LED lighting power supply market


The Hangzhou March, spring breeze, sunshine, in the spring ... Oil break eight electrical hardware business called vulnerable OLED become the trend in the development of color television market when the dominant market of global economic slowdown mechanical and electrical hardware industry to how break out of an encirclement? The global LED lighting power supply coming10000000000U.S. dollars of business opportunities. Insiders pointed out that, in the code and tariff escalation drive, LED lighting market is rapid and arisen, be expected to drive power supply sales in 2016 reached four billion sets of the scale, the total output value of high amounts to 10000000000 dollar.

From the low power houses used to replace LED ( RetrofitLED ) light source and the light bulb, to high power commercial and industrial use of a full set of LED lighting equipment such as street lights, all kinds of LED lighting solutions application demand is increasing rapidly.

Because of the LED light source and lighting market started development, manufacturers in the power electronics professional and technical challenges, thus opening the power supply manufacturers doors. New LED lighting power requirements, depending on the power rating ( PowerRating ), LED or LED lamp string number and the using environment design factor. The design requirements, plus LED lighting and currently there is no clear standard, so LED lighting manufacturers by hiring a professional or with power supply manufacturers, to strengthen the power electronic technology.

Notably, some large LED lighting manufacturers such as Philips ( Philips ), but also through a subsidiary or the acquisition of the power supply manufacturers to e****lish related technical ability; this allows for certain power supply manufacturers to enter into the merged situation, part of the power supply business is also the vertical integration of large companies food.

However, only provides power supply manufacturers still have its market niche. According to the insiders, with power supply lines of LED lighting manufacturers, only simple in design, low cost and high demand products to seize the market, such as LED to replace the light source; and the application of high power on the power supply design is more complex, the power supply was more cost-effective outsourcing. It can be predicted,2016the power supply manufacturers will have more than half of the market share.

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