FTC survey of Google +


The FTC survey of Google + possible an***rust and privacy issues
Internet giant has recently to the United States Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) belongs to the electronic privacy information ( EPIC ) are presented about Google launched in the near future search add new features related to user privacy and an***rust issues of unfair compe***ion.
When the new Google introduced new features" search" ( Search Plus ), as the social network to rival Facebook and Twitter immediately issued a statement condemning the unfair compe***ion, Google, Google in the search results show only Google + pictures and articles, and can omit the Facebook and Twitter and other social networking the website relevant content. In turn we come to have a look Google +, Google + in a very short period of time is formed with Facebook and Twitter a situation of tripar***e confrontation situation. At present the user prediction has more than 9 millions. This gives another two social networking sites has sounded the alarm bell. If Google really in the search results to work on, so the two companies is undoubtedly a great ****. Therefore, the two companies will not reflect so intense.
However, Google + why in such a short period of time to be able to have so many users are also worthy of ****ysis. We can find that, Google and other related account registration time, the default is to open Google + account, for example, if you want to open a Gmail account, then you will be forced to fill in the Google + relevant information and accession to the Google +.
Google this excuse for such registration is not recently updated, but had such registration. And the user can easily remove Google + account, as long as the corresponding settings page settings can be.
After the Federal Trade Commission investigation, Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich published a such words:" the law is designed to help consumers benefit from innovation, rather than to help any business of the company. We believe that our efforts will improve search engine and make the Internet more open, if the user doesn't like our service, can easily switch the service".
At the same time, Google also has an ***ociated job to deal with these negative information, that is the recent introduction of privacy policy. It is through newspapers, television, Internet and other channels to promote Google for users of personal privacy, facilitating the user privacy and network security.

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