You make fun of, know computer before me, tears? You love?
You can not cry in front of you, because you didn't like, so I am even more grievances, don't cry in front of you. I love you, right?
You go, go back to her, I cried.
For you, love is pure, clean not miserable and any impurities. A simple friend relationship, she should not be.
Thought we could be friends, who knows that her. Even I don't have room for, she said it, you have a girlfriend, I told you pulled unclear relationship, what I think? She said that every word is pain in my heart.
Broken, thorough. At the beginning, the pain to a day no mood to do anything, even painful to love you. Friends said I to you is it right? Look too heavy, too much?
From when to begin, you are so important to me, I become so care about you, I am afraid, I am afraid I really love you, not only love, I am afraid to continue, the injured will be my own.
Would you come? Remember in the distance, there is someone waiting for you? A city, a person. Will you come? I don't know what I want you to come, we have no future, so a clean break. He put it down to you?
Lie to yourself, for you are still pure love, is always pure. Are you ok?
In the distance, there is a person you wish, for you to lean sausage.

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