love of children


Write to each eager to get part of the love of children

This diary addressed to those who because of love, happiness and sad and corruption of the children, addressed to those who suffered from love torture, suffering the lonely child, writing to those who desire to get marriage broke up the children love not, below is I really want to say to you of words, also addressed to those who play with the feelings of the child, and I hope to do you have a little help...

1, if you are already married or are in love, so I wish you a happy, if you love or the marriage does not make you happy, so please think of the reason, first think about their reason, think again if the other party have factors exist? Want to good later I suggest that you should be nice to talk to find each other, and of course what you talk about is between, but I still don't want to take your shelves or is the character to about the matter, because love, because marriage is need harmonious need understanding to work hard to business, after all that is a matter of a lifetime! Wish you success yo!

2. If you have to love the heart or are suffering from the pain of the children break up brokenhearted, if you are to want to get marriage or want don't break up of the love child, so I want to tell you is:

(1) actually break up now has been very insipid things, you need to learn lessons from, summarizing the experience, of course you have to note is that time break up really is the other party fault? If is the other party of wrong, so excuse me ta fault really can't make up for? If really can't make up for, so please forget ta, because ta not worth you love, not worthy of you for ta sad sorry!

(2) if you're going to accept a relationship of words, so I hope you to consider good the next thing to decide... Can you guarantee that you really love each other or can you guarantee that the other party is really love you? You really want to talk to each other together again? Can you guarantee that their love or guarantee each other's love is really? Can you guarantee that your family or your partner's family will agree with you? Reality agree? The present economic agree? Can you guarantee that you can give to each other for a lifetime of happiness or is someone can give you a lifetime of happiness? You have the ability to let the other party or the other side has a lifetime of happiness that the ability to let you happiness for a lifetime?

Note: do not easily to conclusions, must not easily accept the love, don't be a fool that rhetoric, must want to remember, love, not so simple, even if again simple happiness, also want to have great ability to just go... Women, those who what if the other party didn't car didn't room have no money without many creative ability, only a love you of heart, the man will you love? You will get together with him for a lifetime? How many people would say, indeed that's moving, but how many people really want to? Would you like to talk to a man for life, do you believe I don't believe that if you can get married life with that kind people a few years, so congratulations you, you are a fool, you parents also is a fool... The children, wake up! Now the community is the reality te... (no matter how? Will their or he did have a pocket card! This sentence is for man's), man, if you love her, then know how to do it?

3. If you love is widely and lonely lonely and corruption of the children, so please you to remember a words: ask yourself why you would be like this now, because their own reasons, or because the other reason, from beginning to end think well, I can only tell you: people who hurt you never worthy for your ta do any harm to their own, more not worth you sad sad tears, you have to do now is revenge, how to get revenge? Don't mess think oh, revenge, are living better than ta good, living happy and happy than ta ta ta you know not to live better! But to tell you the truth, not sad sad is fooling around. After all, the heart of everybody meat long, and for those who play with feelings of the people, the heart of the ta unable with ours, not a level! The heart of the heart not ta! Child, don't be sad, think about their mom and dad, the world abandon you, at least they won't, have they accompany you, you said right, seriously, you should really be better for parents, they, not easy, really! Don't say the world has no love, I can be sure that there is great love, there really is!

4, if you are a play with emotions or you are around such, so I want to say is: don't use the rhetoric of you like big to deceive the lies of innocent children, don't use the mask you pull nausea smile to deceive the kindness of the person! You don't use the hypocrisy and not bosom kind action to defraud the heart is full of love, the red blood of the person, because (I love you) the three words, you don't deserve said, not forever! Playing with the feelings of the evil people, please you p*** those poor thing!!!! The ta is innocent.

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