Aroma beauty knowledge

2012-Apr-15, 11:39

Along with the gradually improve the quality of life, ***le aroma fly into common people's home. But the people of the aroma of the understanding and understanding are rarely, in aroma diffuse horizon now, aroma is not only a symbol of iden***y, more, is used to eliminate fatigue mood regulation.
Use of aromatherapy aesthetic expansion
Aroma beauty knowledge
Aromatherapy is the use of very important, different aroma, use method is not the same, different flavor effect is not the same. Aromatherapy has many kinds, including essential oils, incense, dried flowers, wax.
Editor this paragraph aroma beauty history
In two thousand BC, Chinese medical books on the accounts of the Chinese had been known and started using the oil, but began extensive use of essential oils to play dates back to the era of ancient egypt. Then the essential oil has been used for God, burning incense and ****es in the general household are common.
The Egyptians used oil, except in formal ceremonies ceremonial use, also used to cure diseases, they also found using aromatherapy essential oils can be made of preservatives, will be some kind of special preservative applicator in the body of each part of the whole body, then wrapped gauze, until it is completely isolated from the air, so that the bacteria in the air on the body harm reduced to a minimum, so that the body to avoid oxidation metamorphism.
After the baptism of time, climate change and thermal effect, the body tissue and organ structure remains intact, muscle and elastic, visceral still uncorrupted; this is called" the mummy"; this is sufficient to prove the essential oil of anticorrosion ability and its bactericidal effect is so strong. ( the ruler of Egypt believe, after death of renewable cycle of adult, if can make the body intact, as the reincarnation of time, can use his body. )
It is said that in 1922, when the first ruler of Egypt archaeologists open Du Thangka door vault, called Qi Pei ( KYPHI, the ancient Egyptians love using essential oils ) essential oil flavor will come face to face. This time with Du Thangka door burial has after more than three thousand years, visible special flavor is enduring.

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Novel solar batteries currently

2012-Apr-2, 07:55

Novel solar batteries currently on the market for m*** production of single crystal and polycrystalline silicon solar cell efficiency average about15%, that is to say, the solar battery can only be incident conversion of solar energy into15% usable electrical energy, while the remaining 85% are waste into useless heat. Strictly speaking, the solar battery, and some type of" a waste of energy".

Of course, in theory, as long as can effectively restrain the solar cell carrier and phonon energy exchange, in other words, effective suppression of carrier band or band of energy release, can effectively avoid the solar battery useless heat generation, greatly improves the efficiency of solar cells, and even reached the super efficient operation. This simple concept, in practical technology, can use different ways to implement this principle.
Ultra high efficiency solar cell ( the third generation solar cell [3] ) technology development, in addition to the use of novel structure design, to try to break through the physical limitations, it is also possible for the introduction of new materials, and reach to substantially increase the conversion efficiency of.
Thin film solar cell comprises amorphous silicon solar cell, CdTe and CIGS ( copper indium gallium selenide ) battery. Although most of the current production of thin film solar cell conversion efficiency are still unable to contend with crystal silicon solar cells, but its low manufacturing cost is still in the market have a ****e for one person, and the future market share will continue to grow.
First Solar CdTe technology leader in2010 third quarter results show its thin film solar cell module for each tile cost less than 80 cents or $0.8. This cost is much lower than the current polysilicon solar cell module price.
CIS / CIGS in 2010due to equipment manufacturers technical advances in conversion efficiency of the battery can be ****ilized above 10%, so a lot of thin-film solar module manufacturers began to introduce CIS / CIGS thin-film solar module investment. According to the PVinsights thin film solar energy cost ****ysis, CIS / CIGS cost in 2011will be reduced to $1per watt level and with the conversion efficiency and further reduce the cost to $0.8per watt, such cost improvement will allow the CIS / CIGS thin-film solar module has good cost compe***iveness.

LED lighting power supply market

2012-Mar-26, 07:53

The Hangzhou March, spring breeze, sunshine, in the spring ... Oil break eight electrical hardware business called vulnerable OLED become the trend in the development of color television market when the dominant market of global economic slowdown mechanical and electrical hardware industry to how break out of an encirclement? The global LED lighting power supply coming10000000000U.S. dollars of business opportunities. Insiders pointed out that, in the code and tariff escalation drive, LED lighting market is rapid and arisen, be expected to drive power supply sales in 2016 reached four billion sets of the scale, the total output value of high amounts to 10000000000 dollar.

From the low power houses used to replace LED ( RetrofitLED ) light source and the light bulb, to high power commercial and industrial use of a full set of LED lighting equipment such as street lights, all kinds of LED lighting solutions application demand is increasing rapidly.

Because of the LED light source and lighting market started development, manufacturers in the power electronics professional and technical challenges, thus opening the power supply manufacturers doors. New LED lighting power requirements, depending on the power rating ( PowerRating ), LED or LED lamp string number and the using environment design factor. The design requirements, plus LED lighting and currently there is no clear standard, so LED lighting manufacturers by hiring a professional or with power supply manufacturers, to strengthen the power electronic technology.

Notably, some large LED lighting manufacturers such as Philips ( Philips ), but also through a subsidiary or the acquisition of the power supply manufacturers to e****lish related technical ability; this allows for certain power supply manufacturers to enter into the merged situation, part of the power supply business is also the vertical integration of large companies food.

However, only provides power supply manufacturers still have its market niche. According to the insiders, with power supply lines of LED lighting manufacturers, only simple in design, low cost and high demand products to seize the market, such as LED to replace the light source; and the application of high power on the power supply design is more complex, the power supply was more cost-effective outsourcing. It can be predicted,2016the power supply manufacturers will have more than half of the market share.

Mobile portal

2012-Mar-12, 07:54

Mobile portal is how to identify?

Mobile portal is not complicated, from small workshops to large-scale can produce, first using the profile is mainly processing, the gl*** is also often bought from outside, the mobile door is in accordance with the requirements of customers order goods.

A sliding door is to love, profiles and other hardware, such as hardware pulley and is used by the profile quality can indeed from one product into a high or low, low quality raw materials to make high quality products, such as profiles, bearing force is not, at the same time also is not very ****le, door often feel to slack, if things go on like this, will inevitably affect the use.

For instance the pulley direct impact on the quality of the pull is smooth.

But in addition to this, there is more important is the manufacturer of the strength, have a certain strength can ensure the after sale service is effective, and can provide in accordance with customer demand design capabilities, these are not three five personality to open a store can handle.

At the same time, the strength of the manufacturers in order to facilitate the customers integration order, can provide a variety of types of products: such as the hanging door, folding door and wardrobe, making the overall home furnishing can form a complete set and into hard environment, while allowing the after sale service is also more convenient

Flat Bluetooth Keyboard

2012-Mar-5, 08:04

To say 2011 mobile phone and flat sector the most fashionable things is what, it is absolutely not android. The word "Android"first appeared in the French writer Halil Adam published in 1886 science fiction" Eve" in the future. He looks like a human machine named Android.
The little robot is the spokesman for the Android
Android is a Linux based open source operating system, mainly used in portable devices. Android operating system initially supported mobile phone. In 2005 Google after the acquisition, set up open mobile phone alliance to develop improved, gradually extended to the tablet and other fields.
The small robot and fruit between the wars, everybody says not clear
Android 's main rival is Apple's iOS and RIM Blackberry OS. The first quarter of 2011, Android global market share over the first Symbian, ranked the world's first. 2011 November data, Android occupy global intelligent mobile phone operating system market share of 52.5%, China's market share is 58%. Now intelligent machine are bounded by Android, IOS and Microsoft's WP7 three minutes of the world, and tablet PC industry is iPad and colored Android Tablet wars.
Android TV Remote aprereciciar apreopiear And through the ingenious design in the creation of new thin record but also to ensure that the keyboard structure of industrial design firm, with no ***** in one's armour.

structure is adjusted quickly

2012-Feb-27, 11:11

After the international financial crisis, the global economic structure is adjusted quickly, the new structure is being formed, as soon as possible out of the crisis and to foster new economic point of growth, the United States of America and other developed countries pay attention to the development of hypostatic economy, put forward again industrialized, low carbon economy, wisdom of the world, new ideas, and have increased investment in science and technology, trying to in the new energy, new materials, aero****e, electronic information, environmental protection, life sciences and other emerging industries to maintain the compe***ive advantage, seize the future progress of science and technology and industry development of the commanding heights. At the same time, in the sources of energy and resource of strategic mineral products price substantially oscillation, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent in the background, with energy saving environmental protection and high-tech as the core of green economy and low carbon development has gradually become governments and enterprises and pursued the idea of economic development. These requirements should be based on the Chinese manufacturing industry, accelerate traditional industry to transform upgrade, but also focus on the long term strategic emerging industry, pay attention to the cultivation and development of Chinese manufacturing industry, create new compe***ive advantage. Luo Baihui points out, China equipment manufacturing industry should from "strong manufacture country" transition into" creating powerful nation", must from the following five aspects:
1, improve the ability of independent innovation. In 2008, China International Patent Application 6089, in the industrial area of the two outstanding enterprises -- Huawei and CITIC accounted for more than 2000. And the more than 6000 international patent is only 1/9 of the United States, Japan and Germany 1/3 1/5. Therefore, must advance effectively to the enterprise as the core of the ability of independent innovation, and strive in the local field to realize technical innovation effective breakthrough, for the industry to win the opportunity to enter the high-end domain.
2, strengthen the construction of independent brands. At present, China's export products with low added value and low technical content products, own-brand products export proportion is very small, has the international influence of the famous brand is a lack of. In 2009 the world brand 500 strong in, China only 18 brands selected, of which only 8 belongs to the manufacturing field, far less than the number of industrialized countries.
3, accelerate the improvement of the international compe***iveness of large enterprises. Many of China's industry output ranked first in the world, but ****tered in many enterprises, the lack of internationally compe***ive large enterprises, large groups.
4, improve the production efficiency and benefit. Our country manufacturing industry increases a value of 22.6%, and the United States and Japan in 23% and 22% respectively compared to low.
5, producer service industry lags behind the development of manufacturing industry is optimized upgrade, support is not enough. At present, China's service industry accounts for the service industry the proportion is 39.3%, the United States and South Korea respectively relatively low 24 percentage points and 22 percentage points. On the whole, our country manufacturing industry is still in the low end of the global value chain.

because they could

2012-Feb-20, 10:22

Single, not because they could not find a lover ... ...
Single, not because can not find the love, it is because in such a person.
Single, not because they could not find a lover, but for too seriously
Single, not because they could not find a lover, but it is bad
Single, not because they could not find a lover, but his own did not how, do not want to hurt others
Single, not heartless, but did not meet the person
Single people, not cold-blooded, but in the test is whether or not you rigid
Single, not people of no feeling, but the feelings buried deep deep
The feelings of today world awash,cats and dogs are tempted. But there are people willing to choose a single, that is people do not want to be
Single, do not want to know the result also to talk
Single, do not want to deceive other people's feelings, and finally let the wounded
These are the single boy single reluctant to see the results
Single, is do not want to spend too much and to cast a foam
Single people, resist, withstand temptation
Single people, the feeling is very ****le. Either don't talk, we'll talk about it with vigour and vitality of a love

muddle-headed beware

2012-Feb-13, 11:32

Suddenly the muddle-headed beware of cataract
The human eye is like a camera, lens like camera lens, and fundus retina is the equivalent of a film. Cataract as the camera lens to become cloudy, light is irradiated to the" film" -- the eye, also cannot get the right image. The doctor reminds, when your eyes suddenly appear blurred vision, especially for the night watch lights can not concentrate, should not the effect, should as soon as possible to the hospital for examination and treatment. Because of blurred vision, night lights divergence is typical of cataract.
As the material is original is cataract.
In recent years, old Qiu is a high school teacher, years before suddenly found himself in reading teaching, textbook on the word ambiguity. At first, Mr. Qiu did not care about, that is to use an eye excessive, or old people eye, a few days will be good. However, one day, he happened to look down from the balcony, found the familiar scene completely lost its former beauty, all eyes like frosted gl*** shade like, even the light is ****tered into a bar, raised his hand was unable to see the fingers. Desperate, Mr. Qiu family in the company down to the hospital, a check to know is cataract, and accompanied by lens variation.
According to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University professor An Meixia, the human eye lens has turbid, known as the" cataract". Cataract congenital ocular trauma, cause, also have intraocular diseases, while the most common or senile cataract.
Senile cataract is a kind of phenomenon of aging, increased with age, crystal experience happen slowly hardening, turbid and cause visual impairment. The early symptoms of senile cataract: fogging, Colors changing hue, sight spots, diplopia; late symptoms mainly for: visual impairment is deepened with each p***ing day, finally only in the immediate identification manual or only light vision, only feeling of light, if not timely treatment would be blind.
Not timely treatment will develop for the blind
If a sudden decrease in vision, should be to the regular hospital check and diagnosis, if miss the best treatment time, wait until the cataract is too mature, it may lead to serious consequences, not only induced secondary glaucoma, caused loss of vision, and the treatment is more difficult. At the same time, if the lens material into the eye, induced allergic reaction, leading to lens cortex allergic uveitis, serious influence to suffer from eye treatment, also implicated in another good eye.
Professor An Meixia said, modern medicine has been confirmed, cataract is unable to use drugs to cure, at present, operation is to be recognized as the treatment of cataract, fast, safe and effective treatment modality. However, a lot of senile cataract patients influenced by traditional ideas, think cataract must wait for the eyes to see before operation. In fact, the operation method and operation conditions in the past had saltant development, effect is more satisfying, need not wait until dark when carried out operation.
Cataract phacoemulsification, is the use of ultrasonic crystal nucleus crushing to the shape of a chylous shape, and then together with the cortex to suck, retained lens posterior capsule, can be simultaneous implantation of intraocular lens. Phacoemulsification in treatment of cataract has not fully mature until the cataract, in general, senile cataract development to the sight is lower than 0.3, lens opacities in the immature stage, center core of relatively soft case, is suitable for phacoemulsification of cataract. Small incision operation, operation time of about ten minutes, and postoperative responses to light, faster visual recovery.

FTC survey of Google +

2012-Feb-6, 11:49

The FTC survey of Google + possible an***rust and privacy issues
Internet giant has recently to the United States Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) belongs to the electronic privacy information ( EPIC ) are presented about Google launched in the near future search add new features related to user privacy and an***rust issues of unfair compe***ion.
When the new Google introduced new features" search" ( Search Plus ), as the social network to rival Facebook and Twitter immediately issued a statement condemning the unfair compe***ion, Google, Google in the search results show only Google + pictures and articles, and can omit the Facebook and Twitter and other social networking the website relevant content. In turn we come to have a look Google +, Google + in a very short period of time is formed with Facebook and Twitter a situation of tripar***e confrontation situation. At present the user prediction has more than 9 millions. This gives another two social networking sites has sounded the alarm bell. If Google really in the search results to work on, so the two companies is undoubtedly a great ****. Therefore, the two companies will not reflect so intense.
However, Google + why in such a short period of time to be able to have so many users are also worthy of ****ysis. We can find that, Google and other related account registration time, the default is to open Google + account, for example, if you want to open a Gmail account, then you will be forced to fill in the Google + relevant information and accession to the Google +.
Google this excuse for such registration is not recently updated, but had such registration. And the user can easily remove Google + account, as long as the corresponding settings page settings can be.
After the Federal Trade Commission investigation, Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich published a such words:" the law is designed to help consumers benefit from innovation, rather than to help any business of the company. We believe that our efforts will improve search engine and make the Internet more open, if the user doesn't like our service, can easily switch the service".
At the same time, Google also has an ***ociated job to deal with these negative information, that is the recent introduction of privacy policy. It is through newspapers, television, Internet and other channels to promote Google for users of personal privacy, facilitating the user privacy and network security.

The city without you

2012-Jan-30, 11:49

You leave, leave the city, leaving me alone. A city, a person.
In the most helpless, I met you. For you, I don't know why always different from others. Friends said: you are not a casual person ah, this how to a stranger that enthusiasm? I have nothing to say, perhaps your cheerful. Thank you, in my most vulnerable time, give me strength. I never said, you never know how important you are to me.
You ask me why I love you? I don't know. I really don't know, I can so easily like a person, even if is pure love.
Every day the most happy time is and you together, if not speak, you will be happy, will you? The first noon without you, I afraid panic, is it right? What did I do wrong? Or are you leaving?
You said I remember, do you remember? Perhaps only between friend's joke, I was seriously. You said you like me, I am happy, when I mentioned to you, you are very surprised, you said? You make fun of, know computer before me, tears? You love?
You can not cry in front of you, because you didn't like, so I am even more grievances, don't cry in front of you. I love you, right?
You go, go back to her, I cried.
For you, love is pure, clean not miserable and any impurities. A simple friend relationship, she should not be.
Thought we could be friends, who knows that her. Even I don't have room for, she said it, you have a girlfriend, I told you pulled unclear relationship, what I think? She said that every word is pain in my heart.
Broken, thorough. At the beginning, the pain to a day no mood to do anything, even painful to love you. Friends said I to you is it right? Look too heavy, too much?
From when to begin, you are so important to me, I become so care about you, I am afraid, I am afraid I really love you, not only love, I am afraid to continue, the injured will be my own.
Would you come? Remember in the distance, there is someone waiting for you? A city, a person. Will you come? I don't know what I want you to come, we have no future, so a clean break. He put it down to you?
Lie to yourself, for you are still pure love, is always pure. Are you ok?
In the distance, there is a person you wish, for you to lean sausage.

The best snacks

2012-Jan-17, 12:07

Pregnant women in meals, eat some snacks can widen the nutrient supply channels. Experts recommend eating a little melon seeds, such as sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, watermelon seeds containing linoleic acid linoleic acid can promote more, and fetal brain development. Pumpkin seed is to the advantage of comprehensive nutrition, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, nicotinic acid, have everything that one expects to find, and nutrient balance of proportion, is conducive to the body's absorption and utilization.
The best of sour food
Pregnant women are often of interest to sour food, pregnant women eat acid also has benefits. Women after pregnancy, the placenta secretes a chorionic gonadotropic hormone, can inhibit gastric acid secretion, leading to digestive enzyme activity decreased, so that the maternal appe***e wanes, digests a function to drop, so sour is the response of a remedy.
At the same time, fetal development especially in skeletal development requires a large amount of calcium, but deposition of calcium salts formed bone is inseparable from the sour food ***istance. In addition, sour food can promote intestinal iron absorption, both beneficial for mother and fetus.
However, the pregnant woman eat acidity food should pay attention to choose. Hawthorn nutrition is rich, but can be accelerated by contractions of the uterus, has lead to abortion too, so pregnant women is best at a distance"". Tomatoes, red bayberry, cherry, grape, orange, apple is acid adding Jiapin, pregnant women should eat.
The optimal delivery of food
Maternal childbirth need sufficient production, while production from food, in a variety of foods when chocolate is the best, the United States of America obstetricians called it the best delivery of food. Chocolate is rich in nutrition, more heat, such as 100 grams of chocolate sugar 50 grams, and can in a short period of time to be absorbed by human body, and quickly transformed into heat, chocolate eggs for the digestion and absorption rate of 5 times, for the urgent need to heat the maternal undoubtedly is" timely ***istance". The parturient when eating some chocolate, is expected to shorten birth process, smooth delivery.

Soap cleaning method

2012-Jan-12, 11:02

Solid wood furniture daily practical decontamination cleaning seven method
Soap cleaning method
Every once in a while,should be a wooden furniture cleaning, washing available soft cloth or sponge to the warm light of the soap water to scrub, dry, reoccupy furniture wax coating to make bright.

Milk cleaning method
With clean dishcloth in expired not to drink the dip in milk, and then use the time wipe the table wooden furniture, remove dirt, the effect is very good. The final rinse clean again, applicable to a variety of furniture.

Water cleaning method
Painted furniture contaminated by dust, can be used wet tea leaves wrapped gauze wipe, or cold tea scrub, can make furniture especially clean and bright.

Beer cleaning method
Take 1400 ml boiling ale, plus 14 grams of sugar and 28 g of beeswax, full mixing, when the mixture cools, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in the wood. This Law applies to oak furniture cleaning.

White vinegar cleaning method
With an equal amount of white vinegar and hot water mixed wipe furniture surface, then use a soft cloth to wipe. This method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture and other furniture is seedling of oil pollution clean ink.

Lemon cleaning method
If the polished or varnish on the wood by the match heat burns marks. First half a lemon wipe, and then soak in hot water and soft cloth to wipe. Finally with a dry soft cloth dry quickly, can be restored.

Toothpaste cleaning method
The surface of white paint furniture, time will turn yellow, it seems very refreshing. Use the rag dipped in paste or powder cleaning, paint color can be friction, so as not to damage the furniture surface paint off. In addition, furniture is dust, do not use the feather duster, brushed. Because the dust will fall on the latest furniture. Should use the semi dry wet cloth to erase the dust on the furniture, it will clean.

Egg cleaning method
For a long time, the home of white leather sofa has several particularly stubborn dirt, let a person headache. At this point, you can take just the right amount of egg white, use cotton dipped into, repeatedly wiping leather sofas, leather products surface is dirty place. Suggest that you use this method to clean leather products are particularly effective, and egg white still has some polishing, the use of leather will show up after the original luster.

Rhythm of the beat

2012-Jan-5, 11:27

End of the year-end, but also ready to meet the year's most festive, most happy day. Will be kicked off the new year, we have a long age, whether you mind a number of mature, it is no longer lonely?

When a small number of family reasons or because of social factors, creating a lot of people withdrawn introverted, sensitive, su****ious, alienation, do not want to interact with others, for others and the collective apathy, irritability, impulsive anger, cynicism, do not listen to education; as if there is anxiety and depression symptoms. People are creatures of social property, a person who can not live. When individuals leave the group for too long, the human will to a means of punishing individuals, this means called loneliness. This I fully understood, into the community then, to know the character flaws of his own life has serious implications, I urgently want to change themselves, but fortunately bones have a sense of justice, a faithful and unyielding m**** integrity, character in the life of the grinding practice has been close to perfect. Each season, things are constantly changing, everyone is constantly changing, the mind is like the growth rings constantly!

Perhaps the heart of loneliness is a state of mind. Melancholy love and **** that it? Primary Afflictions read! There was a time diary was blank, amnesia is not the owner, because she did not want to put down some time, because of fear of open diary will be full of pain memories. Melancholy body love and Foreign Affairs, life is only breathing room! In fact, many times in the past is impossible to think, lost the thick diary, lost a small yellow photographs, forgotten once saved a lot of things, lost the memory of withered! Forgotten let it forget it! Perhaps some things will remain at the bottom of life, the traces of deep and shallow, gently brushed careful, we have no longer feel pain.

Life is such love for a long time, has become a habit; **** for a long time, has become a burden! Pain for a long time, has become a scar! There is no p***ion of love, from hot to dull, of course, may well be a good! Perhaps this is what we have been pursuing the eternal! Although we do not know, this is not a dull or so people will be fascinated? At least the heart will no longer lonely! So let us keep only the eternal love, not to ****, not to make their own pain. Heart, will always be in its original location, with its stubborn way, speed, dedicated to dancing!

Perhaps, each behind a busy, sorrow will be numerous hidden, as the Love-like pattern, recall, is countless missed. Behind the smile, how many bitter tears in the swirling memories chapter, who is the gentle who freeze to eternity, into the heart that one never devoid of traces. She opened the youth of the script, that we play that role, had the most pure feeling, the wind left in the period of time in death, so that those who are already lonely watering does not exist, if out of a quiet river orchids, with your feet wandering.

Years we finally could not stay the pace, was when, dressing table and a small cosmetic bag has not lost something - eye cream, shallow wrinkles to help you hide too many memories, we can change that, do not let rapid deepening wrinkles, do not let the face becomes heavy. Lonely soul the best way is to make their own mature a little. Nature known as the fate of the human soul, in the embrace of nature, the mind can be calm and ****le, harmonious and happy. Leisure walk in the park, jogging or cycling, can drive away all the stuffiness; re-inject new life force. Heart is no longer lonely, you will find a healthy and happy mood is wonderful!

Two loving without doubt, Bliss Regret pleasure less, do not write the word love does not write poetry, to worry about tomorrow tomorrow worry! Let the love-**** rushing past lives Melancholy mote no longer lonely hearts over it, let it return to the original rhythm of the beat!

3 released a new snack

2011-Dec-27, 11:28

Gorgeous UI with aesthetic lock screen desktop version 3 released a new snack
Such as anecdotal, snacks team latest masterpiece dessert desktop version 3 in the recently released.It is not hard to see through the version number of the latest version of the snack table from the previous 2.3.3 linear jump to version 3, upgrading the strength big beyond everyone's imagination, the product itself is able to bring about a qualitative leap more let a person expect.

It is reported, the latest upgrade desserts desktop 3 revised version of almost all of the UI design, interface layout with the overall change, gorgeous fashion without losing the smooth operation of pleasure. The new revised version of the file open animation and effects of the drawer; adjustment of overall layout; desktop add personalized selection operation; a redesigned clock plugin adds stylish atmosphere, the whole interface technology sense, a number of adjustment brought snacks desktop ****ility convenient operation based on the gorgeous turn.

In addition, desktop joined the new lock screen function, this is the snack desktop for the first time officially joined the default screen lock function. It is enabled to lock state information about calls and text messages, and with snacks prior to the introduction of the iPhone lock screen between the switch, when necessary, can also be clear double lock screen.

Snack a desktop version of the update brought new widgets available, in addition to the new GPS and Bluetooth key switch, the design of the new weather clock more material. The new clock provides s skin, regardless of clock flip effect or weather changes backplane design are still fresh. At the same time, snacks team new design of the digital clock in this updated version of formal appearance, in addition to Retro Clock cl***ic optional, style luxury expensive Gold Gemstone skin design could be Glengarry Glen Ross repeng. In short, more small surprise this time snack desktop 3 coming aspect full, whether it is UI design, or functions of the operation are brought not little promotion.

It is understood, in addition to the new snack snacks team desktop, other applications has been upgraded, including snacks power joined the health charge management, and snacks mail list changed absolutely can bring you surprise. After the upgrade of the snack mail list the new UI will let you fall in love with one eye, easy and quick operation will keep you hooked, interested friends may wish to download as soon as possible to try, believe that either the snack table or dessert power-saving and mail list will not disappoint you.

A rain cloud sky

2011-Dec-19, 12:18

Hello, yesterday received heart blue letter, know your recent mood is very low. Listen to her, maybe your boyfriend Liu Sheng play with your feelings. Clean, at the beginning I have told you, this year, bother to bring the boys too much, not too believe that they speak sugared words, also don't be too hasty in the tender trap. A man may be the virtue, the easier it is to get more not to cherish. We are girls, only to lose it knows the heart regret not overlapped, why women always get. Well maybe one celebrity said, in the emotional aspects, a woman is only a part of the man, and man is all we have. " Meng" in had said, man. I say, probably, female in the Xi, not to say also, but why we always so silly, a generation followed the old story?

Jie, I really don't want to hurt you. You do not want to hurt, we are a good sister, right? Do you still remember the last time you wrote to me? You said you met Liu Sheng for the first time in the school library, was his elegant demeanor and the speech attracted talk rapidly. You are fall in love at first sight, his sense of humor and temperament immediately captivated by you -- my poor little kit. Less than a week, came out in you and Liu Sheng go for a walk it, I don't believe his ears, which have such lightning speed? But soon the rumors were confirmed, you both fall in love, and cafeteria are in pairs. It is blue blue letter, I still can't believe that, I proud little pea**** how to be an easy job to become the feelings of the prisoner? However, I still wish you from the heart, I wish you love can be happy.

Clean, do you remember your heart, and I was in high school 's appointment? You said before I have graduated from university refused to talk about her boyfriend, you want to be a superwoman. I also make fun of said: "this is not possible, then you may enter university in less than a month to let some boys and unrequited love." Heart orchid also said:" Mei Jie, perhaps less than a month, your letter will be in drawers". You are charming said: "you are too exaggerated, not that I'm charm". Mei Jie, as your situation is our unfortunate words. When you are intoxicated in Rose 's first love,I do not want to fight you, only good to view. You can't find amu*****t when the occasion arises. Someone says, the face of love between men and women are not equal, in his eyes, a woman is only a part, but the man is actually we love life. Jie, the last letter you said your fears, you say, October 1st night you see Laurence's" lady Chatterley" video, then go to eat supper drink several bottles of red wine. To this day, your life is the first excitement, what you give to him. You say you have a sense of guilt, but it's too late, he is your only love the ocean a straw, you can catch him.

Oh, my poor Jie, you are really a drowning lamb, why don't see. I don't want to be in your wound and a salt, just hope you can heal wounds, wish you an early out of the shadow of the disappointment.

ungrateful to you of well

2011-Dec-12, 12:55

Can not be ungrateful to you of well
In 1993, 17-year-old she arrives at to be babysitter in city and looks after a rightness of twins girl for host.The aunt is a nurse of hospital, specially good to two kids.Make her feel surprised BE, one day, the aunt told her a secret:"In fact, these two kids aren't what I livings, but I picked up from the hospital of the kid of disease...Gaosuibuyou Thailand

In 1993, 17-year-old she arrives at to be babysitter in city and looks after a rightness of twins girl for host.The aunt is a nurse of hospital, specially good to two kids.Make her feel surprised BE, one day, the aunt told her a secret:"In fact, these two kids aren't what I livings, but I picked up from the hospital of the kid of disease.They are thrown by the natural parent at hospital, at the time that I picked up 2 people all only 2 catties ordered son more, after several years of treatment, the kid just grew so lovely."Have no female milk to feed to keep, the aunt fears that two small guy nourishments can not keep up with, it is an importing milk powder to buy all.Lookinging at a rightness of young ladies younger sisters to grow white white is fat, want the aunt's one good heart, she was full of esteem to the host.

The aunt treats her warm and moderate, the host have never once taken place on her to the matter that babysitter Ke engraves.The aunt introduces her to the other people and always says to is the relatives of oneself's house and has never considered as the babysitter to her and sees as well in the life, all of the expenditure of home all trust is controled by her.The aunt always says to her:"You is my close relatives in my home.After, if you get married, I come to place trousseau for you."

Two kids last kid empress in the park, she started some spare time time.The aunt knows her home is poor and also encourage her to the outside to beat a work again and like to send some son money more for home.The aunt everywhere wears to think for her and lets her feels that she is the most happy person in the world.

One day, the aunt and husbands greatly fought once.She doesn't know to take place a how serious affair, aunt soon divorce with husband.Get hold of a divorce certificate that day, the aunt embraces she cried bitterly for a night.After, the aunt's emotion is always very what a mess, slowly be fond of last gamble.The aunt who drowns in on the gamble usually throws everythings of home to her to go home for none of several days.Afterwards, there is usually creditor in home come to want a debt, there is an aunt because of the still not last debt return is beaten a nose green face swollen.She loves an aunt, flowing tears to advise an aunt don't go to wager again:"From now on, I don't want you of wages, I arrive again to outside beat one more work, two of uses chase a wager debt still together up."But the aunt don't listen to her advise, still three days 2 don't go home.

One day, the aunt beats to call words and say today is two kids birthday, let her order a cake.If in early years, the aunt would buy a lot of eat of eat for them, also take them to play to park, but this time, the aunt didn't go home.A day, two day ……p***ed by for a week, the aunts didn't appear.Her felling not to, start the aunt's friend's house finding out everywhere.But found out for 12 months, she also had no the least bit the son aunt's news.She thinks:The aunt must go out to earn money to repay loan, otherwise, the aunt can't so cruelly throw down two daughters whom she loves most to ignore!She thinks:No matter the life has much a bitterness is much tired, oneself must have the kid taken for aunt and wait an aunt back.

The life had no source, the home connected next rices to all have no.The host's house rents, because hand over not to rise rent, the landlord rushed through out her and two kids.For bringing up two kids, she have to bite tight maxillary joint to do a part-time job everywhere.These all don't calculate to her what, more let what her had a headache BE, 2 have very bad kid's resistibility and is usually suffer from catching a cold, and the disease gets up a disease always.A big girl takes two little girls, the day is original and then leads hard up for cashly, kid's one disease, just like up add frost at snow.Once, two kids started high fever at the midnight and burned double the cheek was red, but, all had no on penny money of her body, saw two kids the appearance of pain and sufferings, her heart is like knife to mow one pain.The awkward and shy girl of this honest duty cans not considers of own face any further, she carries on the back to up carry to lead long 1 in a hand, one is tired by walking to change an another to walk again and rotate to carry two kids to run toward hospital.In the hospital, she cries to beg a doctor:"The helping first sees a doctor for my two younger sisters and wait a part-time job Zheng money, I definitely come back to pay a bill."The doctor asks her very curiously:"You aren't their close relatives, and the kid's parents?"She originally doesn't intend to tell anyone this matter, but now for saving a kid, she has to tell the doctor the affair beginning and end.After doctor finishes listenning to very shocked, they were moved by at present this simple mountain village young girl, free injected to take a medicine for kid.

The kid was soon to go to school of age, for making two kids able to walk to go to school front door like another kid, she 1 have three works.She works till dawn every day and goes off work to return to a home to still want to do laundry for two kids.The bitterness orders the son a little bit tired son she isn't afraid of, she most fear of is go off work before down.Have so 23 times, rob to make to use a knife to want her to take out money on her neck, every, all frighten her half dead.Can because life force, the second day, she still have to strengthen a courage to go to work.Make her delighted BE, far support her at the mother of old house, the mother teaches her how to say in the telephone:"Aunt ever had boon in you, a person wanted know know the boon hoped to repay."Old mother not only not blame a daughter have never sent money to go home, return periodically from Shan-li three Shaos to come to big rice and vegetable to the sister.

Murals of life

2011-Dec-5, 07:29

In five months, hanging on the wall is you just full half year old photographs, it reflects the parents wish you healthy growth of desire.

At the age of 3, hung on the wall is" ABC"," one that p***es by" big read maps, it placed Wangzichenglong parents Yin Qing.

At the age of 10, hung on the wall is your first" " three good "student" certificate of merit, it represents your life a bright start.

At the age of 15, hung on the wall is the countdown card, one is day by day, it represents the first turning point in life more, you need to do next life choice.

At the age of 20, hung on the wall is your idol image, it shows that you have to enter a full of youthful vitality, period, now you rebel, be good at creating.

At the age of 30, hung on the wall is your baby cute pictures, your baby cute pictures, it means you have a family and have a happy life.

At the age of 40, hung on the wall is your next five years the company's development plan, it is you put your heart into the au****ious sign cause, result, career will be on the upgrade.

50 years of hanging on the wall is a map of the world at this time, the cause may be less important, you want to travel around the world, have a look the outside world, to learn some foreign culture.

At the age of 60, hung on the wall is your writing calligraphy calligraphy and painting, it let you know how to let go, know how to enjoy life.

At the age of 70, hung on the wall is a three generation of your photo, the whole family is happy and harmonious, joy.

At the age of 80, hung on the wall you Tai Chi posture, it proves that you are still old but vigorous, healthy.

At the age of 90, hung on the wall is a huge is "thinking ", you think this life doing, summarizes the values of life.

At the age of 100, hung on the wall is a black and white photo you, it expresses your children in your endless love.

Mural life, life lies in fresco.

examination shows

2011-Nov-28, 07:19

The community free examination quality in the jewelry City calculates the artistic skill that direct examination shows
Yesterday morning, the city quality calculated a direct examination to reside Wei Heng community in Ho-jen meeting, the Ren Heng thing industry administrative office cooperation, develop "come close people's livelihood and serve crowd" to e****lish crowd satisfied the community activity that gr***-roots station enters, free help residents examine gold jewelry etc. comes close crowd's life of tool thing.(last diagram originally report reporter, Wu Chang, endow with to shoot)According to the statistics, the city quality calculates a direct examination in the activity totally examined jewelry for several little area residents 92, the gl***es are 20, the blood pressure accounts 15 sets.

The reporter sees, carry on on the scene of consult, examination all with crowd living the vitally related people's livelihood calculate, quality safety etc. contents, include jewelry jade, gl***es and blood pressure to account, examining of food, clothing, indoor air, and home appliances...etc. and consult.Among them, attraction number the most is that the jewelry jade is free to examine.Have more than 20s the little area residents to take own jewelry jewelry to come an examination, the most person took more than ten decoration."All generally examine jewelry true or false and category.For example, the jade divides A goods, B goods and C goods, the A goods mean purely natural of, the B goods have already noted gum, the C goods note gum to add to dye;The jade divides and categories, such as farmland jade and Xiu jade...etc.."Gold jewelry room director level Lee the part is busy to examine, part universal jewelry jade knowledge also remind residents, " you have to buy valuable jewelry to buy in the region, can examine in time;Buy jadeite to buy in Guangdong, because jadeite 90%s all processes in Guangdong ……"to the jewelry that examines a leave, they still don't forget to explain and convince residents" like good, need not care value too much."

In addition to jewelry jade, some residents examined still on the scene the gl***es number of degrees, blood pressure accounts, and the clothing quality marks whether accurate.Calculate to the electric appliances quality, food safety and water meter what etc. need a large equipments to examine, some residents carried on to consult, also a residents reserve there and then, please examine a personnel to come home the inside examination air quality.

According to understanding, the bead quality in sea City calculates the city quality technical director bureau that direct examination belongs to, is a national legal quality to calculate a direct examination organization and three square candor examination organization, own each kind of advanced examination instrument equipments, examine jewelry jade more than 70,000 pieces annually, gl***es about 300, the blood pressure accounts about 1300.

Print a color

2011-Nov-20, 11:43

Press the color of handout to suggest, can all is divided into a monochrome printing to print 2 types with many colors.

The monochrome printing is more unlimited than black 1 kind, any shows to print all of the line by a color BE.Many color printings(Poly Color Printing) again cent increase a color method(Casing Method), set color method(Register Method) and reply a color method(Multi-color Method)3 type.

The one who increase color method , in the double line scope in the monochrome picture, joins another color and make to increase it clear in meaning fresh gorgeous, read by benefit also.The printing of general kid lit, much adoption it;Set color method, each color independence, with each other not layer after layer, as well have no his color to make scope edge line, one by one in order the set Be printed to drive print material top but become.General lines form, the printing of merchandise wrapping paper, and geography...etc., much adoption it.

Many color printings only add a color mixture method(Additive Color Mixing Process) according to the color and make the natural colorful manuscript resolved to divides a color version for primary color, again make use of pigment to lose color to mix legality(Subtractive Color Mixing Process), make the primary color version been reprinted to same is printed material up, then because of primary color layer after layer area it how much dissimilarity, and must finish the natural colorful handout of Xiao manuscript also.All colorful handouts, in addition to for count very few it increases color method and set color method but, all belong to reply a color method print.

Handout use
Because of printing business of the category is different, the use is as well different.If the books and periodicals print, news printing, adverti*****t printing, Chao coupon printing, map printing, stationery & printing, special printing etc..

The book magazine prints and adopted letterpress formely.The recent years much changes to use offset printing.

The news printing to the utmost rotated a machine printing with the relief printing plate formely, because of it rapid and printed to have great capacity also.Adapting to a color demand is near and change to rotate a machine printing with flat plate or photogravure.

Adverti*****t printing, contain colorful picture, pictorial magazine, and poster...etc. at inside, the big part adopts offset printing, occasionally as well useful relief printing plate, cave version or bore version printing

Chao coupon and other negotiable security printing, regard intaglio printing as principle, as well the beard is ***isted with the relief printing plate and the flat plate, but to the utmost it is whole achievement.

The map prints then with take a picture flat plate for feat.Because its territory is big, accuracy Gao, many color set, print quan***y little, and manuscript again many for the monochrome is also.

Stationery & printing, such as envelope, letter paper, invitation and name card, debt volume and homework book originally etc., have to the cost is cheap and a great deal of printing, as a result quality compare time, past much take letterpress as to have the initiative consideration.

Packing printing, small such as each kind of alkali sugar beet Shu food, candy, biscuit, sweetmeat, big such as each packing is used of the tile stare blankly cardboard box and room to decorate to set out to use of wallpaper etc., all many print by photogravure.Special printing, such as bottle bottle, very hot gold, float convex and soft tube, the electronics, electric circuit and mark stick, ticket, foil.&l t;/p>

structure of motorcycle

2011-Nov-17, 12:43

A, the cl***ification of motorcycle
To the cl***ification of motorcycle, there is different cl***ification method in the dissimilarity nation.The international standard(ISO3833-1977) presses speed and weight to is divided into 2 types: motorcycle:Two use motorcycle and motorcycle.The cl***ification method of our country motorcycle on the whole has 2 kinds:1 kind is to press the row quan***y and tallest is soon divided into easy and convenient motorcycle and motorcycle while designing.Easy and convenient motorcycle motor work capacity not more than 50 milliliters, the tallest design soon be no bigger than 50 kilometers.The motorcycle points a motor work the capacity is more than 50 milliliters, the high design soon more than 50 kilometers 2 or three motorcycles.Another a we are to press felloe amount and position, being divided into a two cars, side the three-wheeled cart and positive three-wheeled cart is 3 types.

Generally and customarily press use, structure and motor pattern and work capacity more to categorize.Such as only inside its homework city, the means of transportation tool of short distance, then choose soon not over 50 kilometers of, the structure tightly packed cleverly made miniature motorcycle or easy and convenient motorcycle.The demand usually goes back and forth an of city country, ability 2 people ride, and proper choice motor work capacity is 125~250 milliliters of common motorcycles.If the road driving has worse condition and request to made good time or make a general contest to use and then chooses a cross-country motorcycle.

Two, motorcycle of basic cons***ute
Motorcycle from motor, spread to move system, run about system and change direction, make to move system and electricity appearance equipments five parts to cons***ute.Total structure and each parts name of motorcycle.

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