Intestinal disease in high summer


In the summer of intestinal disease, how to prevent? Please go to the Department of internal medicine of Beijing Geriatric Hospital digestive chief physician Fu Wanfa and Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital Department of Pediatrics director Tian Lili to teach you how to do.
Respondents expert:
Fu Wanfa, director of the Department of internal medicine Beijing Geriatric Hospital doctors;
Da Riri, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University professor of pediatrics.
Department of internal medicine Beijing Geriatric Hospital digestive director Fu Wanfa said, the human body is about 1.25~ 1.5 kilograms of bacteria, most in the intestines, there are about four hundred or five hundred species, maintain a dynamic balance. At the same time, also has a small number of people within the gut will carry intestinal virus. Once the balance, various problems will follow close on succession.
Summer intestinal diseases high, the expert reminds, relative to the last common eat a bad stomach, dab4d55ck intestinal disease in recent years has been the new pattern.
Take medicine to eat out of enteritis
Summer dinner many opportunities. And Fu Wanfa said, because of the large number of drinking, or certain medications, such as salicylic acid sodium, ammonium chloride, which will directly stimulate the gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa, causing acute gastroenteritis, called" chemical induced acute gastric ( intestinal inflammation, diarrhea )" will be inevitable.
Many people with diarrhea using antibiotics, which may further impair intestinal. Because intestinal bacteria of many types, for a certain cl*** of anti-inflammatory drugs, some bacteria may be very sensitive, some bacteria may not be sensitive. If anti-inflammatory drugs will be beneficial bacteria to kill harmful bacteria, so more, will appear in flora, also it is easy to have loose bowels.
Seafood and fruit to eat with caution
Food now encouraged to eat more fruit, summer is a good season to eat seafood. Many people in the seafood meal to eat fruit, the diarrhea, some people thought it was eating seafood is not clean. Fu Wanfa said, in fact is the fruit into the gastrointestinal tract after digestion, causing seafood indigestion and diarrhea, so many people.
Seafood is rich in protein and calcium, as they contain tannic acid fruits, such as grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, persimmon equivalent to food, will reduce the nutritive value of protein synthesis, but also new non-digestible substances, to stimulate the stomach, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other.
A hot one cold to be careful
Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital Department of Pediatrics director Tian Lili says, summer temperatures are high, food deteriorating corruption, such as accidentally eat bad food, toxins in the gastrointestinal tract stimulation of gastric mucosa, causing gastrointestinal abnormalities, is usually said bacterial enteritis, also called" food poisoning".
Summer gut are afraid of low temperature food. You know, even the air conditioning cold, will stimulate intestinal contractions, accelerate the peristalsis, leading to digestive system dysfunction, forming watery stool diarrhea. A variety of beverage is best placed in room temperature for half an hour after a few drink slowly.

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