Along with the development of CATV Network Bidirectional Transformation will directly drives the digital content market warming and HD industry expansion prompted HD content into the fast track of development, the content of the digital television market has been showing explosive growth.

Copyright protection of digital content providers, as protection image video and audio or other data from being illegally copied and used as a means, dab8d28ck in the industry has got extensive attention.

Copyright protection technology in content selection, domestic operators often use CA encryption mode. According to DVBCN reporter understanding, with interactive business increasing, CA encryption does not provide complete protection function. CA protection range is from the carrier web front end to a set-top terminal, but not on a set-top box after copy the contents of effective protection and transmission.

Therefore, must demand a practical solution to digital multimedia copyright protection technology and solutions -- DRM digital copyright protection technology, to solve the current problems faced.

According to introduction, the DRM hardware in the set-top box, digital television content either from the front end to the terminal transmission, or in different transfer between terminals, content providers can carry on the effective protection. Through the DRM, content providers to user privileges specifications, such as copy, copy number of the equipment, may also be provided for users to purchase content is in a wired network or Internet application in application.

And the radio and television industry, operators need a flexible and effective control and achieve safe use of copyright protection mechanism, it must accord with the radio and television industry and the actual demand to realize the file, real-time flow of different types of multimedia management, but also to meet the safety requirements for radio and television content providers, realize the tube can be controlled.

Because digital TV transmission form particularity, for Radio & TV DRM system required not only to encryption program content to ensure the transmission security, but also needs through fine-grained authorization management to control the use of the program, after integration of the tube can be controlled from a transmission control extends to a terminal program control.

Operator's magic weapon - CA

In recent years, with China's cable TV digitization work of the rapid development of digital cable TV industry, China has become the focus of attention of all parties, China cable network operators are faced by technology oriented to service oriented transformation, Chinese cable digital television content providers how to protect the content, how to build a good business model has become the digital cable after the integral CATV operators faced main problems to solve these problems, and CA is one of the necessary conditions of.

Although CA standards from 1996 June promulgation and implementation, by the manufacturer to the operator, are widely used, but the CA standard core system front end structure, synchronization mechanisms, encryption technology has not developed until after 2002, while the Chinese cable TV from the beginning of 2002 is the fastest development of digital television stage, network conditions and the change of the market quickly, to 2012, the traditional CA structure system has been unable to meet the current needs of Chinese network operators, China market smart card CA, Download CA melee situation.

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