muddle-headed beware


Suddenly the muddle-headed beware of cataract
The human eye is like a camera, lens like camera lens, and fundus retina is the equivalent of a film. Cataract as the camera lens to become cloudy, light is irradiated to the" film" -- the eye, also cannot get the right image. The doctor reminds, when your eyes suddenly appear blurred vision, especially for the night watch lights can not concentrate, should not the effect, should as soon as possible to the hospital for examination and treatment. Because of blurred vision, night lights divergence is typical of cataract.
As the material is original is cataract.
In recent years, old Qiu is a high school teacher, years before suddenly found himself in reading teaching, textbook on the word ambiguity. At first, Mr. Qiu did not care about, that is to use an eye excessive, or old people eye, a few days will be good. However, one day, he happened to look down from the balcony, found the familiar scene completely lost its former beauty, all eyes like frosted gl*** shade like, even the light is ****tered into a bar, raised his hand was unable to see the fingers. Desperate, Mr. Qiu family in the company down to the hospital, a check to know is cataract, and accompanied by lens variation.
According to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University professor An Meixia, the human eye lens has turbid, known as the" cataract". Cataract congenital ocular trauma, cause, also have intraocular diseases, while the most common or senile cataract.
Senile cataract is a kind of phenomenon of aging, increased with age, crystal experience happen slowly hardening, turbid and cause visual impairment. The early symptoms of senile cataract: fogging, Colors changing hue, sight spots, diplopia; late symptoms mainly for: visual impairment is deepened with each p***ing day, finally only in the immediate identification manual or only light vision, only feeling of light, if not timely treatment would be blind.
Not timely treatment will develop for the blind
If a sudden decrease in vision, should be to the regular hospital check and diagnosis, if miss the best treatment time, wait until the cataract is too mature, it may lead to serious consequences, not only induced secondary glaucoma, caused loss of vision, and the treatment is more difficult. At the same time, if the lens material into the eye, induced allergic reaction, leading to lens cortex allergic uveitis, serious influence to suffer from eye treatment, also implicated in another good eye.
Professor An Meixia said, modern medicine has been confirmed, cataract is unable to use drugs to cure, at present, operation is to be recognized as the treatment of cataract, fast, safe and effective treatment modality. However, a lot of senile cataract patients influenced by traditional ideas, think cataract must wait for the eyes to see before operation. In fact, the operation method and operation conditions in the past had saltant development, effect is more satisfying, need not wait until dark when carried out operation.
Cataract phacoemulsification, is the use of ultrasonic crystal nucleus crushing to the shape of a chylous shape, and then together with the cortex to suck, retained lens posterior capsule, can be simultaneous implantation of intraocular lens. Phacoemulsification in treatment of cataract has not fully mature until the cataract, in general, senile cataract development to the sight is lower than 0.3, lens opacities in the immature stage, center core of relatively soft case, is suitable for phacoemulsification of cataract. Small incision operation, operation time of about ten minutes, and postoperative responses to light, faster visual recovery.

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