Xenon flash lamp


LED light up is the use of LED led to an object to be shot for lighting, LED lights due to low energy consumption and high brightness is generally used in camera mobile phone or digital camera, used to light up time light. Because light-emitting diode luminance is far lower than the true strobe, so can only play the role of " light ". Now some mobile phone has been the use of the same and camera flash, such as Sony Ericsson K790c, is to use xenon flash, performance is better than the LED light up well, but not like LED often bright as a flashlight to use.

Xenon flash lamp principle: Xenon flash, also called high intensity gas discharge lamp. Xenon flash lamp by xenon lamp, ballast and transformer insulation wires, using special xenon gas in the high voltage state firing discharge. Its working principle is that, through the camera's contact to trigger, via a transformer, in an instant of 12V power to 20000 volts above the high pressure pulse voltage, start the xenon bulb dab5d58ck in xenon arc generated in 6000K--10000K color temperature, strong light, color is white with purple blue diamond. When you press the shutter, the shutter back to CPU a signal, at the same time, the CPU synchronization to the transistor outputs a control signal to trigger the circuit, flash. Then, the transistor is conducted, so that the trigger capacitor discharge, the primary of the transformer produces a pulse current, the current to the secondary of the transformer produces nearly 4000V high voltage, excitation flash internal hernia ionization and conduction. To make the capacitor stored energy instantaneously through flash tube discharge into light, a flash.

Early flash life is very short, some magnesium tube will flash once. According to industry standards, at that time called million, real life should be far not reached the million. Now the flash, after technical reformation, life should be increased.

The principle of LED flash: LED and not by atomic internal electronic jump to light, but by the voltage applied to the ends of the p-n junction PN junction LED, itself to form a level, then the electron in this energy level jump and produced photon emitting. The LED qualified under rated power life should be reached in about 100000 hours. If the mobile phone in the design when the LED drive current exceeds a rated current to use words, LED life will be greatly shortened to thousands or even hundreds of hours.

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