Camera usage


1shooting, the camera will take it. In the portrait photography, buildings, camera lens cannot p*** back, dab4d59ck down or tilt camera

, or make the shot object small or big small under the large, or make the scenery to deviate from the horizon level, make the scene reel right and left feeling.

2shooting, the camera will take a firm. Otherwise it would be a double or blurred image. Hold to press the shutter not too hard, especially in 1/30seconds following the more attention should be paid to ****le. Like the firing trigger, first gently press the first spring, seize opportunity timely according to the second spring. 1/15seconds following a better three tripod, or the camera on fixtures.

3 using the self-timer, gently poking. Before pressing the shutter before, not hard back in situ, otherwise easy to damage the self-timer spring and gear.

4in the use of curtain, a small camera, with special attention to the protection of curtains, not his fingers touch, especially not to let something sharp break.

5camera lens is not long time staring at the sun, to prevent light leakage. Especially the curtain shutter camera, because the sun light focusing effect, easy to burn out.

6set the shutter speed, not in the adjacent two stage speed of the intermediate. Camera speed disk for each scale, there is a vesicle or small groove, must be appropriated in place, can be normal operation, in two stage speed between, not only cannot get accurate speed, and is easy to damage the shutter. The aperture of the series, can be referred to in the two aperture coefficient.

7 in using a small camera, preferably to form on the first film after the transfer speed of the plate habits, there is a small camera in the film former is not speed.

8use the camera shutter and a self-timer, must check device is relaxed, because the structure of the core parts of spring, spring tension of long time, easy elastic weakening effect, shutter speed accuracy.

In short, the use of many types of camera, camera method is not the same. The use of the camera, to view camera models, specifications, the use of lens method. The new camera has a manual, want to be read carefully, familiar with the performance of components and method of operation.

No specification with clear, we must ask, do not force at. In the photo, also check the camera attachment with full yet, even the film reel such small pieces are considerate, slight negligence will influence the smooth photography.

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