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Study abroad how to accurately choose preparatory university

Children read the high nanning Mr. Zhang, at several an education fair after, to study abroad intermediary recommended some college preparation courses more interested in. He said, the home going to send children abroad for study abroad, comparison of tangled is, there is no need to let children read a year of preparatory college, "read the preparatory, more time to spend a year; don't read, again afraid the children can't adapt university study abroad."

Study abroad experts, preparatory university is the commonwealth (mainly British and Australian) in order to solve the country's education system to international students of a bridge course, usually for a year, two parts: part of it is language, part of it is the international education foundation course.

The less than undergraduate course setting, and some of the course is mainly aimed at the international students for the country's education ways and methods to open, such as learning skills training, and thesis writing, subject speech, etc. Some rich experience of preparatory college education international students in teacher, often can have pointed to some teaching and coaching.

From actual experience running a preparatory, parti****te in the preparatory courses, can be in language and academic ability realize good transition, set up the successful bachelor degree of confidence,
Experts think, preparatory university course is the academic curriculum and the difference between pure language learning English training course. College preparation courses in addition to include English course outside, still covers the such as mathematics, computer, business, science courses. Usually read into pre-university course is a language admission standards for English a weaker foundation, no to prep students of language in the preparatory course before study, need to join the preparatory language bridging programme, and then into the preparatory university study.

Cl***ification cohesion a wide choice

Some parents and students in the choice of foreign preparatory university, often have some concerns, the preparatory university will not rigged. To this, the study abroad experts MengXueMei said, China's foreign ministry of education online often mentioned supervision preparatory university "very complex", this is due to different countries and schools to open preparatory cl***es often exist because of differences, however, this is a rules can be found.

Experts say, preparatory university generally divided into two kinds: one kind is one by one, for example Australia eight of the preparatory school, often by our own open or of some famous study group with joint open, into the college prep students in the majority can enter local college undergraduate course course study, the preparatory is generally located in the university campus, and university teaching facilities and resources sharing, the student admission is safer; Another kind of preparatory college is more than a pair, that is, into the preparatory university students, the future direction of the general is to parti****te in the test, the test through after another, after application procedures,

Apply for many universities, which university is where to go to college. For example being widely recognized by the GAC international college preparatory courses, this course is the only global in formal the curriculum includes American university entrance examination ACT's international course, ACT scores the United States including eight ivies, including the university of all American colleges for undergraduate admission standards accepted, at the same time, the result was GAC by the United States, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and other major English countries more than 110 famous universities, professional diversity, colleges and universities choice is widely.

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