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How to prepare for pregnancy feeding
When the baby was born, mother 's milk for neonatal growth and development to provide all the necessary nutrients, with the baby and requires changing the composition. Thus  milk is the best nutrition of newborn. Beijing Marie Hospital experts point out that, ******-fed infant development more healthy. So how to feeding during pregnancy to prepare in advance?
One, pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy. Maternal malnutrition can cause poor intrauterine fetal growth, can also affect the postpartum milk secretion. Throughout pregnancy and lactation requires adequate nutrition, eat more rich in protein, vitamin and mineral food category, for postpartum lactation to prepare.
Two, pregnant women should pay attention to th care. Breast  is normal or not will have a direct impact on postpartum lactation. In the third trimester to preparations, such as cleaning the  with Lanolin oil mage Nipple Nipples, increased flexibility; from outside to inside to gently mage the, to dredge  tube; the use of broadband, cotton bra supporting , can prevent ptosis. Flat  crater, pregnant women, should be under the guidance of a doctor, using the correct tools for correction of
Three, regular antenatal examination, discover problems promptly corrected, ensure the gestation period health and smooth delivery, postpartum milk secretion is mother to sufficient premise.
Four, learn about feeding knowledge, obtain the family especially husband's consensus and support, confidence, determination, t****eding was easier.

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