Chinese enterprises how to save?


Fierce disputes behind,dab4c51ck capacity huge Chinese photovoltaic industry, is facing severe challenges.
According to the introduction, in 2012 the global PV industry demand for the25 gigawatts ( GW ), the global production capacity reached 80Duojiwa ( GW ), in which 70% of the production capacity in china.
Deng Yongkang introduces, in recent years in Europe and America and other countries in the photovoltaic industry capacity expansion without China quickly, but in research and development, product characteristics there is a lot of innovation, product performance is also generally higher. While the domestic photovoltaic enterprises compe***ive advantage degree depends on low labor cost and cheap price, it is easy to some countries for dumping the pretext.
In this regard, ogkewe25dwe the consultant research director Zhang Yanlin said, in opposition to the United States trade sanctions at the same time, China should also improve its industrial development policy, by raising the technical ability to change the situation of heteronomy.
Both promote the technical level to reduce costs, or to open up the domestic market, if there is no regulations and policies of the powerful promotion, solar photovoltaic industry is very difficult to have rapidder development. Such as Japan, the United States and Europe and other countries, have encouraged the photovoltaic power generation Internet preferential policies.
For example, the investment to build a solar power generation facilities, users can access network conditions, the amount of power can own use can also sell power to enjoy price subsidy. In contrast, our policy support aspect remains blank. China has not implemented" price law", related PV project approval, subsidies are very strict, serious shortage of domestic market demand.
Although our country in 2006 the implementation of the" renewable energy law", but as a result of this Law" feed-in tariff" for the concept, framework of policies, thus far, the electricity sector have not formally accepted the photovoltaic power generation Internet, home already built demonstrative project is still under the pilot project network.
Expert proposal, specific policy can refer to foreign mature experience, such as to meet the requirements of the application of the photoelectric structure gives allowance, to partially compensate for optoelectronic applications for initial input; photovoltaic power generation for the preferential prices give full acquisition, the photovoltaic cell production enterprises to tax and credit support and so on.

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