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Electrostatic damage to electronic products which have characteristics of
Concealed body can not be directly perceived static unless the electrostatic discharge occurs, dab4d52ck but the occurrence of electrostatic discharge body may not be able to have electric shock feeling, this is because the perception of body electrostatic discharge voltage of 2-3KV, so electrostatic is concealed.
The potential of some electronic components from electrostatic damage after the performance was not significantly reduced, but the number of ***ulative discharge will give the device caused injuries and the formation of hidden trouble. Therefore, the damage on the device of electrostatic potential.
Random generation of static but also random. The damage is random.
Complexity of electrostatic discharge damage failure ****ysis for electronic products, fine, fine, fine structure characteristics and time-consuming, expensive, difficult, demanding and often requires the use of scanning electron microscopy and other high precision instruments. Even so, some electrostatic damage phenomenon also difficult with other causes of injury to be distinguished, makes one mistake electrostatic damage failure as other failure.
This on the electrostatic discharge damage is not fully understanding before, often attributed to early failure or the unknown failure, thus unwittingly obscures the true cause of failure. So the static electricity on the electronic device damage ****ysis of complexity.
How to control the electrostatic discharge from the previous ****ysis, the static electricity is due to objects in contact isolation, not even touching induction way, you can say: at any time, any place can produce static electricity. To completely eliminate static electricity is almost impossible, but you can take some measures to control the electrostatic damage.
How to control the human body electrostatic ( static protection of human ) body is the most prevalent electrostatic hazards. For the electrostatic, the human body is a conductor, so can take grounding measures on human body.
The use of anti-static floor / anti-static shoes / Socks ( electrostatic from foot guide to earth ) through the foot wear antistatic floor, mats, carpets, personnel wear antistatic footwear, forming a combined grounding.
Antistatic wrist strap and ground ( static from the guide to the earth ) by hand is used to discharge the body of electrostatic. It consists of static elastic snap spring flexes, activities. Protective resistor and plug or chuck. Elastic inner antistatic yarn knitting, the common knitting yarn.
Anti-static shoes and wristband use human security issue only from the static point of view, the total resistance to ground of the smaller the better, but the minimum value by the security constraints, the body must have a certain value of the resistance to ground, so that in the event of metal equipment or device and the power supply short circuit under the conditions resistance to flow through the human body limits the current operation. Minimum value should not be less than105 Ω, a maximum of not more than 109ohms.

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