Flat Bluetooth Keyboard


To say 2011 mobile phone and flat sector the most fashionable things is what, it is absolutely not android. The word "Android"first appeared in the French writer Halil Adam published in 1886 science fiction" Eve" in the future. He looks like a human machine named Android.
The little robot is the spokesman for the Android
Android is a Linux based open source operating system, mainly used in portable devices. Android operating system initially supported mobile phone. In 2005 Google after the acquisition, set up open mobile phone alliance to develop improved, gradually extended to the tablet and other fields.
The small robot and fruit between the wars, everybody says not clear
Android 's main rival is Apple's iOS and RIM Blackberry OS. The first quarter of 2011, Android global market share over the first Symbian, ranked the world's first. 2011 November data, Android occupy global intelligent mobile phone operating system market share of 52.5%, China's market share is 58%. Now intelligent machine are bounded by Android, IOS and Microsoft's WP7 three minutes of the world, and tablet PC industry is iPad and colored Android Tablet wars.
Android TV Remote aprereciciar apreopiear And through the ingenious design in the creation of new thin record but also to ensure that the keyboard structure of industrial design firm, with no ***** in one's armour.

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