MeiZanChen etc milk powder excluding vanillin


MeiZanChen etc milk powder excluding vanillin

MeiZanChen, abbott laboratories', wyeth, dab4d58ck foreign brand milk powder contain may not add vanilla flavor? Recently, media reports said, promotion of hunan province of hunan province credit construction entrusted brand reputation research center of several foreign brand baby formula milk powder (stage) inspections and found some stage, the foreign brands in infant formula milk powder illegal added prohibited by the state vanillin. The test report a stone arise layer waves, the report by several websites.

Yesterday, reporters made contact related milk powder enterprise, they quickly denies this, and the research background and related ins***utions is questioned. "A phase of milk powder wyeth not added vanilla flavor or other essence"reishi, wyeth nutrition official response said they always strictly abide by Chinese and international related to baby formula of milk powder related standards, for the detection of the specific conditions of the does not understand, and the results of inspection process also have objection, willing to cooperate with the investigation of the relevant departments

"Is our fault detection results basically do not contain vanillin." Yesterday afternoon, in hunan agricultural university nutrition and food safety testing center, the school food ins***ute of science and technology XuShuJi says the test report errors exist, and the relevant enterprise apologize for it. 10 when last night, the reporter received the test center will make the test of the conditions that description says "this batch sample testing if the results are invalid."

The ministry of commerce and industry said in changsha city, which has organized further investigation, if these foreign brand milk powder in really do contain violate comp***es additives, industry and Commerce Department will take the necessary action.

The quality of the infant milk powder is healthy, is of vital importance, neize225dw the parents are concerned about, have citizens who called for relevant state inspection center can, in the near future to carry on the examination, give authority conclusion.

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