Aroma beauty knowledge


Along with the gradually improve the quality of life, ***le aroma fly into common people's home. But the people of the aroma of the understanding and understanding are rarely, in aroma diffuse horizon now, aroma is not only a symbol of iden***y, more, is used to eliminate fatigue mood regulation.
Use of aromatherapy aesthetic expansion
Aroma beauty knowledge
Aromatherapy is the use of very important, different aroma, use method is not the same, different flavor effect is not the same. Aromatherapy has many kinds, including essential oils, incense, dried flowers, wax.
Editor this paragraph aroma beauty history
In two thousand BC, Chinese medical books on the accounts of the Chinese had been known and started using the oil, but began extensive use of essential oils to play dates back to the era of ancient egypt. Then the essential oil has been used for God, burning incense and ****es in the general household are common.
The Egyptians used oil, except in formal ceremonies ceremonial use, also used to cure diseases, they also found using aromatherapy essential oils can be made of preservatives, will be some kind of special preservative applicator in the body of each part of the whole body, then wrapped gauze, until it is completely isolated from the air, so that the bacteria in the air on the body harm reduced to a minimum, so that the body to avoid oxidation metamorphism.
After the baptism of time, climate change and thermal effect, the body tissue and organ structure remains intact, muscle and elastic, visceral still uncorrupted; this is called" the mummy"; this is sufficient to prove the essential oil of anticorrosion ability and its bactericidal effect is so strong. ( the ruler of Egypt believe, after death of renewable cycle of adult, if can make the body intact, as the reincarnation of time, can use his body. )
It is said that in 1922, when the first ruler of Egypt archaeologists open Du Thangka door vault, called Qi Pei ( KYPHI, the ancient Egyptians love using essential oils ) essential oil flavor will come face to face. This time with Du Thangka door burial has after more than three thousand years, visible special flavor is enduring.

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