Novel solar batteries currently


Novel solar batteries currently on the market for m*** production of single crystal and polycrystalline silicon solar cell efficiency average about15%, that is to say, the solar battery can only be incident conversion of solar energy into15% usable electrical energy, while the remaining 85% are waste into useless heat. Strictly speaking, the solar battery, and some type of" a waste of energy".

Of course, in theory, as long as can effectively restrain the solar cell carrier and phonon energy exchange, in other words, effective suppression of carrier band or band of energy release, can effectively avoid the solar battery useless heat generation, greatly improves the efficiency of solar cells, and even reached the super efficient operation. This simple concept, in practical technology, can use different ways to implement this principle.
Ultra high efficiency solar cell ( the third generation solar cell [3] ) technology development, in addition to the use of novel structure design, to try to break through the physical limitations, it is also possible for the introduction of new materials, and reach to substantially increase the conversion efficiency of.
Thin film solar cell comprises amorphous silicon solar cell, CdTe and CIGS ( copper indium gallium selenide ) battery. Although most of the current production of thin film solar cell conversion efficiency are still unable to contend with crystal silicon solar cells, but its low manufacturing cost is still in the market have a ****e for one person, and the future market share will continue to grow.
First Solar CdTe technology leader in2010 third quarter results show its thin film solar cell module for each tile cost less than 80 cents or $0.8. This cost is much lower than the current polysilicon solar cell module price.
CIS / CIGS in 2010due to equipment manufacturers technical advances in conversion efficiency of the battery can be ****ilized above 10%, so a lot of thin-film solar module manufacturers began to introduce CIS / CIGS thin-film solar module investment. According to the PVinsights thin film solar energy cost ****ysis, CIS / CIGS cost in 2011will be reduced to $1per watt level and with the conversion efficiency and further reduce the cost to $0.8per watt, such cost improvement will allow the CIS / CIGS thin-film solar module has good cost compe***iveness.

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