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After the international financial crisis, the global economic structure is adjusted quickly, the new structure is being formed, as soon as possible out of the crisis and to foster new economic point of growth, the United States of America and other developed countries pay attention to the development of hypostatic economy, put forward again industrialized, low carbon economy, wisdom of the world, new ideas, and have increased investment in science and technology, trying to in the new energy, new materials, aero****e, electronic information, environmental protection, life sciences and other emerging industries to maintain the compe***ive advantage, seize the future progress of science and technology and industry development of the commanding heights. At the same time, in the sources of energy and resource of strategic mineral products price substantially oscillation, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent in the background, with energy saving environmental protection and high-tech as the core of green economy and low carbon development has gradually become governments and enterprises and pursued the idea of economic development. These requirements should be based on the Chinese manufacturing industry, accelerate traditional industry to transform upgrade, but also focus on the long term strategic emerging industry, pay attention to the cultivation and development of Chinese manufacturing industry, create new compe***ive advantage. Luo Baihui points out, China equipment manufacturing industry should from "strong manufacture country" transition into" creating powerful nation", must from the following five aspects:
1, improve the ability of independent innovation. In 2008, China International Patent Application 6089, in the industrial area of the two outstanding enterprises -- Huawei and CITIC accounted for more than 2000. And the more than 6000 international patent is only 1/9 of the United States, Japan and Germany 1/3 1/5. Therefore, must advance effectively to the enterprise as the core of the ability of independent innovation, and strive in the local field to realize technical innovation effective breakthrough, for the industry to win the opportunity to enter the high-end domain.
2, strengthen the construction of independent brands. At present, China's export products with low added value and low technical content products, own-brand products export proportion is very small, has the international influence of the famous brand is a lack of. In 2009 the world brand 500 strong in, China only 18 brands selected, of which only 8 belongs to the manufacturing field, far less than the number of industrialized countries.
3, accelerate the improvement of the international compe***iveness of large enterprises. Many of China's industry output ranked first in the world, but ****tered in many enterprises, the lack of internationally compe***ive large enterprises, large groups.
4, improve the production efficiency and benefit. Our country manufacturing industry increases a value of 22.6%, and the United States and Japan in 23% and 22% respectively compared to low.
5, producer service industry lags behind the development of manufacturing industry is optimized upgrade, support is not enough. At present, China's service industry accounts for the service industry the proportion is 39.3%, the United States and South Korea respectively relatively low 24 percentage points and 22 percentage points. On the whole, our country manufacturing industry is still in the low end of the global value chain.

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