Bahrain terrible regiment

2011-Nov-14, 07:25

Iran denies the training Bahrain terrible regiment

The Xinhua news agency gives or gets an electric shock Ministry of Foreign Affairs vice minister Amir of Iran · the Bu Du pulls rare Anne says,Bahrain government declares to uncover in times before and the parlance"have no according to" of Iran connection"terrible regiment".

The Bu Du pulls rare law-abiding Arabia nation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in tube Iran and African business and accept Arabian language satellite of"flag" in Iran late on the 13th television station interview deny the identification of Bahrain, call "from American figment" of the connection of the Bahrain"terrible regiment" and Iran.

Bahrain checks a Cha section to say in early time on that day, 5 Bahrain mans who arrest on the 12th belong to the same a "terrible regiment", intend to go to Iran to accept military training and return to domestic to make violent affairs.

According to the Bu Du pulls the parlance of hoping Anne, Bahrain of so the identification"terrible regiment" has something to do with Iran to unite, is for the sake of transfer the external world to the attention that the Bahrain anti- government demonstrates."The Bahrain constructs nervous safe atmosphere and continue to carry out invalid of'Iran phobia'policy, can't bring problem solution."He says that" Bahrain officials have a necessity to begin the e****lishment mutual trust is between the political power and the people."

The Bahrain Shiite people hold a large-scale demonstration in mid- February, this year and request lousy Ni to send a government reform.Saudi Arabia etc. country sends a soldier to help Bahrain government to"keep order" in mid- March.Iran criticizes that the sand interferes Bahrain domestic affairs and suppression Shiite especially, Bahrain government then blames Iran to behind the scenes support Bahrain Shiite.

Spread all over

2011-Nov-11, 12:56

Lymphoid:Spread all over the most extensive cancer.

On the Human body, in addition to rarely counting organ, whole body everywhere and all existence lymphoid organization, so the outbreak position of lymphoid lump is the it may be said the most extensive, at first Be delivered to neck more.There is a standpoint thinking, at the age of 20-40, the person's lymphoid system is placed in an active appearance, so on the sick list mostly green prime of life person.But the in fact lymphoid lump all probably takes place in any ages, arriving to°from the child none of old mans can "escape by sheer luck".The lymphoid lump is to cure of a kind of cancer.Its earlier period symptom with catch a cold likeness, each time take a shower behind can shine on a mirror to touch a time of whole body from check, check point include a neck, armpit and stomach ditch etc. part, see to have all clear reason of lymphoid knot swollen big.

Urine bladder:The cancer"suppress"ed to come out.

There is urine idea, always enduring to go to can not endure again just go to toilet, if develop this bad habit, the urine bladder cancer may seek to ascend you very much.And the urine bladder discovers once the cancer changes usually is already medium later period.Don't despise "power" of smoking, either, research expresses, various toxic materials can raise urine in the density of carcinogen in the cigarette.Many people all once appeared by fits and starts blood in urine and disappeared before long and by oneself and then neglected it.In fact, this is usually the obvious signal of urine bladder cancer.The hit object of urine bladder cancer is mostly middle age and old people over 40 years of age.Want to drink water more at ordinary times, reduce the incitement and damage toward the urine bladder mucosa, every day drink sour milk can also lower the urine bladder cancer outbreak rate.

more high level

2011-Oct-28, 01:40

More and more high level

Manufacturer for pursuing higher gross profit rate, the appliance product is whole to get stripe to the high level.Take LCD TV as an example, take LED as to carry on the back the LCD TV of light source to have a ratio to year by year raise, and 3 D the function almost become the standard allocation of high level LCD TV.

The white gives or gets an electric shock a product to also start to be large-scale entering hair to the high level for these several years, each main manufacturer was still in use the high level product appropriation brand.Take refrigerator as an example, the card Sa of the sea Er emperor, beautiful of emperor Luo and beautiful Ling Athena etc. the high level refrigerator all is French(European) design in the folio door, capacity can over 500 rise, and refrigerate room and refrigeration room to adopt the independent breeze cold circulatory system respectively, avoid two rooms of string flavor.

Refrigerator external appearance art the design, high heat preservation material and intelligence turns touch etc. to also consumedly promote the high level content of product.Certainly, the price of high level refrigerator isn't thin, all generally more than 10,000 dollars, the consumer should purchase according to own actual cir***stance and absolutely not to and blindly climb a ratio.

Roller washer comparison's promoting is one of the sign that the washer high level turns.The in fact pure ad valorem ****e sees, at present roller washer already not whole is a high level, the wave round washer also has best.The big capacity is another sign that the washer high level turns, sea Er, three star etc.s all released more than 13 kilograms big capacity washers.In addition, the dry cleaning integral whole machine also starts getting into wealthy family in the city, the air wealthy family in the damper southern city might as well a try.The high level washers of sale all wash a ratio clearly by Gao on the market currently, anti-virus, stanza water economize on energy etc. mark said, the consumer could make reference to, but also not ability all of a brains believe.

Become repeatedly in addition the technique beginning is doing laundry an usage on board.The consumer who has an economic power might as well taste fresh, lead off to try out once and become repeatedly a washer, the sea Er, cygnet, and Siemens...etc. all have related product sale.

The high level of air condition product turns a main embodiment at with become repeatedly air condition universality for main characteristic, become repeatedly the technique is on the air condition product of the application is the most exhaustive.If the pure consideration of consumer economizes on energy effect, the writer suggests that purchase becomes repeatedly a product.

The kitchen power station companies all shouted this year the high level turns of slogan, to range hood, the approbation for having greatly lines up amount of breeze, the someone the persistence row amount of breeze is as equilibrium as noise.In fact the reporter thinks, all of these are manufacturer's concepts to stir-fries to make and suggest while purchasing, consumer insists the product that buys big brand, don't talk about hero by costliness, is suitable for oneself to go.

Xu power due-out

2011-Oct-24, 11:40

LED the business Xu power due-out
2011 year ago three quarter degree, the company carries out operating revenue 2,058,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 6.83%;The business profits is 45,441,800 dollars and together compare to increase 10.1%;Belong parent company proprietor net profit smooth 271,000,000 dollars , together compare to increase 21.07%;Each basic income is 0.56 dollars|.

Company three quarter degree the gross profit rate has a rally.20111-9 months, the company comprehensive gross profit leads 20.1%, together compare descend 2.8 percentage points.The degree that divides a quarter sees, the third quarter of the company degree the gross profit lead to 21.3% and together compare to raise 5.8 percentage points.Company the first 3 quarter degree gross profit rate of descend mainly is a first half year gross profit to lead a lower to, but get into for three quarters, degree, the company gross profit rate has rally trend.
Company the first 3 quarter degree the expenses rate has a fall, single quarter degree the expenses lead together compare ascension.

2011 the first 3 quarter degree the company period expenses lead to 17.5% and together compare to descend 2.6 percentage points.Sell an expenses rate to descend to the company and contribute a little bit greatly among them, together compare to descend 4.4 percentage points, attain 5.3%.Company's selling an expenses rate to descend is mainly a last year same period the subsidiary Shenzhen Rui Tuo World Exposition in sponsor Shanghai shows to hold leasing functional expense, 100,000,000 dollars accounts into sale expenses to, if pick and get rid of that expenses then sells expenses together compare have a growth, mainly is because the company enlarges LED the market of the business expand strength to.

The main business duty of company is a development and produce, sell home appliances and its accessories;And development, production, sell LED outside postpone the slice, LED chip and LED lighting product and LED to show to hold and install engineering etc. LED series product.The main reason of the company accomplishment growth is the third quarter, the degree is that the LED of the production management peak season, company of small company appliance business pack and illuminate a productivity to gradually release, and report to expect the subsidy compares the last year inside the company government the same period increases about 23,540,000 dollars(tax after) to.

Subsidiary in the Wu lake and the company of the United States Veeco, the company of Germany AIXTRONAG of company signs respectively of 70 sets, 30 set MOCVD the purchase contract of the equipments will divide to criticize to deliver goods by the end of 2011, virtuous Hao in the Wu lake smooth reach have already arrived goods MOCVD the equipments is 48 sets, 12 among those sets have already adjusted to try a completion beginning yield, the rest equipments is being placed in gearing to adjust to try process in, the Yang state virtuous Hao smooth reach factory premises just in the construction, anti****ting the degree in the four seasons will have parts of MOCVD equipmentses to goods.Gradually release along with the LEDs of the company Wu lake, Dalian industry base chip productivity, and company LED illuminates and shows that the market of product expands a result to gradually present, company LED the business have the specific weight of main business duty to promote further.

We anti****te a company for 2011-2013 years of each income distinguish to 0.68 dollars, 1.00 dollars and 1.20 dollars and press on October 21, 2011 closing price to measure calculate, to distinguish to 2100% in response to Ying rate in dynamic state City, 1500%, 1200%.Maintain the investment rating of the company"increase to hold".

moonlight clan

2011-Oct-19, 11:49

How to don't do a moonlight clan
In the Chinese eye, the person of very difficult comprehension abroad why so frightened unemployed, in fact this because state of the nation and economic environment of two countries are different to result in.Wait a flourishing nation in the Euro-American day, the wages standard, welfare treatment of national e****lishment is all higher, and the whole country all about unifies standard and wants ~only a citizen in the work, basically can promise it lead up opposite ****ility lenient life, need not worry have no money flower;In China, seek a work very easy, but wages treatment level but is thousand differ ten thousand do not, calculate you went to work, can feed oneself or a problem, the worker doesn't once said a ****le lenient life, may eat rice all difficult.So the foreign person is afraid unemployed, China is afraid that the wages is low, opposite and talk, foreign person want ~only favour, basically rich use, but in China even if favour, also uncertain rich use, "busy for nothing" is a lot of characteristics of moonlight clans.

Not they don't make great effort, also not they have no ability, is society reality to make these moonlight clans sunk into "busy for nothing" appearance, this isn't the living appearance of health.Want to change social reality to isn't a so easy affair, but attain a change oneself still probably of, the moonlight clan should get away from "busy for nothing" appearance and fight for"strip nude" soon and once learned a designing saving money life and head for the life of finance health and finance freedom soon.

Want saving money, so the first need to know his/her own income source and expenditure direction, just can be better to open more sources of income and reduce e so and complete wealthy of initial ac***ulation.The "busy for nothing" moonlight clan uncertain income is super low, even the possible income isn't bad, just spend money don't program, had and then spend, the flower finished to earn again, so money unconsciously disappeared, oneself became one clan: moonlight.Occasionally also want saving money, but don't know what start, how save money?Only clearly know to ownly make money an expensive detail direction, just may find out the way of saving money.P*** the way of recording the Zhang, can be very clear of understand own way that money p***es in and out, as to it's carry on summary, then do an income to extend the method that cuts with expenditure, can attain the target of saving money.Money reduced, will complete the initial backlog of personal wealth.

Want saving money, study some practical saving money experience, commence to also have much of a necessity from the detail, want to hold to be well on the great economic problem, but consume a detail also not can the gist.At moonlight one clan in, real cause the persons who can not save money few because of adding to place a big religion a consumer goods,on the contrary those money be slowly consumed something to drop in the consumption behavior in various commonness.With have a meal one matter for example, if a person doesn't cook a meal and descend restaurant or buy fast food every day, an expenditure of month at least 1200 dollars is or so;Another person then cooks a meal and takes rice, so possible needs 600 dollars to fix, both differ about 1 times, coming down a total margin can be up to 7200 dollars for a year.In addition, it is various economic activities to also have the utilities, transportation fee, shopping and recreational etc., adopt a different at***ude and then will appear an as different as chalk and cheese cir***stance and start from the detail is also the inevitable choice of saving money.

Want saving money, must have the programming and target of saving money, there is just a confidence insisting with the motive bottom like this to, not for the sake of saving money but saving money, but for living and future but save money.If just for saving money but saving money, so very easily lose keep on of motive, only drive in the long-term target under, save money just of great value, then can last long.For example say, draw up money that invest a plan or place an industry target, then will reduce gradually of throw in these life items according to the programming in the middle go, so can gradually come out economy of low even ground of, make the economic foundation more and more hard.To understandly know save money isn't a purpose, save money path just, for the sake of hereafter lead the path of better life.Have the length period combine of saving money programming and target, so save money activity and then will become aggressive and enrich, nature also is more easily accepted by oneself and others.

Taking leave is busy for nothing, no longer moonlight, lead economy lenient of rich the day is the great majority person's wish.For the sake of realization rich of happy life, have to once learn saving money first of thrifty life, then can gradually transfer like this, head for a wealthy life.

number announcement

2011-Oct-14, 01:50

50 national global image index number announcement China in the world rise to the 22th
The Jie Fu Kai public business and cooperation communicate that deluxe deputy governor, Zhao Xiao Yan , (sound) said, the ascension of image in China nation came from 2008 the countries hold the s****y power head of Olympic sports games in Peking and national economic development in the middle of the year.Report still indicated to will have the national economy of influence most to the global trade and the economy future decade, respectively BE:China, Japan, Germany, the United States and Canada.

Chinese newspaper net news:English 《Chinese newspaper 》October 14:Because the s****y economy develops, the national image of China has to promote after several years of expansion activity, but expert points out, continue to build up good national image to still need to be held out for long time more and practical effort.

The global image index number report this week of a Year 2011's 50 nations three announcement, it from Anne He Er especially ·Jie Fu Kai ·Luo uncle the national image index number fact-finding organ release.The report suggests that image in China nation got a little amount ascension, from the 26th 22th that raised now in 2008.

This organization has carried on public sentiment to measure to review to 50 images of nations annually since 2008, this year's opinion poll spreads over 20 nations including 11 developing countries.

The questionnaire covers 50 images of nations to measure to review and measures to review standard to divide six greatest tectonic plates:Exit, government working talent management, culture, citizen's character, tour and emigrant, investment environment.

China at cultural inheritance tectonic plate the row third is six greatest grade points to get a goal the tallest in the tectonic plate, but at government working talent management the tectonic plate get a goal lower.

The Jie Fu Kai public business and cooperation communicate that deluxe deputy governor, Zhao Xiao Yan , (sound) said, the ascension of image in China nation came from 2008 the countries hold the s****y power head of Olympic sports games in Peking and national economic development in the middle of the year.

She says:"Peking Olympic Games displayed modern China for world, rich vigorous China city, marvel the people of this world of Chinese building and open p***ionate of Chinese people, the all theses make the foreigner become more positive to the viewpoint of China with aggressive."

Report suggests that the top ten all is flourishing a nation as a result, one by one in order BE:The United States, Germany, England, France, Japan, Canada, Italy, Australia, Switzerland and Sweden.

Hong Kong Disney

2011-Oct-9, 11:32

11 long leaves are beckoning with the hand.Hong Kong is the hot-line that the long leave goes on a tour forever, the Disney paradise is again the hot point in the hot-line, here, provide playing of a Disney paradise composite picture for you.

The romantic girl's version swims composite picture

It's lovely to buy a cartoon toy to dress up as

The front door that entered Disney paradise then can make change smiling face for oneself and join this to fantasize a big family.But the European street of fine amiability, undoubtedly provided exquisite satge for this happiness.There is lovely product in each color fine small store of wayside selling, you completely can forget your own age and start to wear placard ear the impersonation wear the rice Ni of the powder delicate bowknot, and consumedly of the rice strange male Zi come to super greatly embrace each other, don't already make the male friend jealous of.

Ride the wood Ma Xu's wish

Fantasizing world probably and being princess' dream just for don't the girls of Min prepare.Please the suspension bridge of stepping on the moat, walk into the city gate of sleeping princess' fortress, in this dream garden, our everybody is a princess.The carrousel doesn't need to line up a too long brigade and rides up and is decorated with a rose with the white carrousel of blue precious stone and speeds together along with it and imitate in front of the Buddha to really have glorious of the in full fig dancing party is waiting for.

■Experience shares:The night rides carrousel to even have hallucinogenic nursery tale breathing.When beauty of sleep princess' fortress to up bloom a bright Royal Yan fire of time, remember the founder fertile Er of Disney especially Disney's words, "fantasize the world is the paradise of mood young man, as long as you toward stars to make a wish, dream will become really."

See a rice strange gold prize music play

If feel not enough madness, then go the tea reception that takes parts in the rabbit of March with Alice and sit the madness revolves in the cup of extra large size, whether feel that oneself really narrowed?

■Experience shares:However you don't want to be really chase you regard as Alice, frightened dizzy girl's son, still keep far and far seeing, sit into hall quiet quiet appreciate the rice strange gold prize music play.Be just a day the field time is limited, so want in advance and Be optimistic about a performance for time.


■At expect Si light year the interstellar go through dangers, fly more ****e mountain and small bear Wei Ni trip to going through dangers, lion celebration ceremony king and Chi car impossible Jin in the sky perhaps the Xing Mao ゝ astp*** serve, needs to enter admission ticket to insert FASTPASS to print a machine, then takes out FASTPASS.After obtaining FASTPASS, you immediately can continue to enjoy other facilities and service in the paradise, then return to enjoy to play facilities in time noting.And line up say again see!

■In each garden, there is the delicacies fix menu in restaurant of different style providing, so while playing, also need not is belly problem but worry!

■Admission ticket selling price:In normal times adult's 295 Hong Kong dollars, 210 Hong Kong dollars of 3-11-year-old child;350 Hong Kong dollars of particular day adult, child's 250 Hong Kong dollars.The elder over 65 years of age all is 170 Hong Kong dollars.Flow out the wreath station and the paradise doorway in line to e****lish a box office in the subway east.

comprehensive real strenght

2011-Oct-3, 12:23

2011 a life time parks in Xian will be a grand occasion that displays my city comprehensive real strenght and government image, time acrosses a degree to grow, every day on the average about more than 10 myriad peoples will go into a park visit.The majority wants in the garden for the meal, especially the spring, summer and autumn are three seasons, is exactly food poisoning problem Gao Fa's season, the food safe risk is outstanding.For ensure session whole citieses in a life time park especially the big food safe affairs occur in garden not, the city food medicine Jian bureau from speak political height, particularly 60% signed the meeting food safe guarantee in a life time park leadership organization.The e****lishment and several perfect food safeties guarantees a project and prepare a case and actively improves the whole city dining service food safe environment.Develop to take charge of a before the war training of the troops to train soldiers with technique completely, going all out to work well a life time park will open a park various dinings behind serve a safe guarantee to prepare a work.

One is build up food safety in a life time park guarantees a personnel information database and e****lished the brigade that the dining service food safety in garden takes charge of a cent.From 13 area counties and keep belonging to the unit chose to adjust a batch of thoughts good, excellent style, business Jing, enforce the law an experienced personnel.Build up a cons***ute to°from 75 people of a life time park dine together to drink service food safety guarantee a personnel information database, with adjust with arrive, unify conductor, quickly reaction, guarantee a safety.P*** in the meantime built-up selection and business ability investigates, the set a life time park dining service food safety that set up a to pay 32 people takes charge of the brigade in cent.Session in a life time park is responsible for the dining service food in garden safe direct to enforce the law completely, the safe guarantee task of examination examination and point part, ensure a dining service food in session garden in a life time park safety total can control.

Two is convene meeting dining service unit in garden in a life time park and appointed the food raw material supplier food safety talks meeting.For a life time park will the dining service unit in garden provide large wheat virtuous dragon in supermarket and China of food raw material ten thousand smooth and head the batch go into the five dining service unit of park to represent to totally gather 1.The counterplan of total company meeting food safety in a life time park guarantee, and go into business enterprise dining in the park serves permission and is provided for examination examination and garden food safety of park raw material to take charge of process etc. point food safety guarantee the problem carried on with the authority and business enterprise to face to face study and discuss and communicate.Explicit work well a life time park together meeting food safety guarantee the everyone's job and request, further substantial perfect take charge of mode, excellent turn explicit guarantee process, contribute efforts to the common completion a life time session dining in park the food safe guarantee lay foundation.

Three developed a life time park to dine together to drink service to take charge of a personnel comprehensive ability character completely training.First, carried on comprehensive ability character to the personnel who gets into a life time park to dine together to drink the personnel information database of service food safety guarantee training, enhance the food safety of taking charge of the personnel consciousness.Adopt a profession selection, concentrate a teaching, categorize a training, unify examination to wait various forms, perfect the taking charge of of food auditor knowledge structure, raising a life time park will the garden take charge of the whole level of troops.Set up the dining service food in garden safe guarantee cent brigade to provide more superior human resource for set;Bought into an examination that has to lead level in the domestic secondly examination equipments, and enhance the professional technical ability training of brigade that the garden takes charge of a cent, quickly examine from the food safety instrumental of operation usage.The agrochemical, monster medicine remains and the temperature measurement, food microorganism and familiar food poisoning with meet an emergency the rapid examination of guaranteeing the item, food production, process and keep the spot of luck control link to examine etc. the contents commence.Please an expert to give lessons, one by one practice operation, raise theories level and on-the-spot operation technical ability further, for ensure that session dining service in a life time park food safety created a food of high character safe bodyguard.

LED the display

2011-Sep-25, 08:52

LED carry the adoption of light source on LED's back, let cool platinum series LED the display owned a high performance, but the cool platinum series display returns not only these.Cool platinum series LED the liquid crystal display initiative broke the toll-gate of the display high contrast degree, the whole serieseses could attain 50000:1!This is the tallest parameter of liquid crystal display currently, already and traditional LCD TV machine the discrepancy isn't many.Most important of BE, ten thousand benefits reach cool platinum series LED display the oneself bright degree can also keep normal scope while carrying out an extremely high contrast degree, be regarded as to use to can't appear a problem, either for a long time.

Ten thousand benefits reach cool platinum series LED is in responding to time, display's whole serieseses attain 2, this is the liquid crystal display generally accepted standard currently, can good care quality and speed.In this aspect, ten thousand benefits reach cool platinum series LED display and the same kind product the station is on-line in a level.

In addition to LED carry light on LED's back with extremely high contrast degree high technology like this, cool platinum series LED the display still just small place adopted ten thousand benefits to reach of special technique, although can could not see by common consumer,also be worth saying:

Ten thousand benefits reach cool platinum series LED the liquid crystal display whole serieseses all adopted black crystal α anti- reflection Tu Ceng and the high-quality HI-TM transparent resin.Black crystal α anti- reflection Tu Ceng's absorption reaches to 50% lights that glint light waves filter to stab an eye more, eyes don't do a pain not to don't shed tears after letting to use for a long time;The transparent resin radiation protection of the high-quality HI-TM covers deeply simply leading to raise 30% can't influence appearance effect and defend to row wound and bear friction in the meantime, the service life prolongs 35% than the traditional LCD front-panel, more important, it can effectively shield liquid crystal display to drive the little electromagnetism radiation that the electric circuit radiates and make family the usage have peace of mind more and particularly suit to watch a transacting of computer one clan for a long time.

In the environmental protection, ten thousand benefits reach cool platinum series LED the display is in the production and the conveyance process and obey the 3 Cs compulsive electronics in nation safe attestation completely and use to anticipate fashionable and is all environmental protection products, there are no cadmium, lead, mercury, six price chrome, and much bromine biphenyl...etc. to the human body harmful material, avoided pollution of the environment, guaranteed a consumer in the healthy body in the usage in the meantime.

Have another a small place to also display cool platinum series LED display of different, cool platinum series LED the power cable adoption native copper of the display lead line and compare general aluminum to lead line file time Gao, through long enduring.

Finally what to need to be explained specially BE, depend on ten thousand benefits reaching to see the long-term backlog of market at appliance, cool platinum series LED the display can enjoy to for 3 years that more than 200 city country nets in the whole country order, the quality protects service.

Every consider, cool platinum series LED display can be treated as the excellent product that gathers an appliance to turn beautiful external appearance and high performance LED vogue science and technologies, such as LCD front-panel and extremely high contrast degree...etc. in the whole body, can see the decision and real strenght that ten thousand benefits reach military advance display realm.Ten thousand benefits reach cool platinum series currently LED the display have already started formal sale, the interested in friend must pay attention to!

LED spectral power

2011-Sep-19, 12:23

The LED spectral power distribution measuring method
Led spectral power distribution measurement, the purpose is to master the LED spectral properties and color, in addition to the measured LED photometric value is corrected.

In the measurement of LED spectral power distribution, should pay attention to the following points, one is the standard spectral irradiance comparison because the standard lamp spectrum radiation intensity is much better than LED, in order to avoid this problem, the best in the standard lamp with a neutral density filter, so that its spectral radiation strength close to LED.

The LED spectral width is very narrow, in order to accurately depict the LED spectral profile, preferably using a narrow band of wavelengths the width of the monochromator is measured, as well as 1nm wavelength interval.

Press type calculation of the spectral power distribution of the E t LED.
Es Et lambda = lambda It lambda Is lambda

Type I is a standard light at a wavelength of I response; E is the standard lamp spectral power distribution; I LED at the wavelength lambda of response.
LED color coordinate formula:
X = Et lambda x lambda D lambda
Y = Et lambda YD lambda
Z = Et lambda YD lambda
Color coordinate:
X = X / ( X+Y+Z )
Y = Y / ( X+Y+Z )

Can also be calculated LED dominant wavelength and color purity.
Light emitting diode and normal diode by PN structure, also has a one-way conductivity. It is widely used in various electronic circuits, electrical appliances, instrumentation equipment, as a power supply indication or level indicator.

Japan and Philippines

2011-Sep-11, 08:47

Japan and Philippines south china sea the problem negotiates that the analytical draws up to cooperate interactive
How should to China is in East China Sea and south china sea sovereignty assertion in the waters become this to negotiate of a main subject.At south china sea and under the situation complex circumstance in East China Sea, day thin two countrieses hold a government like this to negotiate and cause compare the toll-gate note.The analytical personage thinks that day thin two countrieses just has diagram to each China ocean rights in negotiating and expects to pass and cooperate interaction and resists China to seek maximizing of its self interest.

According to Japanese medium report way, day thin two countrieses didn't cover up this time purpose for negotiating.The south sand islands sovereignty problem of China and Philippines exists controversy, and south china sea for Japan and speech is also an important sea passage, on the problem of East China Sea, in day two countries because of problem in Diaoyu Island also rub continuously.For should strengthen to China to East China Sea and south china sea the sovereignty claim of waters, day thin two countrieses will periodically hold a government, negotiates, coordination activity, push forward a cooperation,and ensure Japan at south china sea freedom of navigation and boats and ships of waters are safe.In addition, both parties return and then hold hands should to the pirate problem of Ma Liu Jia's straits and Somalia waters reach unanimously.Day thin two countrieses all gave to this time negotiating higher value, the Japanese parties goes out duty province, defends province, sea representative director's attendance of the public security hall etc. section, Philippines then sent the relevant officials of its ocean supervisor's section-coast guard to take part in to negotiate.

Japan in recent years to south china sea concern in the waters greatly increase and again and again make moves south china sea business.Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force July once cooperated two countries in the United States and Australia in the neighborhood of Brunei south china sea the waters held a first time to unite military training, in China and south china sea neighborhood in the waters is some nation because the territorial waters problem appeared the circumstance of point of dispute under, Three Kingdoms this undertaking was thought is obvious for leading long to make China, formed to snuff out to China military operation and the public opinion of ring of encirclement.

The day thin of two countries has extensive political economic contact and cooperation, personnel's contacts is multifarious.Now, Japan has already exceeded a Chinese mainland and becomes the biggest exit in Philippines object country and import object country, according to statistics bureau in Philippines nation announce of 2010 oversea all countries directly invest a statistics to suggest to Philippines, Japanese rightness thin directly the specific weight that investment has for 29.8%, far far above other nation.Economic aspect closely such, 2 of political interaction also very close, Philippines president radicle promise three a life times visit an in date in the August secret, once at summited a thin anti- government to bear arms for the very first time under the mediating of Japanese government of tallest leader, Japanese to thin political influences be showed from this one spot.Another according to the statistics of the Japanese parties concerned, currently Filipino of work and life at Japan already more than 22 myriad peoples.The day thin of two countries doesn't have pending point of disputes, such as territory and historical problem...etc., under this kind of background, both parties strengthened contact and association to seem to be smooth many.

Hold this time first time pair the department bureau chief class concerning ocean in Asia safety to negotiate to day thin two countrieses, the analysis personage thinks and says for Japan, it schemes three, one is strengthen further and the cooperation and comity of of Philippines, then consolidation and enhance with the relation of of ASEAN, extension it is in the right to speak in the Southeast Asian business;Two is pass and participate south china sea business and lead long and make and resist China and increase the counter that it negotiates to China at the problem top in Diaoyu Island, and at the international social construction is to inhibitting of China public opinion situation;Three is because of same at territory point of dispute problem up, Japan's tough attitude to Korea and Russia feels helpless, is also that the influence pressure of the military activity of multifarious and big dimensions in the waters that is subjected to Russia in the open sea is abrupt to increase recently, so hope in East China Sea and south china sea the problem ascend to have results to ease its local political pressure.But for Philippines but speech, it is often gone back and forth to China and Japan and of the United States etc. nation make use of of all countries the controversy and antinomy of existence, effort is used as oneself the counter that the everyone fights for and creates the value that oneself is made use of to seek a maximizing of self interest.At south china sea problem up, the Mainland assertion passes the friendly consultation of of two countries to settle dispute, objection south china sea the problem internationalize, but Philippines then lay claim to tell to international maritime law law court, turn the problem's complication and extension.This time day thin 2 south china sea the problem launch a government negotiate, its purpose be for making the problem complicated further.

The analytical personage widespreadly thinks that south china sea problem and problem the most important backstage in East China Sea's pushing a hand is the United States, from now on these two problems will how evolve, all is as inseparable as the position of the United States.The United States can at quiet treat the peace in China rising, can in the international business a little less arrogant, a little more friendly, all pass wear these problem of end solution

moderate a development

2011-Sep-4, 11:48

Intelligence charged barbed wire net and especially high pressure not the conflict can moderate a development
Especially the high pressure"open a source" intelligence charged barbed wire net "reduce expenses"
Recently, be engaged in expert, Zhao He, of intelligence charged barbed wire net research to accept an interview for the intelligence charged barbed wire net related problem for several years.
The our country has an intelligence charged barbed wire net of development condition

Zhao He's introduction says that the research work of intelligence charged barbed wire net originates the United States, part of other guo jias approved its standpoint later on and start studying, the target carries out intelligence charged barbed wire net in 2020 or farer future.Europe established European intelligence charged barbed wire net in 2005 forum.At the same time, well-known information industry tycoons, such as IBM, Google and Intel...etc. in the world in succession the military advance intelligence charged barbed wire net realm.He tells us, in fact as early as little Bush allows president's period, the United States has already put forward intelligence charged barbed wire net concept.Just arrive Ao to expect a horse to release energy new government, the intelligence charged barbed wire net is just an important new energy policy contents to be subjected to more extensive concern.

Zhao He thinks that American development intelligence charged barbed wire net mainly is according to improve the consideration of energy structure.For alleviating the electric power demanding growth with day by day the antinomy of of aging charged barbed wire net frame, circulate a cost control and correspond the indetermination antinomy of taking charge of the policy.Particularly encouraging wind energy, solar energy and living creature quality the energy policy of European all countries emphasizes the protection to the environment more, can etc. can renewable energy development, promote low carbon to generate electricity, can renewable energy electric power and efficiently of the energy make use of a way.The European development intelligence charged barbed wire net is mainly the demand that loads new energy.And the our country also face to improve energy structure, environmental protection etc. objective need, develop intelligence charged barbed wire net is necessary.

According to the introduction, currently, our country the foundation in the charged barbed wire net technique research the realm be placed in to lead a position among nations.Have the condition development intelligence charged barbed wire net.

Intelligence charged barbed wire net and especially high pressure not conflict
Zhao He's introduction says that the intelligence goes together with charged barbed wire net to have to control sex, vivid(solid analyze), credibility, from more, economic sex etc. content and characteristic.Say towards using an electricity customer coming, intelligence charged barbed wire net not only in aid of use an electricity the customer is automatic to economize on energy, also can carry out to use electricity customer to sell the surplus amount of electricity.Circulate a company to come to say to the charged barbed wire net, the intelligence charged barbed wire net can also carry out more excellent turn of control, lower the maintenance cost of charged barbed wire net.
Equally is still had by concern with intelligence charged barbed wire net technique the high pressure technique is especially.Currently, our country is devoting major efforts to develop the high pressure is especially.1,000,000 Fu Jin southeast-south sun-Jing door especially the high pressure communicate experiment model engineering already safety circulate longer than 100 days.According to the programming, till 2020, our country especially high pressure charged barbed wire net will basic the quantity being finished, then transporting an electricity will attain for more than 200,000,000 kilowatt-hourses and has 25% that the whole country packs the machine total capacity.
Especially for should develop a high pressure technique to still keep developing an intelligence charged barbed wire net technique, haven't reached consistent standpoint so far in the industry.

Zhao He said that especially the high pressure technique is the problem that solves electric power to deliver an efficiency, the intelligence charged barbed wire net technique then covers to generate electricity, lose an electricity and goes together with each link of electricity, and need side...etc..Can especially the high pressure comprehends for"open a source", comprehend intelligence charged barbed wire net for"reduce expenses".Intelligence charged barbed wire net and especially the high pressure should proceed together to develop in the meantime, both not conflict.Development especially the high pressure can adapt to an our country long-distance leave the demand of delivering the electric power, develop intelligence charged barbed wire net can change our charged barbed wire nets more vivid, more economic, more dependable, more safe.However, Zhao He thinks, if develops intelligence charged barbed wire net, should pays attention to more to go together with charged barbed wire net.In his eyes, power grid once being finished opposite stable, it is complicated and many to go together with then the request of charged barbed wire net.

Bo each time

2011-Sep-1, 12:44

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However, then can show for a long time for I in the sohu first Bo each time to the article doing changing ofs to all want to wait a top.There is feelings towards searching fox or, a to like my life record of a few MMs, two come we like to mix the delicacies here a forum.Think that year even ever once played at the daughter-in-law of old woman, however sour annoyed to weigh too much there, accidentally of caution was dirty to a little bit accept to can not stand.Hoping this can peacefully leave and save is put blame on me by the friend to all day move house.

Tai solar energy

2011-Aug-25, 08:20

The road of "the Huo radicle thin film great king" of positive Tai solar energy(a)
Mr. Yang Li You has got into thin film realm in the BP solar energy company since 1985, and guide companies to carry on a development in the not- crystal Huo realm."Once you drilled an inside, " Mr. Yang jokes about, "you became addicted."Our interviews is located on the headquarters of Hangzhou to carry on in the positive Tai company, in the whole interview period, the graduate from American Luo space Si university of chief executive officer and chief the executive officer mentions for many times his time in old landlord, and the earlier period passing him experiences to explain not- crystal Huo technique and solar energy industry 89 from it the development in the last century up to now in early days, gain of substantial development.
"At that time macroscopic environment and compared now is extremely different" there is no"solar energy industry foundation, all affairs are that we depended on oneself to grope for of", Mr. Yang recalled a way like this.BP independent development and equipments team once at very long a period of time inside complete depend on depend on oneself, a little knows this industry and designed tool and manufacturing craft, and with equipments the manufacturer cooperated own principle conversion for have function equipments and the production line in initial stage.
Mr. Yang who conducts one of the light with fast- developing China Fu business enterprises has already drawn up to develop the positive Tai solar energy company to the ambitious plan of Ji tile above production scale in several years in the future together with its team.Support that Be received benefit to positive Tai group(Chint Group) this wealth atmosphere thick parent company, Mr. Yang means to the writer, the solar energy company that establishes for dissatisfied five years just at or will in the near future increase crystal Huo and establish to knot a not- crystal Huo productivity in four factory areas in China, these four factory areas are located on Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wen Zhou and wine spring respectively.
Mr. Yang meant, as minority of lights Fu one of the business enterpriseses that several houses declare to continue to increase crystal Huo and not- crystal Huo production line, positive Tai solar energy plan will it 2/3 yield put in producing crystal Huo, while the 1/3s of rest put in producing thin film.Factory area in Hangzhou in 2011 second quarter degree the thin film light Fu production line that added a 50 MWs, made up existingly the 30 MW factory productivity supplied by Rui Kang company in Europe.On top of that, Mr. Yang said, being located on another production line of 100-150 MWs of company headquarters will at the end of the year formally last horse, and Be located on lake front to spend a holiday village with south several hours, constructing of Wen Zhou's factory area work of car distance will also formally finish construction in September, and will complete all gearings of production equipmentses by December.
Various plan of company will increase several thin film productivities of 100,000,000,000,000 tiles for oneself and make the thin film total productivity of company attained a 730 MWs at 2012 year agos, 200 among those MWs in the future from Be located on the freshman of wine spring in city in the northwest of China to produce a base.The crystal Huo product productivity of positive Tai solar energy will in the year inside raise to a 800 MWs, among them, majority of productivities come from factory area in its Shanghai, and will carry out a total amount to produce a plan for expanding of 1200 MWs in 2012.Every consider, the positive Tai solar energy hopes it the total productivity can increase to a near 2 GWs in 2012, so that he/she continues and carries out extending of companies and plans in subsequent year and obtain the achievement of another milestone type."We hope and carry out the productivity of the 2.5 GWs in 2013."Like this does this chief executive officer say.
These Chinese factory once being finished, the company plans to start to construct a head an offshore production line-Be located on crystal Huo thin film of the high automation of the United States factory.Mr. Yang still means:"We believe that the American market will become extremely important."Also think to place factory in very important with the terminal market nearer location.(The this kind of retail production strategy equally decides in the company at from positive Tai all 1 GW solar energy power stations and other sweet Su government item neighborhoods had an important function while constructing the wine spring module factory).
At fling off some ability shortage or have no foreground of technique after, because of being like the business enterprises, such as Pus and positive Tai...etc. in summer and continuously breaking effort of enterprising equipments craft Rui Kang in supplier Europe etc., crystal Huo thin film light the Fu realm will appear recovery appearance in the near future.For peaceful spend a financial crisis, and reply with application the material(Applied Materials) company cooperate the influence brought for failing SunFab, the company experienced several the hardest years under condition, this company that makes Mr. Yang as to associately initiate one of the persons received the stipulation of productivity currently, can not only with lend it single production line satisfy market as to it's the efficiency is in the establishing of above 9% microlite battery plank huge need.
"We can not produce an enough battery plank."Mr. Yang said that" we are aring placed in a very difficult territory ground currently:We how may let customer disappointment?The company can answer a triple at the order of yield.Should say, if we give wes many words of pressures, the company should be able to rob to all related orders.But because we have no enough of productivity, we didn't participate in the competition of each order."
Mr. Yang still confirmation way, the business of company the great majority comes from a south second all countries market, like India, Thai etc., included five scales that come from that region of this years among them considerable order."We will particularly put at large customer body up, and the military advance different market, especially to newly arisen market like this in India, actively extending brand popularity and raising bank can discount sex.The company discovers through a fulfillment, carries out the way of target most effectively is pass to cooperate with these popular companies, they can really help us.The company only carried on a small scaled cooperation currently, with utmost make use of various advantage."
Positive Tai solar energy at the public praise in the crystal Huo realm with positive Tai group of from have margin ability, the efficient battery plank of the efficiently low cost to combine together, became an of Mr. Yang in of and its Huo the radicle thin film make the companies have the main factor that compete the real strenght together."One of the advantage had by my company BE, we have already had the crystal Huo productivity with 500 MWs, therefore we own many faithful customers of products who conduct thin film in the meantime."Mr. Yang emphasizes a way, " so far, we have never had any customer to only do thin film business, this says being a good matter for us."
Averted from what majority of companies chooses to construct first the single knot not- crystal Huo integral whole turns a production line, then is just wanting to establish the universal strategy of designing the transformation, the positive Tai solar energy choice will ask for help of the help of its equipments cooperation colleague Rui Kang(Oerlikon) company in Europe, directly development establish a structure technique."The efficiency has never really once been in fashion in the thin film of above 6%, in addition to extremely expensive in the much crystal Huo price of in a time."Mr. Yang means a way, and emphasize that what he used is the in general use technical term of the brief name of "Huo radicle thin film"."Because I know thin film industry at very before long time develop all the difficulties, and its efficiency is lower, therefore I believe that finally other business enterprises won't have a very strong competition ability."
"Directly developed to establish a structure technique when we decided at the efficiency for 8-9% at that time(2008)."Mr. Yang continues way, " we at next quite a few all lead very difficultly inside the quarter degree, but we finally got through a financial crisis, now, I think, if the thin film technique wants to compete with crystal Huo product, its conversion rate has to be about 10%, and the cost structure wants to divide the following in 75 United States.If a company can not attain these, will be placed in an opposite and weaker position."
"My company postponed extending of thin film business in past two years.We didn't very radically develop business, the reason was pretty much simple, is that we can not do so.But we carried on many technique developments in the meantime, we created to have the team of real strenght very much."
"After passing by around two yearses of development, I think that the company will make breakthrough progress this year, therefore we can step over I think of have the technique watershed of the thin film of real competition real strenght, namely 75 beautiful cents' cost and 10% conversion rateses.In this aspect, we carried on a cooperation with Rui Kang company in Europe and made great effort to raise the efficiency of the related technique, 11% conversion rates still have hope can reach of, but for again high conversion rate I am personal to haven't had a hard conclusion."
The positive Tai solar energy has already produced at the its head on-line start a bore path area efficiency with the cost in each tile 95-98 beautiful cents the 110-135 W battery knothole in above 9% production, in the meantime, the positive Tai solar energy is applieding new craft to it is located on the second production of production line of Hangzhou in.Mr. Yang confirms that after successful rightness of related techniques develop to be inside the tool carry on trying circulate in single chamber room, 10% production craft"have already hoped related attestation procedure completion in the middle of the year after carry out production".
This boss also indicates to obtain the key point of the this kind improvement is what, even for express is which aspect of technique breakthrough, "because I once speaking of these informations, all people all knew.Very interesting BE, is establishing structure technique realm, include 20 in multiple layers fold structure etc., is in the past all carried on a research to this by many personnels, but is applied it produces to the reality in the middle, still belong to a first time."
Production line early productivity in Hangzhou and opening lead etc. the data pretty much make the person marvel.The chart that Mr. Yang provides suggests that that production line since last June the yield always maintains in above 98-99% of productivity, and with lend the existing productivity with 30 MWs, maintain the production line opening rate after last October at 94%.
"We the month reply January of carry on production by the extremely pleased person's productivity level, not only only more than 90%, but almost approached 100%."Mr. Yang jubilantly means that" I think that some inside and basic factors relate to the whole production process, but also relate to stability and other factors of equipments in the meantime.In the BP solar energy, we once made great effort for two years and only came to a 80% rate of productions, so your apprehensibility I am again how excited now."
Mr. Yang thinks that pass to raise battery knothole an efficiency and improve a production line to swallow to vomit quantity-these two realms are positive Tai solar energy and Rui Kang company in Europes of independence and consociation development point-this production line with 30 MWs can carry out larger productivity exportation."Passed to obtain 10% efficiencies and as to it's the implementation of his productivity exaltation measure, we can raise the productivity of production line at least 10%.Now, we still come short of a sum settle the productivity output quantity and only have 28 MWs.But, all good enough in all measure after, we will carry out the 30 MWs above productivity to output quantity."

renewable energy

2011-Aug-21, 09:11

When coal, and petroleum...etc. can not the renewable energy again and again raise an alarm and be "low carbon, environmental protection" to become a kind of living principle gradually, more and more guo jias are actively developing new energy.On August 12, the Chinese resources synthesizes to make use of association can renewable energy particularly the Wei will release in the city 《Chinese light the Fu generate electricity proper price to get to the Internet route diagram 》.Route diagram predicts till 2014, Chinese light Fu's generating electricity to give or get an electric shock price on the Internet will be lower than the industry and business industry is used electricity price, led off to carry out "the proper price gets to the Internet" and developed vast development foreground for solar energy development and exploitation.

Keep quantity abundant foreground vast
The new energy market exists already a long time, its market potential and environment efficiency all enjoy great popularity.In the new energy category, solar energy since is a function source, again is can renewable energy, since can be free usage, and then didn't need to be transported, to environment without the pollution, it with the green, low carbon, safe etc. characteristic, become people ideal energy within heart.

According to understanding, the solar energy accepted by our the Earth, only 1/2,000,000,000 that shares all energies that the sun surface sends out is or so, 3-40,000 times that of the total energy that these energy equal to worlds needs, it may be said take it not to exert, use it the Jie is not.The transportation university solar energy graduate school bureau chief Chen2 Wen Zhong of Shanghai introduces, the our country belongs to a solar energy resources to keep to measure one of the abundant guo jias and contain abundant of solar energy resources, year sunshine count area in the region bigger than 2000 hours, take up above 2/3 of the national total area around, the solar energy makes use of foreground very vast.

In fact, the mankind's exploitation to the solar energy has long history.The war country of as early as more than 2000 year agoses period, people know to make use of the steel system on all sides mirror to focuse the sun light to light fire;Make use of solar energy to come to dry agriculture by-product.Develop a modern, the exploitation of the solar energy day by day extensive, it includes solar light heat exploitation, optoelectronics exploitation and photochemistry to make use of etc..Not only can be applied to hot water, aridity and generate electricity, make cold, adopt warm etc. realm, and solar energy light, solar cell, solar energy car, solar energy television, and solar energy house...etc., will also gradually walk into people's life.
Light hot the exploitation far away lead

Currently, our country can the solar energy light heat of usage and expansion at world of renewable energy make use of aspect is already far away lead.The light hot exploitation is to radiate the sun can collect, can convert into thermal energy to take into exploitation the light.

The realm of the solar energy light hot exploitation in no case only at people familiar solar energy water- heater, generate electricity in the light heat, the solar energy system is cold, the solar energy adopt warm, solar energy seawater desalination, industrial realm of dry, print to dye, agriculture of big Peng etc. aspect also exertion emphasize your work to use."The Chinese sun thermal energy industry development is quick and have already become the biggest solar energy heat to make use of a market in the world."The national government helps member of committee and China to standardize association chairman of the board Li Zhong Hai mean.

The whole solar energy industry independent technique in China has above 95%, regardless in the scale, amount, the market mature degree and found a core technique and create race brand, all be placed in world to lead level.Take technique as an example, such as emperor the clear solar energy group develop of the "the sun Xin" heat plate a film to gather hot steel pipe, the calories absorption rate is up to 94%, blast-off rate only have about 10%, under 500 Celsius degrees above heat environment ability still normal work.Currently in the world still only the our country controled this key technique.

Shandong Texas of the sun valley owns solar energy heat to make use of(light hot) the most complete and the most mature industrial system in realm, gathered together global top solar energy heat to make use of science and technology and controled an interference to plate film, heat heat to generate electricity in the world at the initiative, Wen Ping economize on energy glass etc. solar energy heat exploitation, construct the core technique of economy energy.

Light Fu light hot each has his merits
Make use of solar energy to generate electricity currently and mainly have only the Fu generates electricity(only-electricity) and only hot generate electricity(only-hot-electricity) 2 kinds, the usually said solar energy generates electricity of is a solar energy light the Fu generate electricity and call "optoelectronics", its key lies in solar cell.The light heat generates electricity solar energy then only the hot technique applies of a realm.For long time, is development light a Fu still a light hot?Controversy has been existing.
Although solar energy light hot generate electricity start a little bit late, along with January, this year guo jia for the very first time carry out light hot electricity station permit specially power item invitation to bid, more and more of industry insider to light hot generate electricity of will be full of confidence in the future.Chinese electric power science the institute for research vice-president engineer's beard learns Hao to think, because of solar energy light heat's generating electricity to give or get an electric shock with fire passing steam round machine and plusing solar energy only is similar the heat generate electricity to take hot storage system, even be advantageous to stabilizing of electric power system and regulate, with only the Fu generate electricity to compare, more easily solve combine net problem.

Generates electricity with light heat to compare, light Fu's generating electricity don't in the center convert process and passed a solar battery(slice), directly will only can convert into electric power, have low consume, the advantage of low pollution.In the meantime, only the Fu generates electricity an equipments since can at have no aqueous hungriness district gearing, can also install the roof and wall noodles in the city, not only monopolize ground, the structure mold piece turns, scale size at will, it is simple to circulate maintenance and management, can carry out an unmanned value to guard and support cost the lowest.Easy matter in Guangdong especially the power incorporated company Doctor work station vice- director, Xu Hai Po, in the director, research & development center thinks, the hair of guo jia changed Wei to announce the solar energy light Fu that the whole country unifies to generate electricity mark pole to give or get an electric shock price on the Internet and made the whole light Fu industry become "sunlight" industry of a kind of continuously fast fierce development on August 1, he predicts, 2012 will be an our country light the explosion period of the Fu industry.
Solar cell household

Solar cell is pass optoelectronics effect or photochemistry effect to directly make the light converting into the electric power can of the device is a solar energy light the Fu generates electricity of key place.

Single crystal Huo
The crystallize body of Huo is a kind of more cheery nonmetal chemical element.It has the crystal of point structure of basic integrity, the different direction has a different property, is a kind of good half to lead material.Its main use is to create a semi-conductor spare part and make use of solar energy light the Fu generate electricity, provide hot etc..

Much crystal Huo
A kind of appearance of single quality Huo has a semi-conductor property, is an extremely important good semi-conductor material.But the little by little miscellaneous quality can immediately consumedly influence its electrical conductivity.It mainly expresses in the physical property with the difference of the single crystal Huo, is the direct raw material that produces single crystal Huo, are the electronics information that the contemporary artificial intelligence, automatic control, information processing and optoelectronics converts an etc. semi-conductor spare part foundation material, is called "the sill of micro-electronics mansion".

Not- crystal Huo
Call to have no fixed form Huo again, a kind of appearance of single quality Huo.The microlite body in palm tree black or ash black.The chemistry property is more cheery than crystal Huo.Now already the industry is applied and Be mainly used for refining pure Huo and make a solar battery, thin film transistor and copy drum, optoelectronics**etc..

Thin film battery
Elfevident be 1 F the thin film make into solar cell, it measures with the Huo rarely and more easily decline low cost.At international market Huo raw material keep on nervous background under, the thin film solar battery has become international light Fu market development of new trend and new heat order.The thin film battery that can already carry on industry to turn large-scale production currently mainly has 3 kinds:The Huo radicle thin film solar cell, the copper Yin gallium selenium thin film solar cell and Di turns to separate thin film solar cell.

group incorporated

2011-Aug-16, 01:05

The boon Zhi river bank semi-conductor declares on July 21 that the Kang good group incorporated company, China leads of the television establishes one of the manufacturers in Shenzhen and has already chosen that the boon Zhi river bank TI Huo tuner solution, its emulation and number television receive a machine.Group 1 manufacturer of the Kang good television at China uses the design that the tuner of TI Huo and a television receive a machine solution to bring a large-scale market.

TI hybrid Huo tuner solution and traditional of the CAN tuner designs, its usage is up to 150 modules, among them many is in the process of making in need to move to align of one Be important to break.Compare under, the characteristics of the TDA18273 single chip Huo tuner solution is a high integration degree and adopt to flap to concuss machine, IF selectivity and breadth take to increase a benefit control, and get rid of outward the demand of department component, such as low Zao voice enlarger(LNA), surface voice wave(SAW) filter and Ba Lun.The TDA18273 Huo tuner solution, pass the amount of decrease outer circle component, can be advantageous to higher system of the super thin flat panel television of design in a little tiny shape credibility.In addition, the TI is a boon Zhi zero blemish projects of the river bank make the manufacturer able to simplify product assemble and supply chain to manage production.

The Kang good group incorporated company vice- director, Guo Bin, in the new technique graduate school says:"The traditional television tuner has already come to an a mature stage in the size and the price, can hardly make a further technique progress.For overcoming this problem, we are more continuously looking for system cost of having the attraction, highly integrated solution.Huo tuner's integrating function and passage filter of tuner is one building piece like thises, the NXP Huo tuner technique is to help we design a product to satisfy and over the current market demands."

The boon Zhi river bank semi-conductor picks up a people in big China television and the multimedia product market marketing director general, Wu Guo Hui, say:"Because Huo tuner will in all applied procedures with replace traditional MOPLL tuner, the boon Zhi river bank TI the high integration of the address, the low achievement consumes with super thin television configuring continuously growth of global need.Design in the process that the Huo tuner of boon Zhi river bank speeds, save production cost and lift a high performance.They still keep in many spaces of tuner systems, and reduce an energy need, "NXP semi-conductor company and the cooperation of the Kang good is a good starting point, this will encourage more traditional emulations and number television manufacturer adoption Huo tuner, and raise the technique progress of the whole profession."

As many solutions of standards that emulation and number of an overlay standard in the world receive, the boon Zhi river bank TDA18273 still provided the function and vivid of outstanding all-directions more traditional CAN tuner.The TI Huo tuner solution allows the function of tuner and directly chase main plank of, but tradition of CAN tuner mold piece the compulsive pack.Total but speech, the applied procedure of Huo tuner needs only 1/3 of the sizes of CAN tuners, at a many tuners of little tiny footprint apply of possibility

greatest mistakes area

2011-Aug-10, 01:58

The belly reduces weight to watch out for four greatest mistakes area
You might once hear a lot of methods that lose stomach in the life of long term, these method regardless is effectively or have no effect, at you of possibilities in the brain all already deeply rooted, so when you have to lose stomach of time may make very much nether 4 mistakeses,must see, for ownly and healthily losing stomach.

Mistake 1:Jian stomach=accept a waist
Reality:Lost loins, fat belly.
Many people all make the Jian stomach subtracting sport of loins fat sport with confuse, think that 1 acts since can lose a waist also ability beautiful stomach, can usually is lost a waist, fat stomach.

Because this is reduced to pile up the fat ratio of loins molds the muscle of belly to want easily and get much, needs to be matched with on the food and reduce hot measure food of absorb, the persistence corresponds in the meantime of training, can make"small pretty waist" released after imprisonment.The waist is getting thinner, didn't get the belly of aiming at the training opposite express"outstanding".Don't hoping a certain sport can complete Jian stomach and accept the dual task of waist in the meantime and reduce weight of road top there is no shortcut to be walked.
Suggest:Press the department class the ground practices, don't believe the method of "two unite as one".

Mistake 2:Want to carry on belly to toughen every day then can get a tightly solid stomach muscle
Reality:The time suffers Zhui meat countercharge.
The muscle formation process of stomach muscle and the body other parts is completely same and also need a period of time to carry on molding.Because greatly exercise quantity of after training complete, although the cell appearance of muscular tissue is changed,have not completely modeled, usually wants to will then can complete the task of the muscle"reconstruction" in 48 hours.

Every day carry on toughenning of belly surely can promote adipose combustion, but don't leave time for the formation of stomach muscle, once toughenning to be slacken down, the Zhui meat will start "counterattack" right away, everything not all previous work undone?
Correct practice frequency:A week is 3 times.

Mistake 3:The sit-up is to toughen belly muscle of had better way
Reality:The shoulder sour backache, the belly Nan remains.
BE always received by us in order to acquire the sit-up that the flatness tightly solid belly watches the house "magic weapon", but have never canned be ascended to American authority workout the row of the organization"the most effective Jian stomach workout method" list.The reason is easy, sit-up our actions are usually not good enough, usually was back and shoulder department to make enough strength son, but the belly didn't get to really toughen.

After doing to measure to review completely to the effect of the 13 kinds of bellies workout method, the experts found out the most effective ex-3 kinds of methods, their difference are:The Jian rides machine(bicycle workout machine) to train;The captain chair(the bench that presents 30 degrees Cape with ground can lie on the top and raise legs and keep for several seconds, strong and healthy belly muscle) trains;The workout ball trains.
The sit-up improves a version:
The workout coach thinks that if want to make the sit-up developed better effect, can try Be done as follows a change-only do 10 sit-ups every minute, keep for 5 seconds when last body and ground present 45 degrees Cape, the effect like this compares with to do to be good friends with a lot 60 times in a minute.

Mistake 4:The high definition toughens to definitely receive double effect
Reality:Pant noisily, act a .
Ascend an action again 100 time, can get a ratio to do 50 times of good 1 times effectses?The workout isn't the total amount of pure quantity, but should value the variety of quality.With"captain chair" apparatus trains for example, many people will ascend several 10 in a row, until the big sweat pours Li to pant noisily just have to come to a stop.

The experienced workout coach thinks that the training key to stomach muscle is an action to have to be good enough, and need appropriate deadlock, had better with 15 act for 1 set, do each time 2~3 sets of all right.
Enhance the way of effect:Much some varieties in the middle of toughenning, for example bind a small sand bag in the leg department, the effect will be getting more different.

Saying dully,

2011-Aug-1, 11:58

Let to be so bright and beautiful as to hesitate for quite a while, say, I have want to ask you all the time a question.
Saying dully, say.Now all kinds of women's shoes, most are in so one or two times, so suggest you buy
Let to say bright and beautifully why are you always making the incident of violence? I have been wanting to ask you very much all the time, the personal secrets related to you that but think again. See you from me for the first time, it is you that are giving man a slap in the face.Information about food best pearl, should
Smile and say not covering up dully at all, you are absolutely unexpected paying no attention again, in fact I am a person harassed of pitiful enduring to the fullest extent infringement. I had enormous shade as a child, so to the man, said from body, resist very much, however, I always can meet abnormally and overbearingly, on the bus, at the party, even in the lift. I am protecting my health, perhaps this is protection of a kind of morbid state. It is simple like this.China Shenzhen water Pui international jewelry exhibition, where you can
It is so surprised as to have nothing to say, has left smiling at to let to be bright and beautiful dully freely and easily.Black pearl is number pearl 's most famous
She is protecting oneself arduously, is calculating others arduously again like this. She, so comes unexpectedly, walk unexpectedly.

outside company

2011-Aug-1, 01:42

The outside company invests way and condition of the establishing of incorporated company
The outside company invests way and condition of the establishing of incorporated company.The outside company invests incorporated company to mean to establish according to law rules of, all capitals from wait sum share composing, the shareholder recognizes to buy with it of the share undertake a responsibility to the company, the company undertakes a responsibility to the company obligation by its ll propertieses, the Chinese and Foreign shareholder holds company share together, the foreign shareholder purchases and the share holding share the business enterprise legal person of the company registration capital above 25%.Among them, the Chinese shareholder includes company, business enterprise or other economy organization of China, the company is Chinese and Foreign both parties according to equal with each other benefit principle, common investment establishes in China.

The outside company invests incorporated company and outside company the investment limited company is similar and invest a kind of form of business enterprise for outside company and apply national law, laws to invest the relevant rules of business enterprise to the outside company and invest the relevant rules of business enterprise method such as three outside companies.

And 《company law 》the incorporated company stipulated establish a way similar, the outside company invests incorporated company to adopt to start to establish or collects the way for establishing.But have to what to notice is with start the company that the way establishes, in addition to match 《company law 》rules of the condition of sponsor, having a sponsor at least among them should be for the foreign shareholder;With collect the way establishes of company, in addition to shoulding match an above condition, have the record that a sponsor should also have already collected the share ex- continuous earnings at least among them;Should provide its finance accountancy whom 3 years audit after Chinese registration accountant to report while shoulding start artificial Chinese shareholder, should provide that foreign shareholder to live location registration while shoulding start artificial foreign shareholder the accountant audits of the finance accountancy report.

Establish the outside company invests of the incorporated company should match a nation to invest the rules of business enterprise industry policy concerning the outside company.The national encouragement establishes a technique the forerunner's production type company.The outside company invests the lowest quota of incorporated company registration capital as renminbi 30,000,000 dollars.Among them, the foreign shareholder purchases and the share holding be no lower than companies to register capital 25%.The outside company invests the registration capital of incorporated company should for at register registration organization to register registered of paid-up capital total amount, other conditions with 《company law 》rules of the incorporated company establish of condition homology.

LED commercial general

2011-Jul-24, 09:09

LED commercial general lighting mature, China electronic components into a stable growth period
CMIC ( China market intelligence center ) latest release: on the transformation of economic growth of our country under the background of China's electronic industry, facing the market opportunities, but to seize these opportunities, or depends on the research and development of enterprise oneself to develop ability. To realize an industry to upgrade, the low-end products to high-end set out, improve the competitiveness of their products is the key to grasp these opportunities. " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the domestic electronic components manufacturing industry is facing tremendous business opportunities.

Global electronic market experienced 2008-2009 global financial crisis trough, in 2010 ushered in the explosive growth. The semiconductor industry association ( SIA ) statistics, in 2010 the global semiconductor industry output value reached its highest point in ten years, for $295300000000, year-on-year growth of about 34.4%. In 2001 the last global semiconductor industry bottomed out after 2-3 years to return to pre-recession levels, this took only 1 years the market has been fully restored.
Global semiconductor market after 2001-2004 years declines - fast recovery period after many years remained relatively stable, the annual rate of growth, is expected to enter the 2011, the global electronic components industry in 2010 after the explosive growth, the market growth is slowing, is expected to return to normal growth, annual is expected to show first half of the year is low, the second half of the year high seasonal growth.

LED lighting with high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long life, light color purity, high stability, high safety, environmental protection and many other traditional light incomparable superiority, is a kind of green lighting technology. In energy saving and emission reduction of the background, LED lighting comes already admit of no doubt. On 2010, Chinese LED application in the field of market dimensions to achieve 90000000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 50%, in which the general illumination field output growth is the fastest, over 150%. Because value LED prospect, major manufacturers are actively involved in the LED industry chain.

2010-2011, LED epitaxial chip capacity expansion speed ( mainly blue ) significantly more than the downstream application output growth rate. From equipment test cycle, the future 1-2 LED will focus on the release, due to China's lack of epitaxial chip core technology, competition is still mainly in the lower end of the small size of chips. With the release of production capacity, pile up in excess of requirement of the pressure in the second half will begin to appear gradually, the second quarter of 2010, the small size of the blue LED chip prices eased. For the encapsulation of links, such as home appliances, used in mobile phone display, backlight and landscape lighting in the low-end packaging technology in the field of relatively low threshold, domestic enterprises homogenization of serious phenomenon, the more intense competition.

The current LED to enter commercial lighting general lighting is already mature. For a long time used on occasion, LED daylight lamp energy-saving effect is very obvious. In use 5 hours per day and 12 hours of different situations, contrast LED and fluorescent lamp and the overall costs can be found, LED energy-saving effect than fluorescent lamp time of about 6 years and 2.5 years respectively. With the future of all energy-saving consciousness the promotion, the application of LED products will usher in rapid popularity.

On chip link, dry as photoelectric domestic red Huang Guang LED chip leader. Red Huang Guang in the backlight, display and general lighting has wide application, industry capacity expansion speed is small, and the demand have super-factors. Fluorescent powder prices prompted the red chip to replace part of fluorescent powder technical solutions gradually by the manufacturers to accept, opened the red Huang Guang chip industry grows a space.

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